The truth of the matter is that NONE of this should be happening based upon the honest hearts and minds of the collective.  This is a mouthful, and I want you to know that I am not saying this lightly.  Just know that there are some pretty insane things going on behind the scenes.

The entire Universe is set up in a perfect way such that good and honest intentions always get rewarded, while dirty, dark, and evil intentions get punished with consequences.

The problems that we are collectively facing (as we speak) is that certain regressive and evil souls (who were tired of being regularly punished for their evil ways) got just smart enough and just spiritual enough to figure out how the whole thing worked.

They came to understand and to grasp how “Fate” and “Future Events” could be steered and molded with technology (just like weather fronts can be steered and molded).

They came to understand that consciousness was the driving force BEHIND the creation of world events and thus the current reality on any planetary body.

They further came to understand that the “future” is never set in stone, and that there are many, many “alternative futures” (time-lines) that depend upon the minds, the intentions, and the actions of the people that are currently living within the Systems they are trying to guide (or steer) – and the same goes for our Earthly System.

They came to believe that they could escape all punishment for their evil deeds, if they could get, con, or fool every man, woman, and child living within our Earth System to participate in their evil (even if we did it unknowingly) and to therefore help them to “create” the very dark or negative realities that only they wanted to experience, and do it in such a way that they could eventually rule like Kings and Queens over the rest of us – without appearing to have “forced us” into manifesting all of this in the first place!

This was going to be quite a task, and quite a MAGIC SHOW if they could only pull it off.

Thus, they came up with very dark plans to HI-JACK human consciousness using massive amounts of technology – and to steer us (without appearing to be forcing us) into going where “THEY” wanted us to go.

They knew that in order to do something this massive, (change realities and shift time-lines) they would literally need to take over the entire world and all of it’s systems so that they could control it all. 

In order to achieve their goals, they had to control:

  • Religion 
  • Legal System
  • Banks and all money everywhere
  • Financial Systems 
  • Corporations
  • Media
  • Medicine
  • Education
  • Trade and Commerce
  • Courts
  • Regulatory Systems
  • All forms of property
  • Words and Languages
  • Codes and the Meanings of Words
  • Definitions of words
  • Communications World Wide
  • All Broadcasts World Wide
  • All Governments world-wide
  • All forms of Energy and all means of creating Energy
  • Movies and Hollywood
  • Music and Sound
  • Programming and Social Norms
  • Social platforms and Speech
  • Supplies and Goods
  • Farming and Food Production
  • Transportation
  • Science and what was allowed to be seen as Science
  • Colleges and Universities
  • The Military
  • Secret Societies world wide
  • and everything else that you can possibly think of!


They also knew that what they were attempting to do could never happen in a short period of time, but would take hundreds and hundreds of years to achieve if they were going to HIDE what they were doing from higher beings who were supposed to be watching out for us.

But they had already learned long ago how to time-travel, how to grow cloned bodies, and to transfer their own consciousness into those cloned bodies!  Time was not an issue for them, the only issue for them was getting the rest of us to create the REALITY that they wanted to rule over without getting caught by the higher ups.

The only way they (the dark ones) would be allowed to keep the Time-Line as they were attempting to create it (a stolen and fabricated reality) is if it appeared to all outsiders that WE (all of us living here on the Earth) had created this very dark reality organically by ourselves – and that we were getting exactly what we deserved!

The fact that these monsters who were doing this to us suddenly ended up ruling OVER the rest of us – had to also look or appear to be random or accidental to the rest of the Universe (especially any higher and more powerful beings) who just happened to pass by…, if they were to succeed.

This entire scheme of theirs could not look or appear to be choreographed if they were going to ESCAPE COSMIC PUNISHMENT.

Therefore, they needed to con and to fool the rest of us (through the use of Lies, Secrets, and Deceptions) over a very long period of time into steering our own reality and time-line into a very dark and evil pit – just so they could then rule over it, and claim that it had all happened by “chance” and that they had nothing to do with it.

This is why I have repeatedly stated that Secret Societies are not only problematic for the rest of us, they are downright DANGEROUS!

Please see this important article that I wrote in 2018 – and then read the links in it as well:




It is just like turning the drum of a Kaleidoscope and seeing a whole new image suddenly appear inside of the viewer.

Hi-jacking human consciousness was necessary to achieve this because it is the “collective human consciousness” that is the driving force behind any current paradigm or current reality that exists upon the Earth.

The first thing they knew they needed to do was to HI-JACK all of the Laws and the Legal System.  There was a point in time where all Laws on Earth were Godly, and were there to protect the people.

The rules laid down were for our protection, and were there to support Natural Law/God’s Law/Universal Law/Cosmic Law.

Because God (ultimately) is the source of all Law and all Authority, they knew they had to hi-jack the source of God’s Power and Authority here on Earth and so they infiltrated and hi-jacked the VATICAN FIRST.

Really evil beings began to dictate and to mandate things (make them up out of thin air) that were anything but Godly in a very long termed bid to change the rules governing human consciousness, and to change peoples thinking of right and wrong, and to change the social fabric of the entire world.

More is coming – stayed tuned for PART TWO…

All my love


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