In “Honor” of the Free Your Mind Conference (2016) that is happening today as we speak, I am going to “post” as many of the videos from the 2015 Conference as I can find!

Please watch each one of them because each one holds wonderful INFORMATION.  You can “learn” much more about the world you are living in, and what is really going on around you, in just ONE of these videos than you have ever learned in reading or listening to thousands of Channeled Messages over several years!  The choice is yours!  Do you really wish to KNOW…, or, are are you happy NOT to know!


Mark Devlin

Jay Parker

Mark Passio

Stewart Swerdlow


Dennis McKenna

Laura Eisenhower

Fritz Springmeier

Steve Stars

Bob Tuskin

Ras Ben

Alexandre Tannous

Lenon Honor

Clint Richardson

John Vibes and Derrick Broze

Jeanice Barcelo

John Bush











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