By: Bradley Loves


Do you realize that there are “Mafia Hit Men”…, whose “job” it is to go out and “whack” people?

These types are “made men”…, and are part of an organization that has it own rules and laws.

These rules and laws are strict…, and if broken, can often result in ones own demise.  At this point, a “hit man” is sent to take care of you.

In the tradition of the Catholic Religion, many of these “hit men” go to church…, and many even pray.  After “taking care” of someone who they had been “ordered” to eliminate (for what ever reason)…, some of these “hit men” will go to Church, meet with a Priest (usually a personal friend) and then “ask” for “forgiveness” for the murder they just committed.

You see…, just as I pointed out in my last article…, the BUSINESS OF FORGIVENESS…, has become an important part of allowing men and women to continue with actions and behaviors which are clearly wrong.

But people…, NEED a way to continue living with themselves if they are called upon to commit horrendous acts of violence!  Thus by “trusting” that a “priest” has been given the POWER OF HEAVEN to forgive what they have done.., they can continue to live with themselves…, AND…, they can even do the same behavior over and over and over again…, knowing that “forgiveness” is only a few blocks away at the “church”.

As I stated in my last article…, IF the Romans wanted to expand the EMPIRE “globally”…, then they knew that many people in positions of great power and authority would be called upon to do exceedingly EVIL THINGS.

In the greatest “tradition” of LUCIFERIAN DARK MAGIC…, for every “problem” there is a “illusionary” solution that involves some sort of CON!

Thus…, the Catholic Church came up with the “idea” (read CON) of INDULGENCES!

An “indulgence” was a type of forgiveness that could be “bought” for money!

If one made a “sizeable” donation (read PAYMENT) to the coffers of the Church…, then any sin…, including murder could be forgiven!


This was a very effective “tool” for men in positions of GREAT POWER and AUTHORITY who were called upon to do GREAT EVIL in the name of the Empire.

You see…, in the “business of forgiveness”…,

….a man in a position of “authority” in those days could be called upon to “order soldiers” to clean out entire towns of rable or riff raff…,  and kill or enslave every last man, woman and child…, if it was important for the EMPIRES greater good.

He could be called upon to do this…, and would need a way to once again “get right with GOD”.

By “paying for” a very large “Indulgence”.., this man of great power could once again feel confident he was most certainly on his way to HEAVEN (until the very next time he was called upon to do great evil).

But.., hey…, if that occured…, all he needed to do was to BUY another Indulgence…, and his conscience would once again be clear!

I have no doubt that the CHURCH ITSELF (if what was being done was in it’s greater interest) would see that the “money” needed for the “indulgence” found it’s way into the hands of the Authority Figure who needed it!

You see…, by “buying” and “selling” FORGIVENESS…, the Church gave men a way to commit HORRIBLE ACTS OF COWARDESS AND EVIL…, and then convinced (conned) them that once a “priest” or a “bishop” said so…, every Earthly crime they had ever done (no matter how epic or grave) had been wiped away, and they could sleep with a clear conscience knowing they were once again on their way to Heaven.


How easy has it become for men not only to commit murder…, but to commit MASS MURDER (such as what was done in South America by Cortez) if what was being done was “sanctioned” by the Pope or the Church.

You see…, even “soldiers” who are given “orders” to do so, have a conscience “problem” when they are killing innocent women and children!

But if they BELIEVED that the CHURCH or THE POPE…, had “sanctioned it”…, then they also believed that FORGIVENESS was right around the corner for these unspeakable acts.

And so…, they did these things (knowing they were wrong) because they also believed they would be “forgiven”.

This was the whole thrust of my last article!  This is where I wanted to go…, and was what I wanted to show my readers is happening even today AS WE SPEAK.

What about American soldiers in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, or anywhere else they have killed countless people (INCLUDING ENTIRE FAMILIES) of innocent people?

You see…, there is a “conscience problem” that immediately comes to the fore…, but there is ALWAYS a Catholic or Christian “pastor” telling the soldiers that “GOD” forgives them for what they “must” do…, because it is necessary!


But…, I’m not just picking on Christians here…, the Muslims and their “clerics” are just as guilty of SELLING the idea to their followers that murder, or even mass murder, will not only be “forgiven” but will be REWARDED by ALLAH.

Then you have the Jews…, who teach their children that ONLY Jews can get into Heaven…, and that anyone who is a “non” Jew…, is a Goyim and has been “abandoned” by GOD.


This is why Jews (secretly) have a code that says it is okay to cheat, lie to, and steal from anyone who is a “non Jew”.


Because anyone who is NOT a Jew is going to hell!  Non Jews are already “dead” is what they are taught.., and to steal from, cheat, or basically “screw” non Jews…, comes with a blessing from God.

So…, I have just given you examples of the three MAIN RELIGIONS ON EARTH.

Christian, Muslim, and Jewish…, all of whom have their own little scam (CON) running about the “FORGIVENESS” they will get for doing horrible things, and therefore they should NEVER WORRY about having to do these things.


It has become the very formula by which the ARCHONS can get human beings to hurt, maim, torment, and torture each other…, in order to create HUGE amounts of SUFFERING ENERGY…, which they can then “feed on”.

Since these ARCHONS need the humans living in their frequency prison to “hurt each other” over and over and over again…, they had to PROVIDE these “dumbed down” humans a way to over come the “guilt of conscience” that their DNA connection to SOURCE would immediatly give them for doing such horrible things.


Another part of the CON…, another part of the Illusion!

The NEW AGE…, (a Religion wholly created by SATANISTS) has taken the BUSINESS OF FORGIVENESS to an entirely new level.

Now…, not only is “forgiveness” a way for people to make certain they get into Heaven after doing unspeakable deeds…, the NEW AGE RELIGION has taken it to an entirely NEW LEVEL.

According to the NEW AGE…, those men and women who DO NOT “forgive” acts of unspeakable evil…, will themselves not be able to reach Heaven!

Now…, FORGIVENESS HAS BECOME MANDATORY…, before Heaven (or in this case) the “higher dimensional levels” can be reached.

Every living man, woman and child who has been hurt, conned, or suffered wrong doing (at the hands of the empire)  MUST FORGIVE…, as in (you have no other choice) before you can move “upward” to a higher dimensional level.

This is the SAME CON with a whole new twist!

You see…, the SATANIC EMPIRE that operates all around you…, has taken to making the VICTIM wholly responsible for his or her own suffering.

You can see it in the way the “Courts” and the “Judges” operate these days.

The NEW AGE version of “forgiveness” is only the latest and most outrageous way in which the Satanists have taken to making the common man…, (who is the victim of their crimes) responsible.


If you do not “forgive” all of the evil things you see happening around you…, and all of the EVIL that has ever been done to you…, then YOU will not be right with GOD…, and YOU can not ASCEND to the higher levels!

In other words…, “the victim” now BECOMES the “criminal” because they won’t “overlook” what has been done to them!

“DON’T BE “JUDGEMENTAL”     Is the NEW AGE rule number one!

There is no greater example of INSULT…, than to make the victim of a crime feel that even having a “thought” about taking action…, or for having an “idea” that what happened to them was totally unjust… in and of itself, is something “evil”.


  • Don’t fight back
  • Don’t stand up for yourself
  • Don’t take action to put a stop to what is happening around you
  • Look the other way
  • Don’t even SEE these things as EVIL because there IS NO SUCH THING.

Because of this…, we now have NEW AGERS totally “ignoring” things like:


These hapless and helpless New Agers have been “conned” into thinking that their very “salvation” depends upon NOT JUDGING ANYONE FOR ANYTHING… PERIOD.

They want to get to the 5th Dimension (dammit)…, and they’ve been told they can’t go there if they JUDGE anyone!!

They are so “afraid” they will not “make the cut”…, and might not get to ASCEND…, that they they are literally tripping over themselves to be the very first one who can OVERLOOK and FORGIVE the worst evil they can find happening in the world.

Children who are suffering be DAMNED!

I’ve got my own ASCENSION to be concerned with here…, and I don’t want to be one of the ones who doesnt “make the cut”…

What’s worse…, is they then proceed to verbally “harrass” and “scold” others who have been tortured and tormented by the “empire”…, for NOT being willing to FORGIVE IT ALL!

But this is nothing more than a CON!


Given to us by MYSTERY BABYLON…, and the SATANISTS who serve LUCIFER.  Here is the “Godmother” of the NEW AGE MOVEMENT!

Here is the “Godmother” of the NEW AGE in a photo with so-called Ascended Masters!  But instead who were really MASTER MAGICIANS!

Don’t think that the Catholic Church’s hands (read JESUITS) aren’t all over this NEW AGE idea that the victims must forgive everything in order to get to Heaven.

Ask youself this question…, WHO BENEFITS the most if no one “judges” anyone for anything??

Does the little guy benefit?

Or…, do the men and women at the VERY TOP of the SATANIC STRUCTURE…, (those who work for the Archons and Off Worlders) benefit the most??

Think about this!!




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