By: Bradley Loves

A reader sent me a “comment” about what “we” could or should be doing to change the world…, and having thought about it, came up with a plan that is both instructive and “informative”.

I have seen “dozens” of New Ager’s posting pictures of cute dogs and cats online…, and have seen and read the talk about how much they LOVE animals.  But for some reason…, hardly anyone talks about how valuable our “children” are.

For some reason “handing them over” to the STATE…, to be “cared for”…, is the only thing that is talked about these days…, as it seems that most men and women have come to think and believe that children have NO real value, OR…, can be better cared for by the State.

While dogs and cats get pampered endlessly, by so called “enlightened” and “new agey” people who say they CARE deeply about the world…, these very same people ironically do not LIKE children.

It would be of interest (for me) to take a poll of the so-called awakened crowd…, and ask them just how many dogs and cats they have (compared to children).

Newsflash…, children are human beings…, the SAME as you are!

I am beginning to think that some kind of metal brainwashing has occurred and is occurring…, which is moving adults AWAY from the idea of protecting children…, and away from the idea that children are even valuable!

This has got to be some kind of MIND CONTROL tactic that is taking place on a massive scale…, and being done in a very subtle way…, and therefore, I feel that it needs to be challenged!

The long term effect of this trend might be to simply get adults into a MIND SET of having NO concern…, so that no matter what happens to the children around them…, it is of NO real consequence…, because individual children are not really that important.

I just wonder if this is what the New Ager’s are thinking…, when they say they do not want to be “JUDGEMENTAL” about the violence being done against kids by the Satanists?

My “idea”…, is to start a weekly article filled with stories and videos about how “valuable” children really are…, and WHY it is important that we as “adults” should CARE enough to do everything we can to PROTECT THEM, talk about protecting them…, while remembering that the “STATE” does NOT protect them, and is simply a fictionally created way to funnel them into the hands of those would “use them” for countless purposes aligned with the NWO agenda.

We could make this a group effort., and do it together!

Therefore anyone who has an important article to post, or a video that shows the REAL VALUE of children…, should send it to me any time (in a comment) and I will put them together in a weekly post called:


In order to start it off…, I will post two video’s of kids who, in my opinion, have GREAT VALUE!

First:  Jeffrey Li…, and Celine Tam

Here…, a nine year old discusses the “universe”!


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