Also, Donald Trump has a proven connection to Tesla!!

John Trump indeed examined Tesla’s personal effects and papers shortly after his death as revealed in recently released FBI documents.

Although Trump down plays the significance of Tesla’s last 15 years of scientific work, there a was race by several parties to get their hands of Tesla’s documents that were being held in a warehouse and kept under high security.

Here is the letter of Trump requesting the release of his works:

Address writer at: Mass Inst. of Tech,. Cambridge Mass. January 30. 1943

Sir Walter Gerduch Alien Property Custodian, 123 Broadway; New York,New York

Dear Sirs,

At your request and that Of Dr. Joseph T King of the Washington office Of the Alien Property Custodian, I have examined the private papers; writings, and other property of the late Dr. Nicola Tesla with the view to determining both their possible usefulness to this country in its war effort and the possible hazzard attendant on their falling into unfriendly hands.

This examination was made at the Manhatten Warehouse, 52nd Street, New York City. on January 20-27, and included all of the notes and material in Dr. Tesla’s immediate possion at the time of his death tnd now in the custody of your office.

For reasons indicated below no investigation was made of material its trunks which had remained untouched in the basement of the New Yorker hotel, for ten years prior, to Dr Tesla’s death.

As a result of this examination it is my considered opinion that there exist among Dr, Tesla’s papers and possessions, no scientific notes, descriptions of hitherto unreveiled methods or devices, or actual apparatus which could be of significant value to this country or which could constitute a hazard in unfriendly hands.

I can therefore see no technical or military reason why further custody of the prepertiy should be retained.

For your records, there has been removed to your office a file of various written material by Dr. Tesla which covers typically and fairly the ideas which he was concerned in his later years. Those documents are enumerated and briefly abstracted in attachment to this letter.

It should be no discredit to this distinguished engineer and scientist whose solid contributions to the electrical art were made at the beginning of the present century to report that his thoughts and efforts during at least the past fifteen years were primarily of a speculative, philosophical, and somewhat promotional character – often concerned the production and wireless transmission of power – but did not include new sound, workable principles or methods for realizing such results.

Very truly yours,


Technical Aide, Division 14, NDRC

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