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This video…, done by Dark Journalist…, speaks to an issue which I have done some research into myself.  I offer it only for your consideration.

Most of my research was done not into Corey Goode, or David Wilcock…, but instead was done into Jirka Rysavy…, (owner of Gaia TV) who was alleged to have claimed that he was into “Channeling” Lucifer!

There are actual Court Documents (Depositions from a Lawsuit) which make this very claim…, (that both Jirka Rysavy and Drunvelo Melchezidek have been known to “channel” Lucifer)…, so if it is being “made up”…, then the “legal depostion” which was given by Dan Winter in the lawsuit of “Winter vs. Stanley Tenen” is incorrect!

You can find the Deposition done by Dan Winter at:

Listed under this heading:

I have done far more extensive research into this subject…, (Jirka Rysavy) but have held onto it…, for quite some time becuase no one else was coming forth with any information!


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