All roads lead to Rome someone once said.  And for the last several centuries, that is certainly the truth.  The beginning of the end for world Freedom came from several very dark Papal Bulls and the creation out of THIN AIR of dubious ideas, mandates, and dictates that made outrageous claims upon the Earth and upon humanity – and finally “Canonized” these ideas (man’s not God’s) into a “legal system” that we still use today.

Somewhere between the 1,200’s and the 1,600’s AD – a huge plot against Freedom was beginning to take shape and was being directed by the very group that most people around the world considered to be the most HOLY and the most SPIRITUAL!

But, it was all a GREAT CON.

However, haven’t I written about ALL OF THIS before?  Hasn’t all of this already been said?  Love Truth Site is just filled with vitally important information, and all I do at this point is repeat what most people missed the first time around.

Please read this 3 year old post very carefully and see if what I say is true:


Moving on, if you’ve read the above linked article above, then you can clearly see that THE VATICAN in and of itself is NOTHING without the “Legal System”.  They have to go together!  They are very literally attached at the hip and one cannot survive without the other.

The Vatican created (out of thin air) all of the current day Laws that we as humanity must follow!  Furthermore, the Vatican is the world’s FIRST Corporation.   Because it is the first, then all other corporations are BOUND and under the MAGIC SPELL of the VATICAN and it’s fictional (out of thin air) legal system.


Please read this post to find out more:


In all honestly, I don’t think that the Church of Rome ever intended this particular Papal Bull to be used for the benefit of humanity – but instead for the absolute and utter ENSLAVEMENT of humanity eventually. However, before that could be done – an entire LEGAL SYSTEM had to be developed such that humanity would be “caught” in such a way that it did not know it was caught!

What did I write in PART ONE of this series?

Hi-jacking human consciousness was necessary to achieve this because it is the “collective human consciousness” that is the driving force behind any current paradigm or current reality that exists upon the Earth.

The first thing they knew they needed to do was to HI-JACK all of the Laws and the Legal System.  There was a point in time where all Laws on Earth were Godly, and were there to protect the people.

This is why – out of a very long list of things they absolutely HAD to get control of – they worked very hard (long ago) to get control of the VATICAN first – which was ostensibly the Authority of God here on Earth – and then had the Vatican create (out of thin air) an entire legal system based upon MANY Papal Bulls – which were also made up out of thin air.

That is why when you look at this long list from PART ONE – Religion and the Legal System are at the top!

In order to achieve their goals, they had to control:

  • Religion 
  • Legal System
  • Banks and all money everywhere
  • Financial Systems 
  • Corporations
  • Media
  • Medicine
  • Education
  • Trade and Commerce
  • Courts
  • Regulatory Systems
  • All forms of property
  • Words and Languages
  • Codes and the Meanings of Words
  • Definitions of words
  • Communications World Wide
  • All Broadcasts World Wide
  • Governments world-wide
  • All forms of Energy and all means of creating Energy
  • Movies and Hollywood
  • Music and Sound
  • Programming and Social Norms
  • Social platforms and Speech
  • Supplies and Goods
  • Farming and Food Production
  • Transportation
  • Science and what was allowed to be seen as Science
  • Colleges and Universities
  • The Military
  • Secret Societies world wide
  • and everything else that you can possibly think of!



Dare we say Looking Glass and contact with aliens?  Dare we say Regressive Aliens, Extra-Terrestrials, Extra-Dimensionals, and beings from other places and other realms that have access to Time-Travel?

Dare we say that our ENTIRE PAST has been manipulated and tinkered with in such a way as to artificially create the very future we are currently living in as we speak?

Is it time to “go there” just yet?  Have we even laid down the proper foundation to go there?

If we do go there – and if it seems clear that these beings wanted the Earth so badly, then why not just INVADE?   Why work so very hard over such a long period of time to perfect what basically amounted to a huge INFILTRATION – and not just an INVASION?

Well, I may have already answered that question as well in PART ONE…

The only way they (the dark ones) would be allowed to keep the Time-Line as they were attempting to create it (a stolen and fabricated reality) is if it appeared to all outsiders that WE (all of us living here on the Earth) had created this very dark reality organically by ourselves – and that we were getting exactly what we deserved!

The fact that these monsters who were doing this to us and somehow suddenly ended up ruling OVER the rest of us – had to also look or appear to be random or accidental to the rest of the Universe (especially any of the higher and more powerful beings) who just happened to pass by…, if they were to succeed.

You see, because IF and when it could be proven that these monsters were actually INFRINGING upon our collective FREEWILL, then they could and would be COSMICALLY arrested – taken into custody – and absolutely everything that they had done here would be TAKEN FROM THEM!

Here is a particular video of interest – that makes the claim that – ENLIL – the son of ANU – has been “Cosmically Arrested” and “Incarcerated” on a Penal Planet for committing 370,000 years of Cosmic Crimes against the Universe.

Could it be that there are ALWAYS higher beings than the ones that you currently think are in charge – and that CRIMES AGAINST THE UNIVERSE do get punished – even if it takes 370,000 years?

I wonder what happens to people who torment and torture God’s Volunteer Souls?

Stay tuned for PART THREE…

All my love


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