By: Bradley Loves


I know this is going to be really hard for many people to hear, especially for New Agers.

However, what they “teaching” is FAR from the TRUTH!

The last several decades of Earth Time have been wholly dedicated to stomping out any idea of the possibility of demons, dark forces, or dark entities.

And yet, this is EXACTLY what a “secret society” that takes it’s very power FROM dark “extra-dimensional” entities would want you to believe in the end.

Regardless of what they say, the “Illuminati” really DO believe in Satan/Lucifer.

They “use” dark entites to perform deeds and tasks for them on a super-natural level.

The initiation rights that many Hollywood Stars go though in order to “join” the Illuminati is a real life ritual of pure PAIN and TORTURE!

All of the pain and suffering is then dedicated to SATAN!

As sick as this sounds, this is what we “collectively” are up against.

It’s time to pull up our “big boy” and “big girl” pants and start realizing that the CON we are being subjected to is huge!

This world we are living in has ALWAYS been tortured and tormented with dark forces and demons!

Even ancient Hindu epic stories like the RAMAYANA talk about the Demons that were in the world at that time, and could take human form.

For the “NEW AGE” to be so totally dis-ingenuous and try to blow smoke up our backside telling us that NO SUCH THING AS EVIL EXISTS…, is about as big of a con as you can get.

We’ve got to be smarter than this.

What we are seeing in our world is an ALL OUT BATTLE between “good” and “evil”!

It is a real down to the ground “fight” between those who refuse to go down the dark path and those who have already given in, surrendered, and have been taken in by PURE EVIL.

Those of us who stand with the LOVE OF CHRIST are fighting the good fight, but the ignorance and willing stupidity of men and women who should know better is a huge road block to gaining ground in this battle.

So the real question is THIS:

How many people working in Hollywood have already given in and SOLD THEIR SOUL TO SATAN ??

How many people working in the Los Angeles Music Industry have SOLD THEIR SOULS as well??

What about Congressmen and women??

What about Nancy Pelosi, or John McCain??

Before any real battle can take place, you have to know who and what you are fighting against!

The reason we arent really gaining ground in the fight is that too many people are listening to NEW AGERS and do not take this battle seriously!!

Where “spiritual people” should be the first ones on the front lines.., they have been the first ones to GIVE UP and walk away from the battle.

I think people need to get their heads on “straight” to know what is really happening here.

Today, an “artist” unveiled a huge portrait of Barack Obama sitting in a large pile of flowers and bushes…, and the people in the lame stream media are all over this image calling it GREAT!

However would it change your opinion of the image if you were told that the VERY SAME “artist” that painted Obama’s picture, also painted an image of a black woman holding a knife and beheading a white girl??

Why was this “artist” even chosen?

As Q says:


There is a message here!

Time to wake up!


Remember John Podesta’s “ART” ??

What was he telegraphing to the world ??

Remember he was Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager…


If nothing else, you’ve been WARNED!




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