By: Bradley Loves


For those of you who still believe the Deep State Con (Ben Fulford included) that Donald Trump has been “compromised”…, you really need to start focusing more on THE CODE!

Listen carefully people…, and take it from a guy who writes almost EVERYTHING in code!

Trump is on the side of the good guys!

See this tweet he put out in 2012…, long before he was President!  A guy named BURNED SPY 34 on Twitter picked up on this up very nicely!

Do you see how Trump misspelled Children and instead wrote: chidlren ?

You think this was an accident?

Now watch what Burned Spy 34 did with that misspelled word.


  • He found several matches on a Chinese website called: ALIBABA…, which is the Chinese version of AMAZON.

They sell everything!

Now…, I’ve written about his before…, and everyone discarded and ignored it…, but when it comes to child slavery, child trafficking, and child buying and selling…, CHINA sits at the top of the heap!  Saudi Arabia was next on the list…, but Trump cleaned that up!  Brussels Belgium is next after that with it’s many tentacles all over Europe.

By searching on ALIBABA…, someone named Nancy Briski found that they openly sell ADRENOCHROME !

Now what is “adrenochrome” ??

Adrenochrome is real human blood that is full of a glandular chemical called: Adrenaline!

The only way to get such massive amounts of adrenaline into the human bloodstream is if the human being whose “blood” is being taken and collected, has been violently tortured, beaten, or terrified just before the blood is removed!

As you may have read in other places…, Hollywood  Actors, and Music Industry Singers and Executives treat ADRENOCHROME as a type of underground “currency” of great value because so many movie stars and Hollywood notables actually drink the stuff!

They actually “pay for stuff” using adrenochrome!

For those of you who don’t already know…, those who are “addicted” to drinking adrenochrome…,  use it for “health benefits” as well as to get a powerful natural high!

  • The glandular chemical of adrenaline gives the user a HUGE natural high that gives the drinker power, energy, stamina, endurance and a feeling of euphoria!

Now…, if you’ve paid any attention at all to the upstart company called: AMBROSIA…, you’ll see that countless elites and rich people are getting “transfusions” of young blood into their bodies!


Because “young blood” has certain elements natural to young people that older adults just don’t have in their blood any longer.

Transfusions of young blood apparently actually HEAL physical problems that are due to aging which is why AMBROSIA is charging as much as $8,000 dollars for a single transfusion of “young blood”.

So follow the logic here…, IF you are going to “drink” adrenochrome as a beverage…, then the BEST SOURCE for that chemical laden blood is going to have to be a CHILD!

However…, the only way to get that much adrenaline into a child’s bloodstream before taking it from them is to terrify, torture, and beat the child!

This is the hidden evil that not one single NEW AGER on the planet wants to look at!

“We are all on the VERGE of an Ascension according to them!!”

They are all very determined to NEVER look at this no matter what, and believe you me…, there is FAR WORSE going on out there than just harvesting and selling ADRENOCHROME!

As a result of New Agers and Christians desperately trying to ignore this stuff…, thousands of children weekly or monthly are tortured in order to extract “young blood” filled with adrenochrome so that it can be SOLD as a beverage that gives a “drug like high” to the user.

  • Now…, you may ask yourself…, how long has this been going on?
  • How long has Hollywood known?
  • How many years has Adrenochome been bought and sold in Hollywood and on the world market?



Do you think that TRUMP knows??   Of course he knows!  That was the reason for his coded tweet!

Read this thread!  Read between the lines!  See how widespread this all is….





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