One of my readers sent me this video in a comment.  I’ve watched it.

Now, I want to know what YOU think!

Take some time to look at this video, and then think back on all of the Q – Anon material that we’ve seen over the last 8 months!

Is TRUMP really working for the Rothschilds?

Or, as Q puts it, he’s really trying to drain the Swamp!

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  1. You all always forget that Trump is a CEO of a bankrupt British Corporation.
    It is not your Gov. It is a company providing services based on delegated
    powers from your origin Gov. and even this powers are questionable.
    And nobody knows who is “Q” .

    In short we will see if he is a patriot or not. At the moment I am not sure.
    Trump has got 2 ways . First, to be a CEO of “THE REPUBLIC OF THE UNITED
    STATES OF AMERICA” , a proposal from J. Rothild, another incorporated company,
    or one of thee officers of “The united States of America” (unincorporated),
    aim at group around Anna von Reitz.

    see article: 966; 970 and 974.

  2. Megan

    There is always plenty “money” to fund the endless wars and depravity but never any money to fund anything good that’s of benefit to the people!

  3. Megan

    Greg Hunter gives a more balanced view of what is happening. Every country in the world is in trillions of debt but to whom? Really? The people are getting poorer by the day, paying more and more taxes, paying more and more for goods and services. Immigration has gone of the charts. So……. Who’s debt is it? It isn’t ours, it’s all the corruption and the corruption of our so called governments and bankers, it’s THEIR debt!!!!!!! But………to who???????????? Fake debt caused by fake money??

  4. Christie

    RE: Blackstone video on Trump, the Rothschilds, and Syria

    “I believe he is a REAL patriot as are the people with him.”

    I find this comment astonishing. Maybe Trump IS the right man for the times in some sort of ‘cosmic’ sense (in that humanity may still need to learn some lessons) but to conclude that people like Mike Pompeo and John Bolton and others of that ilk on his team are “patriots” is absurd (General Mattis might be a different story).

    You can read further if you like, but if you do nothing else I hope you can view this Ken O’Keefe message:

    Pompeo is a Christian dominionist and would welcome an Armageddon-style conflagration in the Middle East. Trump was pressured to appoint him by William Kristol, Robert Kagan and others in the Neocon establishment (who know that Christian zealots can be manipulated into being good ISRAEL FIRSTERS). Bolton has been an ISRAEL firster/Zionist since the Dick Cheney days and helped author REBUILDING AMERICA’S DEFENSES, the Neocon bible (to benefit Israel), and was a key planner of the 2003 Iraq War and is now pushing to drop the Iran deal and launch a war on Iran (or at least an Israeli strike). No mention, of course, that Israel itself is an undeclared nuclear power and long ago refused to sign on to a deal to ‘de-nuclearize’ the Middle East.

    So yes, the Iran deal is corrupt. Big surprise. Tony Cartalucci recently reminded us, “America planned to break Iran nuclear deal years before signing it”
    (Land Destroyer, May 2018).

    Plans for taking down Syria and Iran were hatched by neocons (including John Bolton) under George W. Bush administration, later codified by Brookings Institute in their paper, Which path to Persia? Obama executed much of the plan, handing the torch on to Trump. Trump is proceeding exactly as told. Q seems to be on board with this as far as I can tell and is even using Brookings ‘taking points’ to discredit the Iran deal (as did Owens Shroyer on Info Wars just this evening). Try a little Gareth Porter:

    The Q droppings have suckered in the ALT RIGHT just as Russia-gate has suckered in the LIBERAL LEFT (creating phony Left/Right polarity). While Q offers useful tidbits to research (e.g. Project Paperclip; DUMBS), like Russia-gate, it’s mostly DECOY tactic to divert attention from Israel and its close partner in crime, Saudi Arabia, not to mention the Big Banks, Exxon, DynCorp, Lockheed Martin, and Trump’s good friend, Erik the dark Prince, who would all welcome a Big War. And of course, it was Israel and Saudi Arabia (along with CIA types) that engineered 9/11. Remember that?

    Blackstone video on Trump and ROTHSCHILD SYRIA connections was ‘spot on.’ Re Syria, I hope he’s right that Kurds are beginning to see they are being “used.” And yes, Genie Energy has big time designs on Syria (not just Golan Heights). Re Rothschild grip on Trump: JC Collins of Philosophy of Metrics wrote on this topic few years ago (“How Rothschild Inc. saved Donald Trump” as did American Free Press (“Who towers behind Trump”), a John Birch Society rag. Both pieces drew from Michael Collins Piper THE NEW JERUSALEM: ZIONIST POWER IN AMERICA.

    Others have covered Trump’s close ties to the ‘Kosher’ Nostra, Jeffrey Epstein’s Lolita Express (Mossad), and Chabad Lubavitch, a powerful but dangerous ‘end times’ sect with reach into Russia. Trump wouldn’t be where he is without being ‘blackmail-able.’ The Q followers need to ‘get real.’

    I myself once harbored notions that Trump might take out the swamp but it quickly became clear he was dancing to the same puppeteers as Hillary. Wayne Madsen (who exposed Obama’s CIA background and is no friend of Hillary) has written extensively on grotesque wrongdoings in Trump administration (see Intrepid Report or Strategic-Culture). Madsen has background in Intel, and his scoop is not to be dismissed.

    The Rothschilds always play both sides as do other Zionist donors (Sheldon Adelson backed Trump; Haim Sabban Hillary). Jacob Rothschild backed Trump; Lynn Rothschild (wife of Sir Evelyn) Hillary. The Q postings make big deal of HRC and Obama intrigues in Uranium One, etc. but they are merely gang leaders, if effective operators, in a much larger scheme. If Obama is so “evil” why doesn’t Q look at who brought him on the scene in the first place? Robert Rubin (former co-chair of CFR), Penny Pritzker (Chicago bankster billionaire), and Rahim Emanuel (dual-passport citizen) had hands in that and are much bigger players. Michael Froman, Rubin disciple at Citigroup, selected Obama’s cabinet. BHO was a puppet. Hillary and Bill, of course, made out well by joining the Bush crime family early on (which got them invited to Bilderberg), launching them on to national political stage and immunizing them from scandal. Hillary and Obama were war criminals and Trump seems bound to join them.

    Israel and its Lobby along with Saudi Arabia are major underwriters of Washington’s Military-Industrial think-tank complex. This same lobby controls ALT RIGHT media (Info Wars; Jerome Corsi) as well as LIBERAL/LEFT, Conservative, and Alternative media but messages are pitched differently, providing just enough “truths” to court audiences then hitting with dis-info. Breitbart was “conceived” in Israel, according to its website. Rebekkah Mercer, a major Trump donor, is board member of Gate-stone institute, which also provided perch for John Bolton before he was appointed by Trump as National Security Advisor. Gate-stone, like other right-wing think-tanks, is super-pro Israel and blames everything on “Radical Islam” (in which Palestinians often get lumped) neglecting to mention, of course, Saudi Arabia, which pushes extremist Wahhabi Islam around the world.

    Saudi Arabia, Israel’s partner in crime, is world’s largest sponsor of terrorism, and finances Al Qaeda (Al Nusra) and ISIS terrorists (aka “moderate rebels”) to fight as proxies forces on behalf of US/NATO to topple Assad government in Syria. Qatar, under thumb of Exxon, backed Muslim Brotherhood “rebels” in Syria. Assad banned MB in Syria, but CIA resurrected it).

    I’m not a fan of Iran’s theocracy, but unlike Israel (or Saudi Arabia) Iran has not invaded another country. Alt Right sites, however, fasten on Iran as biggest sponsor of terrorism because of its alliance with Hezbollah, the Shiite group Israel considers “terrorist” because it resisted Israel’s last two invasions of Lebanon, which happens to harbor a large but impoverished Palestinian refugee community. Israel has even occupying that country, which is why local Palestinians regard Hezbollah as their “protectors.”

    Hezbollah militias, of course, fought along with Iranian advisors and Russians to beat back Al Qaeda and ISIS-aligned terrorists in Syria, enabling Assad to regain much of his lost territory, except for northeast region, which U.S. now occupies to save it for Genie Energy and Exxon. ISIS was never an ‘enemy’ of the West but was allowed to conquer territory (eastern Syria , northern Iraq) so it could later be claimed by US/NATO. Trump viciously bombed Raqqa and Mosul last summer, but allowed ISIS militants to escape so they could be recruited for future purposes (Blackstone commentator alluded to this).

    Trump is fully on board with Greater Israel agenda (fracturing the Middle East into small, compliant states). Let’s not forget that upon Israel’s founding at end of WWII, some 750,000 Palestinians were driven out of the land on which Israel now sits, most of them fleeing to Gaza, the West Bank, Jordan, Egypt, and Lebanon (Israeli historian Ilan Pappe called it “ethnic cleansing.”). Subsequently, Israel invited Jewish only immigration, while allowing massive ILLEGAL settlements into the occupied territories (West Bank, Golan Heights, East Jerusalem). Jared Kushner’s family is big backer of the settlement movement, subsidized by U.S. taxpayers.

    Bowing to the Zionists, Trump has formally recognized Jerusalem as capitol of Israel, and is soon to move U.S. embassy there, ignoring fact that the Palestinians, Christian and Muslim alike, claim East Jerusalem as their capitol (which has always been part of the long-discussed ‘two state’ solution). Nobody in Congress said a ‘peep’ about this alas. Meanwhile, Gaza suffers acutely, its energy facilities destroyed, its water poisoned, its fields dried up, thanks to Israel’s brutal economic blockade. NOBODY is paying attention to the Palestinians, and especially the brave protesters in Gaza. Why?

    War in Syria is not over. Trump’s 2019 Defense Budget has allocated funds for some 60,000 troops in northeast Syria “to counter ISIS.” Ha!

    BTW, I do not equate Israelis with their fanatic Likud government of Benjamin Netanyahu, who places all of them in peril. Israelis are as duped by their leaders as we are.

    Maybe when Israel gives up on its apartheid colonial project, and when the world realizes we are ALL Gazans in a sense, there will be a breakthrough. I do not give up my prayers.

    I very much admire your site. But I’m shocked at the Q ‘obsession’ and with the idea that Trump is playing 4D chess as if he’s some sort of “savior.” A. I. is all about deception.

    • Christie,

      A very well thought out comment! Thank you for your research and your point of view! Please EXPAND if you would on the A.I. connection, as THAT would be the most pertinent issue to understand.

      All my love…

  5. Megan

    The jury is out on this one. But the info in this video is very compelling! Trumps 666 hand signals that he is always flashing is more than accidental in my opinion, who is he signalling to?

  6. ezra70

    I also don’t believe Trump is working for the Rothschilds. In my opinion Trump is the right men in the rigt place here.

  7. FRANZ

    Me neither ! They are trying to blame him … I believe he is a real PATRIOT as are the people with him. They are our hope !

  8. Deborah

    I don’t believe Trump is working for the Rothschilds……just my 2 cents!

    Love and Hugs to you, Bradely! 🙂

  9. Deborah

    Greg Hunter – Weekly News Wrap-Up 5.11.18

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