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The Hercules – GO THE DISTANCE video “decoded” for all to see!!


The video takes place exactly where land and the ocean meet!  This is where the waves of time overlap!

There are adults in the video as well as children!

The children are the TIME TRAVELERS who are coming back from the future…, but in the here and now…, they are mere children!

The video starts out at 00:05 with a lone call out into the WAVES OF TIME for help or aid to come to our rescue!

And suddenly…, at 00:09  those who are only children now…, but are actually adults from the future, come walking directly out of the waves of time singing a beautiful spiritual chant to let the lone caller know that they are on their way!!


We see the faces of the TIME TRAVELERS…

They are BRAVE – RESOLUTE – and endlessly CONFIDENT as they march right out of the waves of time!

They are the “rescue squad”…., and sing in perfect harmony as they come into our time directly from their time with pure POWER in their minds and hearts!


They arrive into “our time” and stand on the shores of the past and are ready to give aid!  Even though they are adults in the future…, they are mere children in the here and now!


A lone child – a “time traveler” – stands on the shore of the past where the waves of time meet and begins to tell us that he has dreamed of the far off place (the past) that he has “often” thought about coming to.

He knows just how much crime and corruption was taking place in this time and he wants to help CHANGE IT ALL…, and make it right.

He knows if he can do this…, a HEROS WELCOME will be waiting for him!  The crowds will cheer when they see his face, and he suddenly knows this was what he was meant to do!!


The lone caller who sent out the distress signal to the future begins to tell us how hard it’s been to hold on in this huge time of corruption.

He says he’ll be there (free) someday, and that he can go the distance (must hang on)!


The lone caller (now surrounded by a very dedicated group of men who love the Earth) knows that his mission was always to work with the TIME TRAVELERS.  

He calls it the “unknown road”…, and says he walks it willingly to “embrace his fate”…, because he knows it will lead to a better future!

He says 1000 years would be “worth the wait” or even a whole life-time of sacrifice if only the past can be “put right again” and saved from the horror of what’s happening at the moment and promises to “SEE IT THROUGH”.

He says he’ll NEVER look back…, and he’ll GO THE DISTANCE to “meet up” with the time travelers who he knows are now coming back to the past!

He and those who stand with him promise to NEVER ACCEPT DEFEAT!  They are standing right at the waters edge where the waves of time meet and are waiting for the TIME TRAVELERS TO COME.


The young TIME TRAVELERS who have come from the future are now standing in the past and singing with the dedicated group of men who called them!  They sing about “looking past the glory” of what they are doing, and say that a HERO’S STRENGTH is only measured by his “heart” and love for mankind!


The young Time Travelers are now standing in unison with the men of the past who called them and working tirelessly with them to CHANGE THINGS for the better!

They promise each other NEVER to quit and NEVER to give up!

NO matter how far they have to go, or what it takes…, they will do BATTLE with the dark forces who have tried to take over the Earth and bring in the Satanic Reality…

They promise they will work together and GO THE DISTANCE…

At 3:38 they hit perfect HARMONY together and have become “TRIUMPHANT” in the “heart” of time – having defeated all those who tried to ruin mankind and the Earth!!


Now.., watch the video again!!   Do you see MORE than what you thought was there??








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