For my readers who have extra time, and want to really get informed, then I challange you to watch these two videos as research material.

The First is a full length free documentary done by Alex Jones which cost a half million dollars to actually make.

He claims it’s had 80 million views since it’s making 10 years ago.

It is called:  ENDGAME

The second video is about Barack Obama, and the huge CON he was and still is in our world, and is also made by Alex Jones.




Watch these if you’ve got the time…, there are some very important things to think about in them.

I’m posting these two videos after watching this 19 minute video linked below which I think is really important!

And this one by Roy Potter, linked here.



I don’t CARE what the New Agers or the Channelers are telling you…, (because their “predictions” have failed over and over again) …, we are in some serious TIMES!

And, sadly, some very serious things are happening in our world.

To “ignore” this is to willingly be “IGNORE”- ANT!

You cannot afford to do this.

All my love


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