This deeper look into writings originally called:  THE KEYSTONE – comes to me by way of a loyal reader!  Thank you very much John!  I have posted it immediately.

The TITLE that I have chosen for this post is simply my message to the CODE BREAKERS – who – should be moving with all haste and speed at this very moment to arrest, incarcerate and if necessary EXECUTE all of the men, and women of these Secret Societies involved!


Have we had ENOUGH of Secrecy and Secret Brotherhoods yet?

  • I mean really, isn’t there TREASON in here somewhere?
  • Pike your world-wide anti-human crime…

GOD really wants to know what you are going to do about this?  


Depending upon what you do HERE…, HE will forever “judge ALL of you” according to what you did to every other human being who YOU say broke even the tiniest law!

Your “rules” and your “laws” and your “courts” were set up for WHAT EXACTLY??

Countless millions and millions of souls have been “judged” by these rules and laws, in YOUR courts – so what exactly are they for again?

  • I am taking notes on this one – and will report back to GOD our loving Father how you handled this!

Translated from the Original French – located here:


Translated Text was taken from a message board – posted by Anonymous.

Found in this format on the message board.

For easier and continued reading – please see the format modified below:

I found something that might be related to the infamous Keystone, but that is extremely interesting in its own right.

It is something that I have seen in partial form before, but in fact lacking the part with the Keystone.

It is a text written by a French Canadian in 1995, called Serge Monast.

It is supposed to be leaked plans the cabal put together on two separate occasions, in 1967 and in 1985.

There are some details in it that sound too good to be true, such as the name of the group. But symbolism will be their downfall and all that.

However, geez, this text describes what we have been through throughout the past decades so well, that it is scary. It is even more scary once you read what is supposed to be their ultimate goal.

Keystones are mentioned twice, but it is the second instance that seems relevant.

In summary, this text says that the Keystone for the Cabal is the establishment of the worldwide interconnected network of computers. To them, this is a vast surveillance network that always does as told, that has no political opinion, no religion, no race. To them, it replaces parts of their vast networks of humans, and allows them for a level of surveillance they could not have dreamed of before.

To them, their “plan” could not be accomplished without it.
To quote them, they are “the Keystone of their New World Order”.

That seems rather congruent with some of the Q posts related to that topic were saying: – what holds everything together? – the keystone software implant, – the surveillance network of intelligence agencies, – POTUS having opened the door of all doors, – i.e. maybe the doors to the massive surveillance machine put in

place by the cabal, that he can now use to take it down.

As I say, this could be or it could not be the keystone.

However, it is really interesting in its own right, as it resonates so much with the reality of what has happened, and if it is true, that’s not a 40,000 ft view, that’s a 4,000,000 ft view.

Serge Monast died of a sudden heart attack shortly after publishing this.

Heart attacks can be deadly !

As I said, I have seen this partially translated before elsewhere.

But I gathered my courage, and translated the whole document from French.

The strange capitalization comes from the original text. I tried to respect it.

Apologies if there are spelling/grammar mistakes. It is very long, and I do not have the time to proofread it at the moment.

[Beginning of the translation]


Late June 1967:

In Montreal, there’s the 67 Expo. In Ottawa, the last preparations for the “Hundredth Anniversary of the Confederation” are taking place, in the US, we see the contestation movements against the Vietnam War, and, throughout the country, the “Flower Power”.

We are close to the May 68 events in France, to the Nationalism explosion in Quebec, to the Woodstock Festival in the US… but at the same time, this end of June 1967 is marked with the last preparations towards the development of the Plan for the “Fall of Nations”, carried out by the high instances of the Anglo-Saxon Freemasonry in Toronto  (Canada)

This secret meeting, highly “Confidential”, is organized by the “6.6.6.” (that is the term they use for themselves), that is, those that direct the 6 largest banks of the world, the 6 largest energetic consortiums (to which petroleum belongs), and the 5 largest food industry consortiums (to which the control of the main food roadways of the world belongs).

These 6.6.6. being the highest heads of international finance, will define, within their meeting, a “Common Strategy” with a view to the absolute control on “World Commerce”; on the possession of the Energetic Weapon (gateway to the 21st century); and on the international control of the food industry (which encompasses as well, for them, the pharmaceutical consortia, encompassing themselves the worldwide markets of “Vitamins” and “Vaccines”).

Their “Plan” consists in three major directions: “the Economical, the Political and the Social” for the 70’s and the 80’s.

If they succeed, it must irremediably end up with the seizure of the “World Power” through the establishment of the “New World Order”; the very same the American President George Bush will so much to promote at the beginning of the 90’s.

[Beginning of the 6.6.6. document, date late June 1967]

Title: PANEM ET CIRCENSES – (Of Bread and Circus Games)

Goal of the project: the “Genocide of what is Vital to the Benefit of the Profitable for the Occult”.

Funding means: Among others, use Humanitarian Aid and International Food Aid to finance the 6.6.6. “Multinationals.”

All the historical periods having led to the decadence of civilizations were marked, without exception, by the “Spirit of Wandering of Men”.

Today, we must make it so that this “Spirit” translates into a “Worldwide Leisure Society” in all its forms. This “Leisure” must comprise (Sex], [Drugs], [Sports), [Travels/Exoticism], and [Leisures] in general, but accessible to all the layers of Society.

Man must reach the belief that he is “Modern”, and that his modernity comprises his ability and his opportunity to enjoy widely and now everything that surrounds him.

To reach this goal, it is imperative to be able to infiltrate the Media (Radio, Television, Newspapers), the worlds of “Fashion” and “Culture” (the world of New Music), through which we influence, certainly, all the layers of the Western Societies.

This way, by keeping to our will the “Senses” of the youth (the adults of tomorrow), we will have free reign to infiltrate, and transform in depth, with interference, the Political, the Judiciary System and Education; which will allow to modify in depth the course, the future orientation of the Societies targeted by our “Plan”.

Populations as we know it, have no historical memory.

They tirelessly repeat the mistakes of the past without realizing that these same mistakes had led their fathers, before them, to the same forfeitures they will live through in a worse way before the end of this century.

See, for instance, what their grandfathers lived through at the beginning of this century through the hard work of our predecessors.

After having gone through, without limits, the liberation of their ways of life, the abolition of morals (in other words, the wandering of the spirit), they experienced the “Economical Crisis”, and then “War”.

Today, their grandchildren and their children are heading straight towards a similar outcome, worse even as this time, it will allow us to finally establish our “New World Order”, without having any of them being able to realize it, too pre occupided they will be by the exaggerated satisfaction of the needs of their most primary senses.

A general “Norm” of the utmost importance, and that has already proved itself at the beginning of the current century in the building and the establishment of the Communist System by the late High Officers of our lodges, is the profitability of the “Exception”.

In principle, as we know it, the Exception proves the general Rule that is its opposite. But in our vocabulary, the Exception is what must be imposed on everyone.

(From Bradley – Exceptions refer to “Identity Politics” and “Social Justice Groups” which even though tiny – are shoved on everyone as the MAIN STREAM. Exam: Trans-genders.)

We must ensure to have “Exceptions” in different spheres of Society, as needing to be new general “Rules” applicable to all, to be a primary objective of all the future social disputes lead by the Youth of the Nations.

In this way, the Exception will become the detonator through which the historical society will collapse on itself, in unprecedented shortness of breath and confusion.

The foundation of the “Western Society”, in its essence, comes directly from the Judaeo-Christian legacy. This is precisely this legacy that is made of “Family”, the “Core”, the “Keystone” of the current social fabric.

Our predecessors that had financed the revolutionary writers of the end of the 19th century and of the beginning of the 20th century had understood the importance of splitting this “vital Core” if they wanted, in Russia, achieve to establish the new “Communist System” of that time.

And this is precisely what they did by meticulously having the philosophers and non-conformist writers of that time produce: “A Manifest to the Glory of the God-State”; which had absolute primacy on the individual, on the “Family”.

To succeed with certainty at constructing a World Government, A New Global Community Order where all the individuals, without exception, will be submitted to the “World State” of the “New Order”, we must firstly, make disappear the “Family” (which will lead by the same token to the disappearance of the ancestral religious teaching), and secondly, level all the individuals by making disappear the “Social Classes”, in particular the “Middle Class”.

But we must proceed in such a way that all these changes appear as emanating from the people’s will and that they create the appearance of “Democracy”.

Using isolated cases, but amplifying them to the extreme with the help of student protests infiltrated by us, of journalists favorable to our cause and of bought politicians, we will achieve to establish new Organizations having every appearance of “Modernity”, such as “Child Protection Services” protected by a “Bill of Rights and Freedoms”.

For the success of our “World Plan”: [The Red Plan)”, we must establish in all the Western Societies of the 70’s “Child Protection Services” the public servants of which (young intellectuals without experience, fresh out of Universities where are highlighted our globalist principles), will enforce to the letter, without distinction, the “Children’s Bill of Rights”.

Who will dare oppose this without at the same time being identified with the barbarity of the Middle Ages?

This “Bill” laboriously elaborated in our “Lodges”, will finally allow us to bring to naught all parental authority by breaking up the family in individuals fiercely opposed to each other to defend their personal interests. It will encourage the children to report parents that are too authoritarian, because too traditional, too religious.

It will thus contribute to the submission of the parents to a “Collective Psychosis of Fear”, which will inevitably provoke, in a general manner throughout society, a relaxation of parental authority.

In this way, we will have succeeded, in a first time, to produce a society similar to that of Russia of the 50’s, where children were reporting to the State their parents, without anybody noticing.

By thus transferring to the State the “Parental Role”, it will be easier for us thereafter to take over one by one all the responsibilities that had, to date, been the exclusive preserve of the parents.

It is in this way that we will be able to make everyone consider as an abuse against children, the traditional religious teachings of Judaeo-Christian origins.

At the same time, but at another level, we will have inscribed in the highest Laws of the Nations, that all the Religions, the Cults and religious Practices of all sorts, including “Witchcraft and Magic”, must all be respected the same ways as each other in Definition.

In that sense, it cannot constitute a solid basis for the continuity of any society, and even less a safe bet for taking care of its elders.

In the same vein, it is also imperative to have created a “Bill of Individual Rights and Liberties”, and “Citizen’s Protection Services” touting to the masses that these innovations are an integral part of the “Modernity” of the “New Societies of the 20th century.

In the same manner, and at the same time, but at another level, obtain the vote of new Laws for the “Enforcement of Individual Liberties”.

As in the case of the “Family”, but at the level of “Society” these Laws will conflict with the Rights of the Collectivity, leading this way the targeted societies straight to their self-destruction.

Because here, the inversion is total: “It is not the society (the right of the majority) that must be protected against individuals that could threaten it, but rather (the Right of the Individual) that must be protected against the possible threats coming from the majority”.

Such is the objective we are aiming for.

To complete the breaking up of the family, of the educational system, and thus of Society in general, it is essential to promote “Sexual Freedom” at all the levels of Western Society.

The individual, hence the masses, must be reduced to the obsession of satisfying his basic instincts by any possible means.

We know that this step will constitute the high point through which any Society will end up collapsing on itself.

Is it not what happened to the Roman Empire when it reached its peak, and to all the similar civilizations throughout history?

Using Scientists and laboratories funded by our Lodges, we have succeeded in developing a chemical process that will revolutionize all the Western Societies, and will cast to oblivion for eternity, the moral and religious Judaeo-Christian principles.

This process, in the form of a pill, will pave widely the way to “Sexual Freedom” without consequences, and will encourage “Women” of the Nations to want to break with what will then be perceived as the yoke of the past (the enslavement of women, submitted to men, and the traditional JudaeoChristian family).

Once “Center and pivot of the family cell”, the modern woman, now as an independent individual, will want to break her traditional role, to detach herself from her family, and to lead her life according to her own aspirations.

Nothing more natural, we know it, but where we will strongly intervene and will after that with disconcerting ease to transfer this State role towards children to the highest international institutions, such as the United Nations.

Understand this: “Our goal is not to protect children or anything else, but to cause the burst, and then the collapse, of the Nations, that have been a major obstacle to the establishment of our “New World Order”.

This is the reason why the “Child Protection Services” must be provided an absolute legal authority.

They must be able, as they see fit, but always under the pretense of child protection, to subtract them to their original family environment, and place them in a foreign family environment or in governmental Centers already committed to our globalist and nonreligious principles.

Consequently, the final breakup of the “Western Family Unit”.

Because without the protection and the surveillance of their original parents, it will be possible to definitively handicap these children in their psychological and moral development, and constitute, as a natural consequence, preys easily moldable to our globalist aims.

To ensure the success of such an undertaking, it is essential that the public servants working in these State “Services” be young, without prior experience, imbued with theories we know to be empty and without efficacy, and above all, be obsessed by the missionary spirit of the great protectors of children under threat.

Because for them, all the parents must be viewed as potential criminals, as potential dangers to the well-being of the child heretofore considered as being a “god”.

“Child Protection Services’ ‘ and a “Bill of Children’s Rights” have no reason to exist without children under threat.

Moreover, the exceptions and the historical examples used for their establishment would, sooner or later, disappear if they were not constantly provided with new cases occurring on a continual basis.

In that sense, we must infiltrate the “Education System” of the Nations to make disappear, under the pretense of “Modernity” and of the “Evolution”, the teachings of Religion, History, Propriety, while at the same time diluting with an avalanche of new experimentation in Education, that of language and mathematics.

In this manner, by subtracting to the young generations, any basis and any moral thresholds, any knowledge of the past (thus any national pride), hence any respect for others, any power provided by the knowledge of language and sciences (thus on reality), we will contribute to produce a youth widely predisposed to all forms of delinquency.

In this new universe fragmented by the fear of the parents, and their abandonment of responsibilities towards their children, we will not be encumbered to form, in our way and according to our primary objectives, a youth where arrogance, contempt and humiliation of others will be considered at the news bases of “Self Affirmation” and of “Liberty”.

But we know, from the experience of the past, that such a youth is already condemned to its selfdestruction, as it is fundamentally “Individualist”, hence “Anarchist” by ​​the infiltration of all the new “Feminist Protest Movements” by pushing their logic to the extreme limits of deduction.

And those limits are already inscribed in the breakup of the traditional family and of the Judaeo-Christian Society.

This “Sexual Liberation” will be the ultimate means through which it will be possible for us to make disappear from the “Popular Conscience” any reference to “Good and Evil”.

The collapse of this religious and moral barrier will allow us to achieve the process of false “Liberation of Man from his Past” that in reality will instead be a form of enslavement that will be beneficial to our “Globalist Plans”.

This open door to incentivizing “Sexual Freedom”, “Divorce”, “Abortion” on demand, the legal recognition of the various forms of homosexuality, will help us modify in depth the historical bases of the “Legal Right” of Societies.

It will be a major asset to push the ensemble of individuals towards a generalized relaxation of their ways of life to divide the individuals against each other to destruct the future of youths by pushing them to the detrimental experiences of early sexuality and abortion and to shatter the morale of future generations by pushing them towards alcoholism, towards the various drugs (the worldwide control of which will be looked after by our High Officers of our International Lodges), and towards suicide (being thought about by a disillusioned and left to fend for itself youth, as being a noble end).

Let us deceive the youth of the Nations by showing it its parents as irresponsible, irreligious, immoral; only seeking, ultimately, pleasure, escape and frenzied satisfaction of their instincts at the cost of lies, hypocrisy and betrayal.

Let us make divorce and abortion a new social custom accepted by all.

Let us thus promote to it criminality in all its forms, and the sheltering into distinct groups, out of the reach of the familial environment that it will perceive, inevitably,

as a threat to its own survival.

The social fabric being in this way forever changed, it will henceforth be possible for us to act on the Political and the Economical of the Nations, in order to submit them to our mercy; to be led to accept by force, our Plans for a New World Order.

Because, we have to admit, the Nations (so deprived of being able to count on a strong youth, on a Society where the individuals, gathered around a common ideal, reinforced by unwavering moral barriers, could have provided it its historical support will have no choice but to yield to our globalist will.

In this way, we will then be able to usher what was much heralded by our previous creations: “The communist system that prophesied a worldwide revolution initiated by all of those cast aside on the Earth”, and the “Nazism through which we had declared a New World Order for a 1000 years”.

So our ultimate goal is the rewards for the work of the brave who died accomplishing the work towards its achievement for centuries. Let us say with conviction: “All the Brothers of the past Lodges, who died in anonymity for the accomplishment of this Ideal that is now at the tip of our fingers”.

Everybody well agrees that Man, after having secured his primary needs (food, clothing and a home), is more inclined to be less vigilant.

Let us allow him to make his conscience sleep, while guiding as please us his mind by creating, fictitiously, favorable economic conditions.

Therefore, during the period of the 70’s during which our Agents will infiltrate everywhere the different spheres of Society to induce the acceptance of our new norms in Education, the Legal Rights, the Social and the Political, we will ensure to permeate around him a trustworthy economic climate.

Work for everyone, Credit for everyone, Leisure for everyone will be our vehicle for the illusionary creation of a new social class, “the Middle Class”.

Because once our objectives are attained, this middle “Class”, between the poor secular, and us the rich, we will make it disappear by definitively removing all means of survival.

In that sense, we will make of the Nation-States, the new “Parents” of the individuals.

Through this climate of trust where our “International Agents” will have what is necessary to remove the specter of world war, we will overly promote “Centralization” for the State.

In this manner, the individuals will be able to acquire the sense of having total freedom to explore while the legendary burden of personal responsibilities will be transferred to the State.

It is in this way that it will be possible for us to increase in a staggering fashion the burden of the State by multiplying without any limit the mass of public servant intellectuals.

Confident in having material security for years in advance, these will be in consequence, perfect executors of the “Governmental Power”, in other words, of our “Power”.

Creating in this way an impressive mass of public servants that, alone, will constitute (a Government within the government), irrespective of the political party in power.

This anonymous machine will be able to be used by us one day as a lever, when the time has come, to accelerate the economic collapse of the Nation-States; for they will not be able to definitively support payroll expenditures without having to indebt themselves beyond their means.

On the other hand, this same machine that will provide a cold and insensitive image for the government apparatus, this complex and oh so useless machine in many of its functions, will provide us a smokescreen and protection against the populations. Because who will dare venture through the mazes of such labyrinth in order to exert their personal grievances?

Still during this period of generalized dizziness, we will take this opportunity to buy or eliminate, according to the needs of the moment, all the company directors, the heads of the large Organizations of the States, the Scientific Research Centers the action and the efficacy of which could risk providing too much power to the Nation-States.

It is imperative that the State does not become an independent force in itself, that would risk escaping us, and endanger our ancestral “Plans”.

We will see as well to have an absolute stranglehold on all the supranational

structures of the Nations. These international Organizations must be positioned under our absolute jurisdiction.

In the same way, and to guarantee the profitability of our influence with the populations, we will need to control all the Information Media.

Our Banks will thus see to only provide funding to those that are favorable to us, while they will supervise the closure of the most recalcitrant.

This should in principle go unnoticed by the populations, absorbed they will be by making more money, and divert themselves.

We must take care of finalizing, as of now, the regionalization phase initiated at the beginning of the 1929 “Economic Crisis”.

Overpopulating the cities was our vehicle for the “Industrial Revolution”.

The rural landowners, by their economic independence, by their ability to produce the basis for the food of the States, is a threat to us, and to our future Plans. Crammed into the cities, they will be more dependent on our industries to survive.

We cannot allow for the existence of groups independent from our “Power”.

Therefore let us eliminate landowners by making of them obedient slaves to the Industries under our control.

Regarding the others, let us allow them to organize themselves into Agricultural Cooperatives that our Agents will infiltrate to better orient them towards our future priorities.

Through the State, let us aim to highlight the mandatory “Respect” of diversity of “Cultures”, “People”, “Religions”, “Ethnicities”, which will all be ways for us to make “Individual Liberty” come before the notion of “National Unity” which will allow us to better divide the populations of the Nation-States, and thus weaken them in their authority, and in their ability to maneuver.

Pushed to its extreme limits, but at the international level, this concept, in the future, will lead the ethnicities of the various Nations to band together in order to each claim, individually, their part of the “Power”, which will complete the ruin of the Nations, and will break them apart in endless wars.

When the Nation-States will be thusly weakened by so many internal wars, all founded on the recognition of the “Rights of the Minorities” to their independence when the nationalists divided in different cultural and religious factions will oppose each other blindly in hopeless struggles when the youth will have completely lost contact with its roots, then we will be able to use the United Nations to begin the imposition of our New World Order.

Moreover, at this stage, the “Humanitarian, Social and Historical Ideals” of the Nation-States will have long burst from the pressure of the internal divisions.

[End of the late June 1967 document]

18 years later, i.e. a 6.6.6. a time interval later, another Meeting of importance in Canada. The 6.6.6. group met again in Toronto, in late June 1985, but this time the matter at hand was the finalization of the last steps meant to end up on the fall of the NationStates, and on the power takeover through the United Nations.

[Beginning of the 6.6.6. Document, dated late June 1985]




Funding means: Control of the IMF, of the GATT [General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade), of the Brussels Commission, of NATO, of the UN and of other International Organisms.

The last 18 years have been very profitable in the advancement of our worldwide projects.

I can tell you, brothers, that we are now almost touching our goal. The fall of the United Nations is now a matter of time, rather short, must I admit with full confidence.

Thanks to our infiltration Agents and to our colossal financial means, progress without precedent has been made in all the Scientific and Technological fields, for which we control financially the largest corporations.

Since our secret meetings with M. de Rothschild around the year 1956, that had as goal the development and the worldwide implantation of the “Computers”, it is now possible for us to foresee the installation of a sort of “International Roadway”, where all these machines would be linked together.

Because, as you already know, the direct and individualized control of the populations of the planet, would actually be impossible without the usage of the Computers, and their electronic linking to each other in a vast ́ ‘Worldwide Network”.

These machines also have for themselves the ability to replace millions of individuals.

Furthermore, they have no conscience or morals whatsoever, which is indispensable for the accomplishment of a project like ours.

But above all, these machines accomplish, without discussion, everything that is ordered from the NWO.

They are the perfect slaves our predecessors dreamt so much about, without ever thinking that someday, it would be possible for us to accomplish such a marvel.

These machines without country, without color, without religion, without political affiliation, are the ultimate accomplishment and tool of our New World Order.

They are its ​”Keystone”​!   The arrangement of these machines in a vast “Worldwide Network” of which we will control the higher levers, will allow us to immobilize the populations. How?

As you know, the basis structure of our New World Order is composed, in its essence, of a multitude of varied “Networks” covering all the spheres of human activity on the full extent of the planet.

Up to this day, all these “Networks” were linked together by a common ideological basis: that of Man being the “Center” and “Ultimate accomplishment” of the Universe.

This way, thanks to all these “Networks” united together by the link of the “New Religion of Man for Man”, we have easily been able to infiltrate all the human sectors in all the Western countries, to modify its “Judaeo-Christian” basis.

The result today is that, this Man, whether he belongs to the Political, the Economy, the Social, the Education, the Sciences or the Religion, has already, since our last meeting at the end of June 67 surrendered his heritage from the

past, to replace it by our ideal of a Worldwide Religion solely based on the Man.

Cut in this way as he now is from his historical roots this Man now only waits in the end that be offered to him a new ideology.

This one, of course, being ours: the ideology of the “Global Community Village” of which he will be the “Center”.

And this is precisely what we will bring him by encouraging him to partake, “Body and Soul” in this “Worldwide Electronic Network” where the borders between nations will have been forever abolished, annihilated up to their deepest roots.

While this astray man will be consumed by his blind enthusiasm in belonging to his new “Worldwide Community” by joining this “Computer Network” for our benefit we will using the higher levers that will be hidden from him, make a file on him, identify him, measure him and make him profitable with respect to our own objectives.

Because inside this “New Global Society”, no individual presenting a potential for “Profitability” to us will be able to escape us.

The constant input from the “Electronic Technology” should provide us with all the means necessary to make a file on, identify and control all the individuals in the Western populations.

Regarding all those that will not present any “Exploitable Profitability” to us, we will make so that they eliminate themselves through local internal wars that we will have taken care to foment here and there by using the “Economic Fall” of the Nation States, and the “Oppositions and Demands” of the various groups that compose these same states.

Here is the detailed plan through which we will proceed until 1998, to pave the road to the birth of our “Worldwide Government”.

1. Multiply many times over the “Leisure Society” that has been so profitable to us to this day. By using the “Video” invention that we financed, and the games that are attached to it, let us end corrupting the morals of the youth. Let us offer him the possibility of satisfying here and now all his instincts. A being dispossessed of his senses, and a slave to them, we know it, has neither an ideal, nor an internal force to defend anything. He is an “Individualist” by nature, and represents a perfect candidate that we can model easily according to our desires and priorities. By the way, remember how easily our predecessors have been able to direct the whole German youth at the beginning of the century by using its disillusionment!

2. Encourage the “Student Protests” for all the causes related to “Ecology”. The mandatory protection of which will be a major asset the day we will have pushed the Nation-States to exchange their “Interior Debt” against the loss of 33% of their territories that remained in a wild state.

3. Let us fill the interior emptiness of that youth by initiating it, since its youngest age, to the universe of Computers. To this effect, let us use its educational system. A slave at the service of another slave that we will control.

4. At another level, let us establish “Worldwide Free Trade” as being an absolute priority for the economic survival of the Nation-States. This new economic concept will help us hasten the decline of the “Nationalists” of all Nations; by isolating them in various factions, and at the desired moment, by opposing them vigorously to the others through internal wars that will finalize the ruin of these Nations.

5. To ensure at all costs the success of such an undertaking, let us make sure our Agents that have already infiltrated the Cabinets of Intergovernmental Affairs and Migrations of the Nation-States modify in depth the Laws related to those Cabinets. These modifications will essentially seek to open the doors of the western countries to an increasingly more massive migration inside their borders (migration that we will have besides provoked by taking care of fomenting, here and there, new local conflicts).

Through Press campaigns well orchestrated for the public opinion of the targeted Nation-States, we will provoke among them an important influx of refugees, that will result in the destabilization of their interior economy, and in the increase of the racial tension in their territories. We will see that foreign extremists groups will be part of these migrants influxes; which will facilitate the political, economical and social destabilization of the targeted Nations.

6. This “Free Trade” which, in reality, is not free as it is already controlled by us at the top of the economical hierarchy, let us separate it into “Three Lateral Commissions”; [that of Asia, that of America, that of Europe). This will provide us dissension inside the Nation-States through the rise of unemployment connected to the reconstructions of our Transnational Companies.

7. Let us slowly, but surely, transfer our transnational companies to new countries committed to the “Market Economy” idea, such as the Eastern European countries, Russia and China for instance. We do not care, at the moment, if their population presents, or not, a vast pool of new consumers. That which interests us, is having access, in the first place, to the “Slave Labor” (at a good price and not unionized) offered by these countries and that of the Third World. Moreover, aren’t their governments put in place by us? Do they not appeal to foreign aid, and to the loans of our “International Monetary Fund” and of our “World Bank”?

8. These transfers provide us several advantages. They contribute to foster in these new populations the illusion of an “Economic Liberation”, of “Political Freedom”, while in reality, we will dominate them through their appetite for gain and a level of indebtedness that they will never be able to repay. Regarding the Western populations, they will be maintained in their dream of “Economic Well Being”, as the products imported from these countries will see no increase in price. However, without them realizing it at the beginning, more and more industries will be forced to close because of these transfers we will have carried out outside of the Western countries. These closures will increase unemployment, and bring about important revenue losses for the NationStates.

9. By this “Independent Economy” having for all Law our Laws, we will establish a “Worldwide Mass Culture”. Through the international control of Television, of the Media, we will institute a “New Culture”, but leveled, uniform for everyone, without any future “Creation” escaping us. The future artists will reflect our image or will not be able to survive. Over will be the time where “Independent Cultural Creations” were putting at any moment at risk our globalist projects, as was the case so many times in the past.

10. Through this very economy, it will then be possible for us to use the military forces of these Nation-States (such as those of the United States) towards “humanitarian goals”. In reality, these “Forces” will allow us to submit the countries recalcitrant to our will. This way the Third World countries and those similar to them will not be able to escape our will to use their population as slave labor.

11. To control the worldwide market, we will have to divert productivity from its primary purpose (free man from the hardship of work conditions). We will guide it to turn against man by subjugating him to our economic system, where he will have no choice but becoming our slave, and even more a future criminal.

12. All these transfers to foreign countries by our Multinationals, and the worldwide restructuring of the economy will have as goal, among others, to increase the unemployment in the western countries. This situation will be all the more achievable since at the beginning, we will have promoted mass importation of basic products into the Nation-States and, by the same token, we will have overloaded the employment of their populations with the production of services that they will not be able to pay for anymore. These extreme conditions will multiply by millions the masses of social welfare recipients of all kinds, of the illiterate, of the homeless.

13. Through the loss of millions of jobs in the primary sector; thanks to the disguised capital flight outside the Nation-States, it will thus be possible for us to put in mortal danger the social harmony through the prospect of civil war.

14. These international manipulations of the governments and the populations of the NationStates will provide us the pretext to use our IMF to push the Western governments to adopt “Austerity Budgets” under guise of the illusory reduction of their “National Debt”; of the hypothetical conservation of their “International Credit Rating”; and of the impossible preservation of the “Social Peace”.

15. Through these “Emergency Budgetary Measures”, we will thus shatter the funding ability of these Nation-States towards their “Mega Projects” which constitute a direct menace to our worldwide control of the economy.

16. By the way, all these austerity measures will enable us to break the national wills for modern structures in the fields of Energy, Agriculture, Transportation and New Technologies.

17. The same measures will provide us the perfect opportunity to implement our “Economic Competition Ideology”. It will translate into, inside the NationStates, the voluntary reduction of earnings, and voluntary retirements with [Medals Awarded for Services Rendered); which will open us the doors to establishing everywhere our “Control Technology”. In this perspective, all these retirements will have been replaced by “Computers” at our disposal.

18. These social transformations will help us change in depth the working force of the “Police and Military” of the Nation-States. Under the pretense of the needs of the time, and without raising any suspicions, we will rid ourselves once and for all of all the individuals having a “Judaeo-Christian Conscience”. This “Restructuration of the Police and Military Corps” will enable us to fire without protest the elderly worker, as well as all the elements that do not convey our globalist principles. These will be replaced by young recruits lacking “Conscience and Morals”, and being already trained to it, favorable towards the reckless use of our “Electronic Network Technology”.

19. At the same time, and still under the pretense of “Budgetary Cuts”, we will see the transfer of the military bases of the Nation-States to the United Nations.

20. In this perspective, we will work toward the reorganization of the “International Mandate of the United Nations”. From the “Peace Force” without power of decision, we will bring it to become an “Intervention Force” where it will be melted together, into a homogeneous whole, the military forces of the Nation-States. This will allow us to carry out, without combat, the demilitarization of all these States so that none of them, in the future, will be able to be sufficiently powerful (independent) to question our “Worldwide Power”.

21. To accelerate this transfer process, we will involve the current forces of the United Nations in conflicts impossible to resolve. In this manner, and with the help of the Media that we control, we will show the populations the helplessness and the worthlessness of this “Force” in its current form. The resulting frustration, which will be pushed to its breaking point at the desired moment, will help push the populations of the Nation-States to beg the international institutions to institute such an “Multinational Force” at the earliest, in order to protect at all costs the “Peace”.

22. The coming appearance of this worldwide will for a “Multinational Military Force” will go together with the institution, inside of the Nation-States, of a “Multi Jurisdictional Intervention Force”. This combining of the “Police and Military Personnel”, created under the pretense of increasing political and social instability inside these States

23. This restructuring of the police and the military inside and outside of the Nation-States will allow to make all this converge towards the necessity of establishing a “World Judiciary Center”. This “Center” will allow the various “Police Corps of the NationStates” to have a rapid access to the “Data Banks” on all the individuals that present a possibility of danger for us on the planet. The appearance of a better judicial efficacy, and the increasingly tighter links created and maintained with the “Military”, will help us to showcase the need for an “International Tribunal” accompanied by a “World Judiciary System”; the former for individual civil and criminal cases, and the latter for the Nations.

24. During the increasing acceptance by all of these new necessities, it will be of the utmost importance for us to complete at the earliest the worldwide control of firearms inside the borders of the NationStates. To this end, we will accelerate the “Alpha Plan ” put in motion during the 60’s by some of our predecessors. This “Plan” was originally targeting two objectives, which remains the same today: by the use of “Crazy Shooters’ ‘, create an insecurity climate inside the populations to bring about a tighter control of firearms. Orienting the acts of violence in a way as to make bear the responsibility to religious extremists, or to individuals affiliated to religious allegiances in the “Traditional” tendency, or people pretending to have privileged communications with God. Today, towards the goal of accelerating this “Firearm Control”, we will be able to use the “Collapse of Economic Conditions” of the Nation-States, that will bring with it a complete destabilization of the Social realm; hence an increase in violence. I have no need to remind you, nor to show you, brothers, the foundations of this “Control of the firearms. Without it, it would become almost impossible for us to bring to their knees the populations of the targeted States. Recall with what success our predecessors have been able to control the Germany of 1930 with the new “Laws” put into effect at that time; laws on which are actually based the current laws of the NationsStates regarding the same control.

25. The last “Steps” are related to the “Omega Phase” which was experimented with based upon the experiments carried out at the beginning of the 70’s. They contain the implementation at the worldwide scale, of the “Electro-Magnetic Weapons”. The “Climate Changes” bringing the destruction of the crops; the failure in these conditions of the agricultural lands. The future of “Population Control” of these States mandatorily passes through the absolute control, by us, of the food production at the worldwide scale, and through the takeover of the main “Food Roadways” of the planet.

To do so, it is necessary to use the Electro-Magnetic, among others, to destabilize the climates of the most productive States on the agricultural side. Regarding the poisoning of nature, it will be all the more accelerated as the growth of the populations will push it towards without restriction. The denaturing through artificial mean, of food products of everyday consumption; the poisoning of nature through an exaggerated and inconsiderate use of the lands, and the massive utilization of chemical products in agriculture; all this, brothers, will bring about the assured ruin of the food industries of the Nation States.

26. The use of the Electro-Magnetic to provoke “Earthquakes” in the most important industrial regions of the Nation-States will contributes toward the acceleration of the “Economic Collapse” of the States that are the most menacing to us; so will it amplify the imperative of the implementation of our New World Order.

27. Who will be able to suspect it is us? – Secret Societies (SS)

Who will be able to suspect the means we utilized? Those that will dare stand against us by circulating information regarding the existence and the content of our “Conspiracy”, will become suspect to the eyes of the authorities of their Nation and their population. Thanks to disinformation, lies, hypocrisy and the individualism that we have created within the people of the Nation-States, Man became an avowed Enemy for Man. Thus these “Independent Individuals’ ‘ who are the most dangerous for us, will be considered by their peers as being enemies, rather than liberators. The enslavement of the children, the looting of the riches of the Third-World, the unemployment, the propaganda towards the liberalization of drugs, the befuddling of the youth of the Nations, the “Respect towards Individual Liberties” ideology propagated within the Judaeo-Christian Churches and with all the Nation-States, the obscurantism considered as a source of pride, the inter-ethnic conflicts, and our last achievement: “the Budget Cuts”; all this allows us at last the completion of our ancestral “Dream”: that of establishing our “New World Order”.

[End of the late June 1985 document]

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