By: Bradley Loves

SNOWFLAKES and NEW AGERS take heed…, we are not in KANSAS ANYMORE TOTO!

We are no longer pretending that everything here on Earth is “okay”…, and nothing “bad” is happening!

We are no longer listening to FAKE CHANNELED ENTITIES who dare to tell us that while “we are loved”…, it is most unfortunate that countless millions and billions of innocent people have to suffer each and every day while living here on Earth!

We are no longer “just believing” that those who claim to have super advanced cosmic powers have NO ABILITY what-so-ever to move in and just CLEAN UP this damn mess!  (They do)

This fiasco goes so high up…, (into the higher and finer levels) that those people who have been handing over their allegiance to so called ASCENDED MASTERS and praying to them for decades will NEVER do so ever again…, once they are clear just how inter-connected all of these “god pretenders” really are!

YOU WILL FINALLY START TO SEE THAT THOSE YOU HAVE TRUSTED THE MOST…, the ones who claimed to be helping you…, were your SLAVE MASTERS!

This includes these so called ASCENDED MASTERS!

I am waiting to write that article!

I am biding my time…, because once that box is finally opened…., you will never again just “sit there” and willingly lap up lies as if they were the TRUTH!


They COULD have helped “IF” they wanted to help us…, NEVER FORGET THAT!

The undisputeable FACT that nothing has ever been done for the common man on the surface who is sentenced to SLAVE AWAY from dawn to dusk…, moving bricks and mortar like a damn plow horse – or team of oxen is very telling!

See this important post and read it again…, this time…, read it CAREFULLY!


Here is the main point to get:

According to Shales Bales (aka The  Ruiner) there are far MORE beings living underground than there are on the surface – as concerns the Earth!

This is a fantastic revelation – if true!

But, in addition to the sheer numbers that he would have to be talking about (in the billions)…, he also says that the technology that these beings have in their possession is FAR BEYOND OURS!



These beings possess technologies that could make the life of every human being (living on the surface) much easier, and far better!

So, if this is the truth (and there are several who have claimed that it is) with ALL of that super-advanced technology, and the sheer numbers of beings who are said to be living here on the very SAME planet with us…, do you know how much HELP that we have gotten from these beings living underground?



For now…, I am giving you links to the things being written by one of the Anons doing research for 8 chan!  Neon Revolt.

Please read:

[P] – The Unseen Masters of All #QAnon #GreatAwakening #WhoIsP #Illuminati #13Bloodlines #Payseur #Springmeier

Get ready…, because no matter who you are…, and where you are…, SOON…, you will see that those you have trusted the MOST…, were the BIGGEST LIARS and DECIEVERS…

And they did it all…, while “pretending” to be MASTERS and GODS!




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