By: Bradley Loves



You people have no idea what is being “planned” by the dark side if they do NOT get their way, and SOON!

All being arranged behind the scenes in ways you can not even imagine…, the Democrats are NOT going to lose another election and they’ve get their “Storm Troopers” out on the streets in mass!

ANTIFA is on the loose, and is STILL, yes STILL being supported by the Main Stream Media who (by being “in on it”) know the score quite well.

Portland, Oregon apparently is going to be a major hub of violence in the coming months where ANTIFA members have taken to throwing milkshakes at peoples faces filled with a type of acid.

Antifa’s Brutal Assault on Andy Ngo Is a Wake-Up Call—for Authorities and Journalists Alike


But it is not just ANTIFA that is the problem, but RADICAL CONGRESSWOMON  Occacio Cortez, has taken to making up outrageous stories about being sexually assualted by Border Patrol Agents in order to stir up hatred and violence.

It is my honest opinion that the “Far Left” which is working hand in hand with the Deep State see a CIVIL WAR here in America as their last and only way out of the mess they’ve created!

They could not start World War III, and could not stop Donald Trump, get him impeached or removed from office in a timely way, and so they know their days are numbered.

The only tool left to them is to produce as much chaos here in America as they can…, and use all of their hidden assets and hidden proxies to start a civil war.

These assets and proxies are all being PAID by the way (thank you George Soro’s) by men behind the scenes who are desperate to implement the NEW WORLD ORDER!

While the entire Portland, Oregon Police Department wears pink pussy hats to support feminists…

THEY STAND IDLY BY and refuse to stop an out of control ANTIFA MOB from beating people up on the streets of Portland and causing endless havoc!

Meanwhile the Washington Post has just published a piece calling for a COUP against the President and saying it must be led by the Congress.  The piece (an op-ed) was strangely written by the husband of Kelly Ann Conway which is about as odd as it gets.

All I can say with any kind of certainty is that there are forces far larger lining up and taking sides here and most people are not paying enough attention to them.

For those of you who think that the Deep State is just going to lie down quietly and take another 6 more years of Donald Trump…, think again!

They are doing everything in their power to destabilize America as we speak and they’ve got their STORM TROOPERS out in mass.

Now…, that being said…, the “ARMY” is made up of many different groups…, not just those wearing black masks and forming in a mob.

Members of the Media…, members of Congress…., Police…, and even bit-bull Lawyers and Attorneys are all lining up on the side of the Deep State and are actually engaged in carefully selected types of “pre-civil war” actions and behaviors that are “designed” to cause massive upheaval and distress among the American populace.

It is well funded, well co-ordinated, and well thought out, but most of all…, it is being done in such a way as to keep it from APPEARING to be well funded, well co-ordinated, and well thought out!

There is a deliberate attempt to make it look as if it’s an “organic” uprising against Donald Trump when instead it is highly co-ordinated and coming from very HIGH PLACES!

It is meant to make “conservatives” and “Christians” look like bad people so that a mob mentality is created among the ill informed and among the radicalized college students of America as well any many of the so called “identity groups” who feel their “rights” are in mortal danger.

Most especially, the LGBTQ/Transgender people…, who have been brainwashed into serving a Communist Take Over here in America!


Quite clever really…, BUT…, very dangerous to anyone who thinks that the next two years are going to just go by happily.

AOC…, did not go to the border and start screaming at police and border patrol agents because she is crazy!  My opinion is that she is part of some larger clandestine group working very hard to get rid of the President.

She did not come to Congress just to “legislate”…, that is clearly not her (or her hidden backers) agenda.

And to top that off…, she just made the outrageous claim that the illegal migrants being detained at the southern border are being forced to drink out of toilets!

You just can’t make this stuff up…, and this “crazy” is a member of the US Congress.

Yet…, all the way back in 2017…, it was very clear that ANTIFA had been “hired” to be a an angry mob and were only in it for the money!

And when they were not “paid properly”…, they began protesting George Soros to shame him into PAYING THEM.



I beg to differ.

When young kids who were born in this country are all to willing to “TAKE MONEY” to dress up in black costumes, wear masks and create havoc on the streets just because someone else is PAYING THEM to do so…, then the soul of America is lost!

These young kids see no future here for themselves and are only interested in getting dollars for their immediate needs!  (I-phones and sex change operations).

They have been mind controlled and brainwashed (thanks Barrry Soetoro) to think that America is dead and gone and does not matter anyway!

They are a radicalized and ignorant group of young people who have been pampered and coddled by their parents and have NO CLUE what it takes to keep an entire country FREE of tyranny and evil.

They have a “borg like” mob style mentality and are very easily led by “group think” and “peer pressure”.

The Liberal School System has taught them that the most important part of their lives is whether or not they can have a operation to change their gender…, or whether they can engage in sex with someone else of the same sex…, and THAT IS ALL THAT REALLY MATTERS IN LIFE.

They have been taught that the “pronoun” someone else uses to address them is more important than the entire country itself…, and that getting this single issue dealt with once and for all is worth dying for.  (Thanks Liberal High School and College Teachers – You’ve created millions of weak minded “zom-bots” who are incapable of using critical thinking).

Yes…, the days and the years of Barack Insane Obama are coming now to take their toll here in America…, and that toll will be a CIVIL WAR.

The “Christians” and the “New Agers” are all sitting the corner crying with their heads in their hands and asking how it all came to this!

I don’t know how all of this happened!

I ignored it all and looked the other way just like the Channeled Entities told me to do!

I did not judge it and forgave it and pretended it was NOT happening.

So how come it didn’t just DISAPPEAR like the Channelers TOLD ME IT WOULD???

How can we be that close to CIVIL WAR when I took all the right steps according to the CHANNELERS??


And to these hapless New Agers…, I’d say this:

Perhaps it is due to the FACT that those “teachings” you were getting from the Channeled Entities were not REAL SPIRITUAL TEACHINGS in the first place…, and that to just IGNORE evil does not make it go away!

The same can be said for the one day a week Christians who felt that if they just used “tolerance” then the world would be better off.  Well.., they’ve tolerated themselves into a situation where all of America is about to be ripped apart by some very dark forces.

Lesson One:  An unruly child can NOT be allowed to throw endless tantrums without any sort discipline.  It never ends well.

Every parent knows this!

How is it that we collectively “tolerated” so much deviancy here in America and did not lay down some real rules for the young people who are now marching the streets dressed up in ANTIFA COSTUMES??


Here is a picture of the Communist Party Head-Quarters located in Berlin Germany just before the start of World War II.

Karl Liebknechthaus in Berlin am Bülowplatz
Das frühere Karl-Liebknecht-Haus in Berlin am Bülowplatz, war Sitz der KPD-Führung. /


So do you notice anything important in the photo above?  See the flag on the building??

Yep…, its the FLAG of ANTIFA…, right there on the Communist Head Quarters in Berlin Germany!









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