By: Bradley Loves




Does it seem to you that I tend to “rant” on occasion?

Call it part of my charm!   Call it a part of my blog persona, It’s what I seem to do on occasion.

The truth however, is that I care.   I care very deeply about what happens here on Earth, and with what is happening to the people OF Earth.

So if my “rantings” are going to be seen in the proper light and context, then they are simply there to call attention to some very serious matters which have been neglected by people around the world, and have been kept secret for far too long.

It is not my “fault” if others who have the same 24 hours in a day that I do, do not use this time to adequately educate themselves on these serious matters.

It is also not my “fault” if these same others, once notified that something serious going on, do not take the necessary steps and time to educate themselves on these matters, and then take action.

Q – Anon postings aside, there is MORE than enough information out there already to PROVE beyond any doubt that the FBI and the CIA has been lying to every American, and every human being living on the Earth for decades already!

These “men” if you can even call them “men” – have made it their “job” to hide CRIMES of such magnitude, that even the UNIVERSE itself is crying out for justice at this point!

Why do you think “Q” is telling us these types of things in “public”.

Never before in the history of America has stuff like this been seen, or aired out, so that everyone in the entire world can see it.

It would be like a very rich person doing their dirty laundry right out on the front lawn of their million dollar mansion!


Now, this list ONLY pertains to the FBI!   That’s just one single agency or department!  There is also the Department of Justice, the CIA, the NSA, the NRO, countless Federal Judges, CEO’s of major Corporations, Senators and Representatives…, you get the picture!



You’ve heard it before, and I know exactly WHERE you heard it too because I’ve written about it!    RIGHT HERE on Love Truth!

What you heard is that there are “countless”…, and let me repeat that so it may finally (and hopefully) sink in…, there are “countless” (meaning too many to count) men and women in official places who are totally CORRUPT!

There are 20,000…., 40,000…., 100,000…, a few MILLION men and women world wide…, all in positions of great “AUTHORITY” and all who are as evil as the day is long, and are as corrupt as they can be!

Now are you starting to get the picture?

Are you starting to see what we are up against?

This is not just a handful of dirty old men hiding away in someones back room smoking cigars and telling raunchy jokes!


This is also not about a small group of people with “delusions of grandeur” who are trying to corner the stock market in gold or silver or some other commodity, just to earn a few extra BILLION.

This is not just Kindergarten evil…, this is EVIL ON A COSMIC LEVEL SCALE – it is that has drawn the attention of the entire Universe!

These are mass murdering lunatics who wanted to get rid of 90 percent of all people living on the EARTH, just so they could take all of the resources and the profit for themselves!



If I may be blunt, and you know I’ll only be a blunt as I need to be to make the point at hand, this has to be said:

If it were not for the NEW AGE MOVEMENT, which was started by Jesuits-Freemasons-and other deeply connected Secret Societies, these people would have been exposed and brought to Justice long ago already!   The New Age “belief system” actually stood in the way of exposing this – and kept people from doing the “right” thing!

Why am I making this statement?

Because it is quite clear to me, and clear to all who still have eyes to see, that it is the NEW AGE con artists who spent the last several decades channeling misleading information which allowed countless horrible and evil things to be done here on Earth without any checks or balances period.

The biggest and most hurtful/evil thing that was channeled in the 1970’s, is that WE collectively must never “judge” anything, anywhere, at any time…, and if we do, WE can never “ASCEND”.

What this particular channeled information did was to actually “stun” or “stunt” the awakening of countless good people all around the world, and to cause these good human beings who had loving feelings, compassion in their hearts, to suddenly entertain feelings of great fear!

They FEARED they would not be able to “move on” or “ascend” if they held any kind of judgement, and therefore they made the (unreasonable) choice to ALLOW any and all evil they may have seen taking place – to simply occur without limitation or any interference.

In other words, they didn’t want GOD our creator to “think” that they were being JUDGEMENTAL…, because they reasoned if he thought that…, they would not make the Ascension “cut”.   This was an outcome that terrified them.

Therefore, these people who claim that one should never have any “fear”…, acted completely OUT OF FEAR!

The fallout of this unreasonable channeled information is now being felt and seen everywhere, and especially in Europe, where Muslim Migrants are raping innocent women AND children (both boys and girls) in MASSIVE NUMBERS, and the Government Officials there, the Police, the Social Workers, and even the media are covering it up!

What’s worse, they are making excuses for this behavior because they don’t want to be seen as “Politically Incorrect” or “Judgemental”.

We are way past being  STUPID here…, this is down right A DISEASE OF THE MIND!

And, sadly, it was the NEW AGE MOVEMENT…, that started all of it!

Here is your Proof:

Thank you NEW AGE!   You’ve been “very helpful” in driving the get away car…, while the Satanic Illuminati Banksters were robbing and pillaging mankind for several decades!

But…, just like in the movies…, where during a Bank Robbery, you’ve got the guys inside of the bank with guns stealing the money…, the man sitting in the “get away” car is still called:


He is also guilty of the same crime…, because he is the one who is going to allow the men (and women) that are robbing the bank to GET AWAY from the scene of the crime!

Well, what in the name of all things reasonable do you think that your NON JUDGEMENT BELIEF SYSTEM is doing for the Satanic men and women who are currently pillaging and raping the Earth?

That cherished “belief system” is the GET AWAY CAR…, and you New Agers are actually ACCESSORIES TO THE CRIME.

Stop lying to yourselves!


Women and children are being raped by Muslim Migrants, and no one in Europe even wants to “admit” that this is happening out of fear of being “too judgemental” of another religion!


Am I just pointing out TOO MUCH TRUTH HERE?

Or…, is this just “not your truth” and you’d prefer to believe in a different truth?

At some point you people will have to come up for air…, and hopefully there will still be a world here when you finally do!

And so ends another “rant”…, I hope it made a dent!

All my love….



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