By: Bradley

Thank you for the comment and the video from the Crowhouse.  I have listened to Max Igan many times.

So – what to say about “this” particular video?

Well…, there are many “yes’es” and many “no’s”

That is about the best way I can put it.   I don’t know what kind of “experience” that Max had, but while some of what he said I can agree with – some of what he said – I know to be untrue!

So let’s start with the basics.

Q: Is the world or the “place” that we are living in more or less like a version of the Matrix?

A: Sort of – but I like to call it a “Magnetic Hologram”.  It was “NOT” designed to be this way. So you must understand that first off and foremost!   He seems to think it has always been this way!

Q: Is the Earth “flat” ?

A: No – simple, direct!

Q: Can the whether be controlled?

A: Yes, the technology now exists to control the whether, create Hurricanes, and even Earthquakes!

Q:  Is it a Game?

A: It’s complicated.   Earth  – our reality – has been invaded and hi-jacked.

It has been altered from what it once was.  It is not supposed to look like this or be like this!  So in that sense – even though the hi-jackers may be “playing” some sort of “game” all around us, and “using” us as toys – WE collectively were never meant to be treated in this way!

Q: Can we see the beings who have hi-jacked our reality?

A: No!  They remain unseen for the most part – but the Dark Magicians can “conjure” them through the use of sound and geometry.  They are frequency beings who exist on frequencies that are outside of our ability to normally see.

Q: Are they Parasites?


They are all of that and more.  They are parasites, pirates, degenerates, laggards, and everything that is bad or wrong with the Universe.

Q: Does “GOD” exist?

A: Absolutely and most certainly!

Q: Is there a “plan” in place to rescue human souls?

A: YES!  GOD has a plan to rescue human souls from this chamber of horrors that has been set up like a “virtual prison”.

If you have any more questions about what is really happening please post them as comments!!

My feeling about Max Igan is that his mind was “acquired” by some form of A.I. and he was given a “download” of information – some true – some not true.

You could tell that he was really out of sorts.

Shane the Ruiner has told me several times  – and I can attest to this as true in my experience – that the alien A.I. that has been put into place around the Earth to “police” the Magnetic Hologram – and can now have direct access to your mind and to your thoughts.

Why do you think that so many people (millennials) are literally flipping out about every single thing that happens?

They are no longer “thinking” their own thoughts – instead their “thoughts” are being “given” to them by the A.I. that is attempting to control the Hologram for the Elites and for the Illuminati – who, sadly, have taken to working with these parasites.

It did not used to be this way – but the technology has been developed and is now able to hack anyones mind at will.

My opinion is that we will see more and more people suddenly getting “downloads” of information directly into their heads.  This information will not always be true – in fact, it would surprise me if it was.

Since no one on Earth is watching their (the cabals) “News” any longer – “THEY” have developed a way to pump your MIND full of what they want in it – regardless of your own freewill choice.

They are simply going to give each man or woman “downloads” of so-called “truth”. It is more of the same “magic” – more of the same CON.

The only way to fight this horrible problem is to KNOW if it is actually you having these thoughts – or if they are coming from OUTSIDE of you!

I wrote about this several times.

I knew this was coming – and it appears as if it is in it’s beginning stages.

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