FISA ????

By: Bradley Loves


This is the first time that Q – Anon (it seems) has not only been wrong, it seems he (as well as all who read his stuff) has been screwed!

He placed dozens of posts and drops telling everyone who was watching and reading all across the world that these FISA documents would indeed and in fact be declassified…, AND…, that once declassified…, the ENTIRE house of cards that every single Trump supporter is sick to death of…, would come tumbling down.

And now…, with the advent of a couple of phone calls…, that all changes?

In the strange venacular of the british…, it BEGGARS BELIEF!


Because I am AMERICAN…, born here in these united states…., and deserve MORE consideration than any foreign government, or non american ever deserves…

Who the hell gives a royal crap…, what country or “non-american” gets “embarassed” by the release of these documents?

The President (and Q) work FOR THE PEOPLE!

THE PEOPLE…, want the TRUTH!

And now…., a phone call (from a Government)…, an artificial entity that is NOT HUMAN…, and does not deserve any deference from the President what so ever…, gets to OVER-RIDE our RIGHT TO HAVE THE TRUTH???

One word here…

[email protected]!

Washington NEEDS to sort out it’s priorities…, and those priorities DO NOT include foreign governments or non Americans.


I’ve had my say…, but Q really needs to reflect on all of his DROPS!

HE was the one who promised that Trump was going to declassify all of these documents and that once it was done…, this entire Russian Drama would END!

To then say that a phone call can change all that is pretty damn dis-ingenuous!

And…, if the President changed his mind about the FISA on a whim.., only to please a foreign government…, and screwed the PEOPLE who elected him…, then SHAME ON HIM!

Foreign Governments do NOT MATTER to WE THE PEOPLE!

We do not need the “British” nor the Australian “leadership” sleeping all comfy in their beds at night because they were not embarassed on the world stage!

WE THE PEOPLE are far more important than “they” are….

Take heed…..

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  1. Megan

    Yes, and if he can screw the people over with this then he will do so with everything else as well! Which will make both “Q” and the President traitors. Time to consider that they may just be no more than a distraction to keep the sheeple occupied putting on a big act for the public but really behind the scenes they are sell outs to the evil ones. If they don’t deliver on ALL of the promises they have made to the people then they are in league with the devil and the enemy of us all. NO MORE SECRETS! NO MORE LIES! NO MORE HIDING IN THE SHADOWS! NO MORE PROTECTING THE PERPERTRAITORS OF EVIL! If “they” are embarrassed, desperate, on the run, trying to avoid an end to their evil, TO BAD, their time is up it’s finished once and for all. If they choose evil then they will receive their just reward for that it’s exactly what they deserve both physical and spiritual destruction and damnation.

  2. Bradley,
    as far as I have learned from Anna`s page,
    Trump is still the CEO of a bankrupted Territorial
    British Corporation.
    This is important !
    To function as an “American”, he has to clean up his
    political status and he has`t done this job yet.
    And not only Trump by oneself.
    He and all his staff cannot speak for the Americans!!!

    I know that the Anna has offered her help to do that job
    for him but he must do it by themselves.

    If he don`t “record” ( not register) his name, he belongs
    to the “disregarded Entities” how the Queen is calling
    such beings.

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