Here is a link to an article on Jean’s site…, which still (in my opinion) covers everything you really need to know and start to comprehend.

It’s long…, but even though it was written a few years ago…, has not diminished it’s TRUTHFULNESS.

Please refresh your memory!

In addition…, even though I do NOT consider David Wilcock or Corey Goode to be reliable information sources…,  They do sometimes get it right…, which is why I do read many things that are put out by people I don’t agree with most of the time.

Corey Goode…, (in my opinion) is still a government mind controlled Milab, or worse…, an actual agent…, and is only with David Wilcock…, because it SUITS the “agenda” to put out a certain amount of truth into the public at this time…,

(along with some dis-information as well).

This video…, I have watched…, and for the most part, think it holds quite a bit of truthfulness!  So…, when I do see the truth…, even from what I consider to be compromised sources…, I will most certainly acknowledge it!!

It about Channeling and the Dangers of Channeling!

And the “Back-up” or source material for this information (apparently) is the RA/LAW OF ONE MATERIAL.

Which again…, is channeled…, so go figure!

Here is a link to be able to watch the free video which I have watched and can recommend as partially “truthful”…


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