[This is one of the most IMPORTANT posts you’ll ever read! There are more and more testimonials coming forth every day concerning “real proof” of DECEPTION taking place on the “Inner Planes” of consciousness.  The “Inner Realms” are real places, but very FEW PEOPLE really have a good idea of how to navigate them wisely.  This is a MUST READ.  Please take your time with it. ~ Bradley]

By: Greg Calise


I first realized that there was something seriously wrong in the later 1980s when I found the doorways into the inner realms. Fortunately, I was blessed with two guides that took me to specific places to observe.

One time I was taken to just outside the hellish worlds. It was completely dark and there was a huge sprawling fortified metropolis. It was glowing red. It looked like burning coals of a fire in a pitch dark night. The combination of red and black are the colors of the demons.

I began feeling a lusty pull connected to my second chakra. I told my guide that I wanted to leave. I understood the energy. That is one example of many. Each place I was taken I would observe deceptions taking place.  You really cannot trust anyone in those realms. There is so much impersonation. A young pretty girl could turn into an ogre. A light being could be a serpent. These are the things I observed. As above, so below. Once free from the earthly matrix, one lands into the cosmic matrix.


[Note from Bradley ~ I can personally verify this!  I have had the very same experiences during meditations and out of body experiences!  I don’t know how many times “innocent looking children” would turn into something dark, as I approached,  and “attack” my energy systems…, compelling me to take DEFENSIVE ACTIONS.]




Therefore, I stay away from anyone who works with other dimensional entities, such as channelers, psychics, anyone who claims to be a shaman (A real shaman never claims he is), light workers, energy workers, psychic healers, reiki, etc.

Anyone who works with inner realm entities is not only being duped, but they are caught within the clutches of those entities and become their minions. Yes, that pretty much includes all of the new age circus. People have no idea how trapped we are in this mess.

“I do not concern myself with gods and spirits either good or evil nor do I serve any.” – Lao Tzu


[Note from Bradley ~  Actually…, I would be less willing than Greg is at this point to throw the baby out with the bath water here!  I do realize that there are some very sincere men and women on Earth who have very clear minds out there, and can deal effectively with the Inner Realms, and other Dimensional Entities. I’ve met one or two in my life.  Not all are dupes…, but by and large…, MOST PEOPLE ARE!  The biggest problem here is that the biggest fools operating out there…, are the ones who BLINDLY TRUST the most…, thinking that because they trust EVERYTHING…, they are actually more spiritual than everyone else *.

The real truth is that those who maintain the largest dose of healthy skepticism, while questioning everything they see and hear…, are the most effective when it comes to navigating on the Inner Realms.

* This is called: Spiritual Ego – Spiritual Pride – and Spiritual Stupidity.

So let’s put it this way…, if you are exposed to 100 men and women doing the type of work Greg describes above …, you may find only 1 or 2 (two percent) who can actually do it properly, and who are not actively being conned and used by the Inner Realms as useful idiots!!]




Then in 1991, while living in San Diego, I was meditating. Within moments I was pulled out of my body, as I watched the atoms spinning and then dissolving.

Eventually my mind dissolved. My last thought was a prayer of protection to Narasingha, the lion god. Then my perception and very existence dissolved. I no longer existed. I was gone……………

Eventually(?) I awoke in a golden light. My Beingness was spread out throughout what seemed like infinity. I was homogenized.

I immediately thought (it was beyond thought. It was awareness) I AM. At that moment, all of my Beingness contracted out of the light and into an infinitesimal point of consciousness. I had awakened from the stasis; I existed again. I AM. The fact that I was conscious of my I Am presence created the gravity needed to fall out of the light.

What I had not written before was that I not only escaped, but was on the run. Whoever owned that light wanted me back!

I went through lifetimes hiding in various ways, always to eventually be found. And again on the run, battling with this golden light. Eventually I returned to my present body. I had been gone for only a few hours, yet it seemed like lifetimes. That light, the very thing that so many spiritual aspirants are striving to reach, I found to be the very thing I never wanted to experience again. It is spiritual death. I really don’t think people think about what it means to reach what they consider as their spiritual goal. It is death to the Self. Once captured by the light, one is lost in stasis for a very long time.

[Note from Bradley ~ I have never had any experience of being “captured” by the light. So I can not speak to Greg’s experience.  What I can say is that the “Inner Realms” of consciousness are varied, and navigating them is NOT for Bumpkins and Beginners!  My experience is that if you have a strong PROTECTOR from a very high level…,  you will be able to move through most of these realms without injury. But that does NOT mean you will come away without at least bumping into a few very ugly entities on your journey!]


I could not fully understand what had happened until early 2010, when I heard George Kavassilas describe his many travels through the cosmos over the duration of his entire life.

He spoke of the false light constructs.

Those three words were like a cosmic key that unlocked a huge memory bank of these realms and what they are. I feel that it is very important for this information to be known, because it explains all of the pseudo spirituality and religions on this planet.

We are immersed in it.

It is not something that can be easily explained in linear thought forms. It is a huge network of various false light structures stretching through all of the dimensions of the cosmos. There are many of them, each constructed by a god or goddess to:

TRAP souls.

They seem to be concentrated in this small part of the galaxy, especially in the Milky Way. If you read my article, The Great Compression, you will understand why.


What had captured me in 1991 was the upper dimension of one such false light construct. But they expand through all of the dimensions and manifest according to the dimension it exists in. I will be discussing the various manifestations and how they capture souls.


In The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, by Drunvalo Melchizedek, he describes how organic structures are created according to sacred geometry, called the flower of life.

Various devious gods and goddesses found that by changing the sacred geometry in the early stages, they could create these false light structures. They are like a net that overlays the natural world.

They are nets of illusions that not only create false light constructs, but also “condition the mind” to perceive a very different world from the organic reality they cover.

These gods and goddesses then throw out their nets, capture souls and feed off of them.

[Note from Bradley ~ I have been “dealing” with these demi-gods…, ever since they determined that I was “threat” to them.  Exposing their “system” is DANGEROUS to their continued “feeding” off of innocent souls.  Far from the youthful seekers uninformed “imagination” that everything “unseen” is very high and beautiful…, I can tell you personally that it is NOT!  There are some very powerful dark entities who are anything but NICE…, and are out there to fool and deceive!  They are there to trap and trip up anyone who is being NAIVE’ and STUPID.  The “Inner Realms” are their territory…, and NO ONE should every go there without adequate PROTECTION and understanding!  You are only asking for trouble.]


The earthly matrix is part of one such false light construct.

It is an illusion that is placed over the true organic natural world. It works by conditioning the mind from many generations. The distorted mind then created agriculture, animal husbandry and civilization.

Of course the gods personally came to begin these things. The evidence is in the archeology and legends. In this way the external manifestation of the matrix is produced.

They enter the minds of humanity and distort them with negativity. Ever since the beginning of civilization in our recorded history, there has been war, slavery, the subjugation of the people and corruption and deceit.


What they also brought [along with their gifts of domestication] was flesh and blood sacrifices to feed the gods. The gods (energetically) feed off of mankind through sacrifices, worship, pain and suffering, most especially war, torture and violence.

They also feed off of our negative emotions. David Icke speaks of this. So yes, we are deeply entrapped within a created matrix.

But beyond the earthly matrix is the cosmic matrix. George Kavassilas has explained these various gods and their false light structures in detail.

Each religion has its own pantheon with the various gods and goddesses. We have Judea and Christian pantheon, the Hindus have many, then of course there were the ancient Greeks, Egyptian, Roman, Norse, Mayan, Aztec, etc.

Each of them is a false light construct. Depending on your belief system, as you look up into the heavens, you will see that particular false light structure. Each structure includes several, if not all, of the dimensions.

We see that these gods and goddesses have their abodes in the heavens. When you leave your mortal coil, if you are “qualified,” you may attain entrance to the god’s abode, where you will worship him and become his slave.

Of course it is also “heavenly” in the sense that you get a larger playing field of enjoyment as well. But instead of iron chains, you are now bound in golden chains, but you are still a slave to a passive aggressive god.

Now many people are hoping to arrive in one of these abodes and, under the illusion of the matrix, will be quite happy there. But they are temporary illusions, and the soul could never truly be happy in such illusions. They become food for the gods.

[Note from Bradley ~ This brings up an interesting question.  For those New Agers who think and claim that THIS WORLD (Earth) is nothing but an illusion…, which may actually be true…, But…, HOW do you know that the “Heaven” you are seeking is any MORE REAL than here??

It might only be a “finer” version of the same Illusion…, or…, simply the Next Step up from the Illusion that you are now in!  The point is this:


The best way to avoid this is to make very certain you are not a BLIND FOLLOWER of anything…, and that you practice questioning who, what, when, where and everything else…, as a standard procedure starting right here and right now!]



Above these realms of the Demi – gods…, are the realms of light, such as the one I entered. In these realms there is no longer perception. You are in complete stasis. The gods then feeds off of your entire life force.

What people consider the uppermost heaven is actually a hell. And we see so many spiritual aspirants yearning to reach these. I wonder if any of them actually considered what fate awaits them?

Now it seems that there is a huge network of these false light constructs. George Kavassilas seems to think that they are all tied together, and that Jehovah is the head bad guy. All of the other gods and goddesses are under him, or perhaps they may even be all manifestations of him. All of these false light structures have doorways here on Earth. That is why, depending upon your belief, you will envision a different realm and pantheon. Somewhere, probably in the higher dimensions of the cosmos, they all merge into one realm again in the light.

George Kavassilas has said that these false light constructs have sucked in thousands of star races. It is like the Empire in Star Wars. The residents of these star races have no idea that they are wrapped within a grand illusion.

Beyond these false abodes, there is the natural world. The majority of the gigantic cosmos is organic light, and the residents live in relative goodness. The creator of the universe creates and presides over the organic structure and allows the false light constructs to exist. He/She is completely in control of this entire drama that we find ourselves in.

I explained why the false light structure and gods exist in The Great Compression.

The creator of the universe (PRIME CREATOR ~ Note from Bradley) does not accept worship, neither does he feed off of his children. All of the gods and goddesses that we know of here on Earth are the false impostors. The only things they have created are false light structures, illusions.

[Note from Bradley~ I have said over and over and over…, “GOD” does not do CONTRACTS!  He does not require his children to “sign” anything or to suffer through anything…, or to accept any “sacrifice” for him!  Every single bit of this “teaching” comes from these DEMI-GODS who consume the energy of suffering, sacrifice, and emotional turmoil!!   Please get this!!   Any Channeled Entity who claims in a message that YOU (as a Soul) Contracted for this or that…, RUN…., RUN from that entity who is nothing more than a CON ARTIST!]



Practically every inner dimensional entity that is in contact with humans presently are all impostors. All of the gods and goddesses, angels, light beings, ascended masters, ETs, etc. are all impostors. Beneath their disguises are some very evil characters.

That is why I stay away from Reiki, psychics, channelers, etc. There are few Beings that are genuine, and how do you know? Better to stay safe. I do have a race of Lion Beings who watch over me and protect me through my life, but I do not work with them.

I simply know that they protect me. Someone wants me dead, and the Lion Beings are always there to protect me. I have come face to face with death too many times to count.

I have written many times about the dangers of these “heavenly” realms and why not to enter them. The safe path is the inner journey to the Self.

Stay on the path and you will be free from the matrix.

– Greg Calise

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