By: Bradley Loves


I spend a few hours every single day pouring over a variety of blogs and websites looking for TRUTH!

For guys like me…, who have done enough research and dedicated my life to exposing lies…, it isn’t difficult to discern whether a story, a post, or an idea is true or false!

In order to fill up the pages of the blogs and websites…, I see more and more Alt. Media Outlets running things that I know (after careful research) to be blatantly FALSE!

The latest is ZEROHEDGE which ran this completely ridiculous article on Human Trafficking where it used FAKE STATISTICS!

The entire “gist” of the story is where you can find the MOST human trafficking.

That is the whole of the story!   The graph on the article is so laughably FAKE that it makes the entire article NULL and VOID!


I almost fell out of my chair…, rolling on the floor laughing first and then crying after I looked at this useless piece of trash above!

It claims the District of Columbia has more human trafficking (which is only a ten mile square area) than entire states like NEW YORK??

Also…, look at where New York, New Jersey, Illinois and Utah are…, at the very bottom of the list!


Who made this graph??

North Dakota…, a state with ONLY 700,000 people…, almost all of whom are farmers…, has 8 times more human traffiking than the state of New York???

Give me an F’ing break!

This article is total…, total…, total DECEPTION on steroids and FAKE NEWS!

Shame on ZeroHedge!  Shame on you for putting out this TRASH and daring to call it NEWS!






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