By: Bradley Loves


I refer you to this excellent article on FULCRUM NEWS (David Seamans Website) about what was going on at BACKPAGE.COM.


Not only that…, but Back-Page was being supported, or actively defended by:

  • Micro-soft

….Yet, politicians, judges, and super PACs aren’t the only powerful entities who protected Backpage throughout the years.

According to I am Jane Doe, several groups provided millions of dollars in financial support to Backpage during their legal battles.

The main groups include the Electronic Frontier Foundation and The Center for Democracy and Technology.

The Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT) contains the following major institutions:

AT&T, Facebook, Ford Foundation, Google, Inc. MacArthur Foundation, Markle Foundation, Microsoft, Yahoo, and even the George Soros backed Open Society Institute.

See this link, and PLEASE READ IT:

Zuckerburg’s FACEBOOK is a huge leftist run organization that has been CREATED for one reason only…, and that is to destroy FREE SPEECH! (Or speech that is non-acceptable to the New World Order)

This is why he wants to get his “team” of 10,000 mis-fits into position as SOON AS POSSIBLE!



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