By: Bradley


For those trying to contact me…, my hushmail account has been closed unexpectedly for some reason.  The only valid e-mail I now have is the one at

That address is:

However…, for those who are still sending love donations (which I truly appreciate more than you know) you can still send them to: because that is the name of the PayPal account inside PayPal…, and that account has not been affected by what Hushmail apparently did.

I may have to change it…, but so far, so good.

An Update on my computers.  The borrowed computer that I had just recently started to use was HACKED as just as bad as the last one within 4 days of my starting to use it.  (If not worse)

As it sits now…, that equipment will not even change pages on the Internet without freezing totally…, and requiring me to shut it off.

The moment I turn it on again…, it freezes…, so I guess you can say that computer is now toast as well.

Sad to say…, but the men and women who are doing this have no idea HOW MUCH their eternal souls will have to “PAY” for the privilege of ATTACKING ME or my PROPERTY.

These men and women are so mentally ill that they “think” that there are NO CONSEQUENSES to their actions!  Or…, that somehow they can do whatever they want to do “here” on Earth…, and not have consequences placed upon them AFTER they “die” and leave their bodies.  There is NO corporate “protection” on the other side of the veil.

Such is the nature of their blindness.

Oh well.  I’m over it.  No anger…, just pity for them.  I will once again buy a “used” one and try again.   They should know however that I will not simply stop because of their endless attacks.


Not only that…, but I’m actually racking up a very nice “Pay Day” once I leave this body suit/skin suit…, because like I’ve said before…, My Contract and Declaration is fully VALID and will stay VALID for eternity.

Oh…, and for those who may care to do so…, I could definitely use some financial help here!

Doing this alone is not fun…, and having equipment ruined over and over sure depletes my funds.

If you can afford to, please send a generous loving donation inside PayPal to:

All of my love…, more to come!


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