The entire legal system worldwide should have been ripped down many years ago!  I am speaking directly to the White Hats and offering them some counsel (if they are willing to hear it).

The Laws of God are VERY CLEAR.

IF anyone willingly participates with a system (or works inside of a system) that is as wholly corrupt and is as evil as the current day legal system is, and/or obeys it’s dictates, then whosoever does this becomes “fully complicit” with it’s evil.

Therefore, If I were to participate with this system as it is, and follow it’s laws, dictates, and mandates, then I would also be complicit with its evil.

Such people (those who participate with, and those who work within) allow their hands to become dirty (concept of dirty hands) – because FRAUD vitiates everything that it touches!

To go along with such a system not only makes everything that it touches null and void, but it also lays real blame and real guilt for ALL OF ITS EVIL at the feet of those who are willing to support it and go along with it.


I am speaking directly from a point of view that considers what is pleasing and what is not pleasing to God. I am talking about how HIS LAW is actually interpreted and then carried out in Heaven.

The only righteous thing to do (in God’s eyes) is to call out corruption when it is first seen.  It is both righteous and Godly to speak out and to say (either using the voice that he gave us) or by placing it all in writing for everyone to read that this kind of evil and this kind of corruption can not be tolerated, and must be corrected!

Jesus did this consistently and without fail while he was here on the Earth.

Universal Law and Cosmic Law says that after telling the truth and pointing out extreme corruption (and doing what is pleasing to God) if I or anyone else who does so were to then SUBMIT to the Court System, and to allow that wholly corrupt system to further mandate and dictate it’s will upon me, then I would be legitimizing that system after the fact, and would once again be calling it righteous (which it most certainly is not) and would become both responsible and guilty for participating with its corruption.

Therefore, the ONLY correct and the only Godly response to something this evil and to something this corrupt is to call it out for what it is, to stand firm against it, and to point out all of the corruption while refusing to participate with it such that no legitimacy is given to it.

In this way, I can stand both blameless and guiltless in front of Gods Throne.



Because I am destined and ordained to “testify” in front of Gods Throne, I must stand blameless and guiltless in all of the ways that Gods Law (not man’s law) dictates.

I have written many times now on Love Truth Site that Man’s Law and God’s Law are two very different things!

Since the very beginning of 2013, I have been mercilessly hounded, accosted, and besieged by the current day legal system here in America at the behest of a wholly evil and corrupt system, and these efforts were stepped up significantly in 2020. 

Since then, I have done everything that I can do to point out this systems corruption and it’s unending evil directly to those who were participating in it and with it.  I’ve done this both in words and in documentation – and all to no avail.  The system refuses to correct itself or to even follow the Constitution!

I have therefore done all that God requires of me. 

God does not require that I follow this insane systems rules of procedure in order to be “heard” because the system has been designed to make sure that no one can challenge it.

This makes the system wholly corrupt and satanic.  God merely requires a simple statement of truth of what is and what is not to be satisfied.

God only requires that I speak truthfully and honestly to those who are directly involved, which I have done consistently.  Because I have done my due diligence, I am now blameless in front of HIS THRONE.  Once again, this counsel that I am giving is directed at those who are trying hard to clean up the mess and to those who still wish to do God’s will here on Earth.



You “should” have already moved to correct this very corrupt legal system, but instead you have left it standing and operational to this very day.

You “should” have compelled all of those who are working for and within this “system” to stand down at the very beginning of 2020 when it became clear as to what they were doing with the JAB.  This corrupt legal system allowed for massive crimes to be committed against humanity in the last 2 years!

This system allowed the entire world to be brought to it’s knees and for many people to die needlessly.

At this point in time, it must be very clear to you that the entire LEGAL SYSTEM no longer functions justly, and that it’s corruption is both systemic and worldwide.

By allowing it to stand for two full years beyond 2020 (the year of perfect vision) and by allowing it to continue…, GREAT HARM has been done to billions of people worldwide.

By following it’s mandates, dictates, and commands, you have legitimized this evil system in a way that goes directly against Gods Law!

Those who do this kind of thing become COMPLICIT with the evil and become RESPONSIBLE for the evil.

This is something that I could have told you two years ago (had you asked me for such counsel).

In all of my writings here on Love Truth Site and most especially in the past two years, I have told everyone who came here to read that the world’s legal system was in fact wholly and totally corrupt, and I gave the reasons why.

I called it a BEAST SYSTEM and connected it directly to the corruption of the Banking System.  I connected it to the All-Caps Name Fraud, and thus connected it to a hidden SLAVERY SYSTEM which goes against the Laws of God.

I have put all of this information out there for anyone and for everyone to see publicly here on Love Truth Site and have followed the Laws of God to say something and call out evil, while leaving others with the freewill choice to learn or not learn.

Every step of the way, I have followed Gods Will, followed Gods Law, and done what is righteous in his eyes.

This will allow me to TESTIFY against all others who supported and who participated in the system without blame and without GUILT.

IF those who are claiming to do good (White Hats) and therefore wish to be held blameless in front of God’s Throne do not act by the end of this year of 2022, and compel these courts to stand down, then they will leave me no choice and no alternative but to see them as complicit with these evil courts and fully complicit with this evil banking system when I do testify.

Gods Law is VERY CLEAR.

Those who have the power and the ability to act in order to prevent harm, but instead do NOT ACT, must then carry the burden of blame for not taking the necessary corrective actions that they should have taken.

This is especially true of the military whose entire function and purpose is designed to prevent harm, injustice, and great damage to the living and breathing men and women who they are charged to protect.

There can be and will be NO EXCUSE for not doing what you took an oath to do, and were paid to do in front of God’s Throne.



The time between the beginning of 2020 and the end of 2022 has been a period of grace where all of those who should have taken action were given more time to see and to know what was really going on around them.

After this year is over and the new year begins – there will be no more time given because only someone who is deliberately covering their eyes can not see the absolute evil and systemic corruption.  It has become obvious even to the most mind controlled among us.

As it stands right now – all of the corporate Legal System world wide– from top to bottom is 1oo percent corrupt and all of those who participate with it as well as all of those who work within it are WHOLLY COMPLICIT with it’s crimes against humanity.

This means that all Judges, Lawyers, Attorneys, Clerks, and Bailiffs and anyone else who works for this system and earns money from this system (at the Federal, State, County, and City levels) are complicit with it’s corruption and with it’s evil. 

They are complicit because by their very actions they are supporting it and are willing to see it continue.

This means that their own hands have become EXTREMELY DIRTY with the evil that it is doing in God’s eyes and under God’s Law because they did not speak out and call out all of this corruption and the injustice that it was doing (but instead turned a blind eye to it) THEY can now be held accountable for ALL OF IT.

They can be seen as willing participant’s in the BANK ROBBERY OF JUSTICE, and can be held accountable for every single evil that the robbers have done worldwide!

For more information about the depth of this corruption, anyone who is reading this article is invited to watch David Straight explain this corruption in eight videos called the OUT OF BABYLON SERIES located here:



It is clear that as of right now the Banking System, the Medical System, the Pharmaceutical System, and countless other related systems worldwide are corrupt.

To obey all or any of their mandates and dictates, is to legitimize these corrupt systems and by doing so once again to become COMPLICIT with all of their corruption and with all of their fraud, and all of their evil.

This means that every single man and woman currently working inside of the Banking Systems – which help criminals to launder money, to fix the rate of currencies, which supports a rigged Stock Market, and helps to operate and to fund the All-Caps Name Beast System (a system of banking which uses men, women, and children as chattel property through their Birth Certificates) and is a crime of human slavery and human trafficking, can be held as complicit with these crimes and can be held fully accountable in front of God’s Throne for these crimes.

It also means that all men and women currently working inside of the medical systems (which have gone rogue) and have started to commit human genocide by helping to compel others to obey mandates and dictates of corporations, and to give other living human beings kill shots which in many cases have ended their lives, are complicit with this corruption and with this evil and can be held fully accountable in front of Gods Throne for these crimes.



I have called all of this out in word and in my writings to anyone and to everyone who would listen.  I therefore stand blameless and without guilt.  I am able to witness, and I am able to testify in front of God’s Throne.

I have consistently pointed out (in writing) that there is a huge difference between God’s Law and Man’s Law) I have done this for those who were willing to read and were willing to listen.

I did all of this writing for YOUR PROTECTION (speaking to the White Hats).

I have now done my part!

As of this moment – I consider the entire legal system (which is still standing worldwide) to be nothing more than a LUCIFERIAN CONSTRUCT, a wholly satanic and evil system that can not and will not be participated with on any level due to it’s corruption and it’s evil.

ANYONE (worldwide) that engages with and participates in this system is acting of their own freewill and is declaring their support FOR and their complicity WITH all of the evil (and all of the harm) that this system is doing here on the Earth.

(This includes things like Child Protective Services and the Child Trafficking that the Courts are doing and the buying and the selling of children for profit)



I am writing this at the behest of the Holy Spirit!

As we speak, the Holy Spirit is begging me (every single day) to have compassion for those who I am ordained to witness and testify against.

The reason that the Holy Spirit does this (every single day) is because it knows that I can (at my own discretion) witness and testify against any and all who are complicit against the Laws of God, and will do so based upon my choice alone.

The men and women who have attempted to use Mind Control by unfairly using technology like Voice to Skull and Remote Neural Monitoring, or other forms of mind/body control to get innocent people (targeted individuals) to commit crimes only so that they could be dragged into the corrupt court system and then be put into jail FOR PROFIT – will wish (in the end) that they had never been born!

This includes the many men and women who came against me through the use of secret projects and programs in their attempts to cause great harm to my life (and the lives of the members of my own family).

I do realize, and have taken into account the extreme methods of mind control worldwide – I am well aware of the use of AI/Artificial Intelligence to compel normal people to act as if they are possessed.  I am aware that the battle here on Earth is huge, but the constant damage that is being done by these “evil systems” must be stopped for people to be able to wake up!

No one can wake up while they are still being traumatized by these systems – and it is wholly unfair (and in fact evil) to leave them standing as is.

NESARA/GESARA must be enacted.

The Holy Spirit knows what my mission is – and the Holy Spirit knows that based upon what I have seen, experienced, and felt over the 61 years of my life, very few men and women here on Earth can be called guiltless and blameless because almost everyone actively participated in the ongoing evil of all of these worldwide Beast Systems and in many cases have PROFITED from them greatly.


This is fair notice given to the White Hats.  You have had plenty of time to sort this out and you know that what I have said and what I have written here on Love Truth Site is both correct and truthful because you have SEEN all of this corruption at every single level first hand.

The Courts, the Banking Systems, the Medical Systems, and ALL OTHER SYSTEMS connected to the beast system here on Earth must be stood down.

I have now explained (clearly) why it is against God’s Law to obey or participate with any or all of this evil.

If one does so – then that one is seen as being COMPLICIT and IN SUPPORT OF that evil. 

This causes those who do so to have DIRTY HANDS.

Those who have dirty hands therefore CANNOT WITNESS and CANNOT TESTIFY against others – because their own hands have become dirty and complicit with the ongoing corruption and the ongoing evil.

The life of a true witness of God’s Throne (therefore) becomes extremely difficult by every Earthly standard because none of God’s Laws can or should be broken by the witness.  And if they are broken, then repentance is required by God, and that is done between the witness and God.  The life of a witness must therefore be simple and lived to a very high standard.

Gods Laws are Spiritual Laws!  They are Eternal Laws!  They are Laws for the Soul!  They are Laws that exist outside of Space and outside of Time!  They are immutable!

There are no beings (on any density level or dimension) that are immune from God’s Laws even if these beings fail to recognize or grasp who or what God is, and give Him the very impersonal label of “SOURCE” – just because they do not interpret God to be a real being of any intelligence or power.

Every single being faces God when they die (from every density level and dimension).

No one escapes this!  There are many who have tried to escape it by extending their lives indefinitely, but God only giggles at these vain attempts to live eternally in a body because ETERNITY IS A VERY LONG TIME – and so far no one has EVER lived forever in a body.

Eventually every soul comes to face him, and no one escapes this.

I have written this post as good counsel to those who are trying very hard to do what is right and are trying to do what is good for the Earth!  If you have eyes to see and you have ears to hear, then please listen and take these things into consideration.

All my love

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