By: Bradley Loves




Last night, I tried to do something that I used to love to do…, watch a movie in the evening.  I put in one of my favorites, and found that it no longer held any appeal for me what so ever!  It was like watching meaningless shadows on the screen, and I could hardly sit still and watch something so simple.

There was no ability for me to “enjoy” myself in a way I used to be able to, and it is due to the cumulative effect of NATIONAL TRAUMA.

The political landscape in the country (over the last two years) has been so filled with vitriol, hate, and extreme fear mongering coming from the Progressive Left…, that there is little room for joy any longer.

Hillary Clinton, (and Cronies) are GUILTY of the greatest CRIME that can ever be imagined to have been perpetrated on Americans…, and it happened all because she ”lost” an election.

Instead of moving on, a nationwide diversion of epic proportions was deployed upon all innocent Americans such that every single American on the right (and the left) has been so heavily traumatized over the last 2 to 3 years…, that the real damage to their lives can not be properly calculated!

There are children who can no longer safely go to school, and wear the hats or the shirts they want to wear without being ostracized, screamed at, punched or bullied.  I know from very good experience that this kind of energy and experience eventually causes the human body to shut down and have all kinds of LONG TERM illnesses for years and years into the future once lived through.

Everything from extreme nervousness, stress, anxiety, to the inability to breath properly, to having severe stomach problems.

Eating and proper digestion is always effected by severe stress, and that leads to gastrointestinal problems as well as colon problems in young children who should have nothing of the sort!

In other words…,  in the infantile “acting out” of a single useless human being all due to the “loss” of something that SHE WANTED…, Hillary Clinton (and Cronies) decided to take all of America out to the wood-shed and BEAT THEM VERBALLY – AND PHYSICALLY AT TIMES – driving endless trauma into their lives for daring to go against them.

There is no doubt that the men and women who are most visibly responsible for this NATIONAL TRAUMA…, and for doing the most real and measureable damage to millions of Americans lives are:


They literally caused endless human PAIN in millions of lives that can never be truly be measured!

The REAL HARM that these men and women have done to millions of Americans lives can not be adequately quantified!

There will be kids growing up for the next 20 years who will be anxious, nervous, and most likely have severe health issues moving forward in their lives…, all because they were told that they MUST HATE THEIR PRESIDENT AT ALL COSTS!

Young adults, who might have wanted to go into government or into the military – will now NEVER DO SO!

The negative fallout of this RUSSIAN HOAX fiasco is so huge…, and so long-term…, that there is no real way to even begin to measure it’s toll.

Hundreds of NEWS ANCHORS all across America…, who lied and lied and lied…, only because they wanted a particular candidate to win an election…, can NOT go unpunished, lest this be allowed to happen again!

They (in my opinion) need to be tried for TREASON – and then either shot or hung!

The REAL DAMAGE they have caused to our country is THAT REAL and that GREAT!

In addition to these News Anchors – who would rather have seen all of America DESTROYED rather than loose political power, there were countless former Government Officials who also need to be tired for TREASON – and then be shot or hung!

The REAL DAMAGE they also did to “real Americans” with their endless lies on TV must not go unpunished!

Brennan, Clapper, Comey, Lynch, as well as countless Senators and Representative on the left who are/were using their former appointed or elected positions to DECEIVE AND ENDLESSLY LIE TO the American people must be punished for these actions…, LEST IT BECOME COMMON PLACE…, and destroy America forever!

The minimum sentence for the EXTREME NATION WIDE TRAUMA that they have caused all Americans to endure and suffer over the last two years should be LIFE IN PRISON with no parole!

There are also countless Hollywood Actors/Personalities who used their fame as a “platform” with which to bludgeon and traumatize all normal Americans on hundreds of News Programs and Social Media…, and yet…, only those people who supported Donald Trump were sanctioned, banned, censored, or deplatformed for the “crime” of HATE SPEECH, while these people could say as many HATEFUL things as they wanted to.

Big TECH has now engaged in an ALL OUT EFFORT to get rid of FREE SPEECH – one of the founding principles of this country…, only so that they can maintain political power moving forward into the future.

In the writing of this very post…, I was using search engines to look for images that used to be everywhere…, and to my horror…, I have found that the Internet is being systematically SCRUBBED of data and images of events over the last decade!

History is being being removed and WHITE WASHED by BIG TECH so that no one can use their own words and images against them.

Images and Videos of actual events are NOW COMPLETELY GONE in massive amounts!  Never to be found ever again!

And as a writer…, I would know…, because I constantly scan Search engines for videos and images to use on my blog…, so I know how SCRUBBED THESE SEARCH ENGINES HAVE BECOME.

Thus the NATIONAL TRUAMA is continued by BIG TECH aiding these LIARS and CRIMINALS such that they can claim they “never said that” or “they never did that”.

This will re-traumatize Americans who lived through it and know full well that these things were said and these things were done!

What already took place is bad enough, but then to be fully lied to and made to think that what they heard and what they witnessed NEVER TOOK PLACE…, is simply the straw that MUST BREAK THE CAMELS BACK!

To act as if it never took place…, and to sweep it all under the rug is FURTHER CAUSING NATIONAL TRAUMA!

ALL BIG TECH CEO’s…, must be tried for TREASON and then shot or hung as punishment for these crimes as well…, due to the real TRAUMA of their on-going BANNING, CENSORING, DE-PLATFORMING, INTERNET SCRUBBING, that is now causing – and will cause in the future real “damages” to millions of Americans going forward!

Like an abused dog that has been repeatedly beaten, intimidated, yelled at, and scorned…,  the soul and psyche of millions of traumatized Americans will NEVER be the same!

All done as a result of one evil woman who could not get over losing an election.

Now is the time for PUNISHMENT!

Now is the time for those who used their positions as MEDIA and TELEVISION personalities in terrible and horrible ways to pay for what they have done to Americans who did not DESERVE IT.

It is time for this EXTREME NATIONAL TRAUMA to end!









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