By: Bradley Loves


All right…, I’ve HAD IT!   Now, things are not just getting spooky…, but downright INSANE!  Too many people are suddenly going off of the deep end claiming things that DID HAPPEN…, have never happened…, or that things many people remember one way…, happened another way.

Gorden Duff (of Veterans Today) is just the newest casualty in a long, long line of people who can barely remember their own name anymore…, much less remember what actually took place in the world a few years ago, or even took place just a few weeks ago!

In his last few articles…, he has become sycophantically allied with Hillary Clinton, who is a KNOWN CRIMINAL…, and has basically said that he knows for certain that she has never done anything wrong!

Two people died in relationship to Hillary Clinton’s “e-mail” problem in just the past few weeks alone!   One of them was going to “testify” against her, and had his throat crushed…, and another man, a “hacker” named “GUCCIFER”, who had hacked into her private e-mail server many times,and claimed to have seen it all, has just died in jail.

He was arrested, extradited to the US…, and promptly died in his jail cell.  How “convenient” for Hillary!  Apparently “Arkancides” do not only happen in Arkansas anymore!

Stop it Gordon!  These are not accidents and you know it!  In addition to this…, you are now claiming that both George Soros, and Zbigniew Brzezinski are two of the “good guys” in the world…, even though Brzezinski is on the Council of Foreign Relations AND an admitted “Gobalist”, who desperately wants to see the NEW WORLD ORDER come to pass.

Hey Gordy…, have you forgotten about this speech made by Brzezinski?

Or, how about this?

With only a few minutes of research, you can find dozens of speeches where Brzezinski SUPPORTS the globalism plan for Elite Rule, the New World Order, and much of the other CFR Agenda.

Gordon…, here’s some friendly advice:


You have also claimed in your latest article, that people who are trying to connect the dots are crazies?  Take care with your words buddy!  We are not all as stupid as you think we are!  I’m ashamed to post a link to this trash…, but will do so, in order that my readers can see what you actually wrote!

I do like to read at Veterans Today…, and because at least one of your writers, Preston James, has not yet let the common people down…, I will continue to do so…, BUT DON’T PISS ON MY LEG…, AND TELL ME IT’S RAINING!

So, here’s my conclusion to this complete 180 when it comes to known reality.  Either you are working for the globalist “team”…, or you’ve been DARK CITY’D…, and the Earth suddenly has way bigger problems that we could have ever imagined.


The movie Dark City…, with Kiefer Sutherland, was a movie about a human populated “City”, that was LOCKED inside of a Hologram!  It was being controlled from the outside by Aliens…, and every so often…, they would change EVERYTHING inside the Hologram.  They would literally move people from one family to another…, erasing ALL of the their memories…, and implanting FAKE new ones, like they were having fun playing with “tinker toys”.

People would suddenly be at a new job, and living in a new home, in the blink of an eye…, over the course of a single night.

Keifer Sutherland played the MAD scientist who was working with the Aliens…, and it was his job (as the total SELL OUT in the movie) to convince all of the people locked inside the “pitri dish” that they were just crazies for thinking something strange was even going on!


Gordon Duff is not the only person that seems to have total memory failure!  Over the course of the last few weeks, months and even years…, I’ve personally met and interacted with countless men and women who are having varying degrees of blatant MEMORY LOSS!

Not only are they “remembering things” differently than they actually occurred…, but in some cases…, things that actually took place and are confirmed to have taken place by many other people…, are now completely GONE FROM THEIR MINDS.

It’s almost as if a “wrench” has been taken to their brains…, and the DELETE button was pushed on very specific events.

The truth of the matter is this:

With all of the NANO-TECH that has been breathed in by the entire population of the planet…, and with CERN’s huge electro-magnetic capabilities (remember this: Memory is magnetic)…, I’m wondering if anyone will remember their OWN NAMES eventually!

This is not a joke!

This is as serious as it gets…, because with the MANDELLA AFFECT…, and now the sudden changing of peoples memories…., strange and bizzarre things are starting to happen to our reality!

I have no idea as of yet what is really happening here…, but for my readers…, I make you this promise…, I WILL FIND OUT!

Stay tuned!

Oh and by the way!  Until further notice:  Read Veteran’s Today with extreme Caution!

All my love….





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