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THIS IS THE MAIN ONE… (Part Ten)   It has to do with just who is behind the NAZI’s !!

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1- The Wewelsburg Castle’s North Tower’s Crypt

Monthly, 20th, five to dawn, in Northern tower of Wewelsburg Castle.
In Northern tower crypt, twelve Black Order knights dressed in long black layers are reunited forming a circle around the center.
Each one carries a “skull ring” (totenkopfring) with runic inscriptions and a SS dagger with the inscription “My Honor is loyalty”.
The twelve reunited knights are “Bons Homes”, High Initiated of the Black Order and Unknown Directors of the SS. (Aka – BLACK MAGICIANS)
In order to arrive until a degree so near the center of the circle of the projected swastik, before they have had to defeat the power of materia and its creator, which is the sick god.
Then, when they are able to overcome their own nature, the High Knowledgement of the Order gives to each initiate its ring and its dagger specially worked in a secret magical ritual:
– Ring: bond and loyalty in the Totality maintained by the Order.
– Dagger: discernment (separation) and projection of the Absolute Will of the Magic Reich.
Can you now (finally) see the connection between the THULE and the SS ??
A “ring” around a “dagger”.
Why is this important?
Helena Blavatsky’s Theosophy (The New Age) and the Thule had basically the same people at the very top!
This boy is hung so as to look like a dagger!
This throne that Madonna is sitting on is made to look like a dagger!
The Wewelsburg North Tower’s Crypt has fifteen meters of diameter and next to its wall in circle there are twelve stones as a seat, one for each initiate of the Order.
In center of the ceiling of the vault of crypt, gathering or canalizing the Strength projected in the interior, there is a swastik. According to the principle of the swastik, the center of the field of Strenght created by the Black Sun inside the crypt, causes a movement in spiral that generates a rotation of the material reality. This it is the Principle worked by the Black Order in the North Tower crypt of Wewelsburg Castle.
As we say, in center of the ceiling of the vault of cripta there is a swastik. As well, in the immediately superior floor, above, is the Room of the Black Sun. This room with twelve columns has a precious marble ground in whose geometric center there is a Black Sun of twelve arms:
– Twelve seats in cripta of the North Tower.
– Twelve columns of the room of the Black Sun.
– Twelve arms in the esvástica represented in the ground of room of the Black Sun (located on cripta).
The principle created by the Black Order promotes from inside the Crypt expanding its radiation-energy: around Wewelsburg the SS had projected the creation of a magician fortification, a magical circle whose physical center, according to the planes, is the northern tower Crypt of Wewelsburg castle.
The Black Sun generated in the magical enclosure projects its “extra-terrestrial” strenght, its “another universe”, (that is) collaborating and maintaining to the fight of Adolf Hitler, “the Last Avatara” and the Third Reich.
Let us return now to the interior of the Crypt. Its ground is of stone slabs. Its wall is constructed with perfect stone blocks.
It’s magnificent!
In its center there is a circular space of about four meters of diameter whose ground is at an inferior level to the rest. To there you can descend by three steps. This center of Crypt located to an inferior level is surrounded as protected by one polished stone ring, a circle that rises a few centimeters over the level of the rest of the ground of cripta.
In this polished stone ring that surrounds to the center, there excel three rectangles which indicate the positions of west, east and North: the stairs that descend to the depression of the center of the room are in the South position.
In the center exact of the ground of the Crypt there is a tactically important point of approximately a meter of diameter around which spins all the magical projection of the Third Reich.
There is located an empty space without working (the gross material to work), on which the initiates of the Black Order project the Strenght of the Black Sun.







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