By: Bradley Loves


Instead of writing parts TWO and THREE of “WHAT IF” – all Time Travel related material…, I’ve decided to change the play on the field and do something different.

I’ve been re-reading some of the material that was put out by THE RUINER…, and at this point in time – with everything that is happening in Washington DC…, I think it is vitally important to recap (perhaps with commentary) some of the things he wrote.

Now, you might have every right to ask why I think I am even “qualified” to do any commentary on his material, and I would simply say that I spoke with him (at length) over Skype for enough time (many, many, many hours) to know what his words meant!

The image above is one that Shane chose as Avatar for many of his Social Media Platforms.

It shows a bird sitting in a cage…, with the door open…, but not flying away!  It was his thought that human beings are so used to being “caged” (enslaved) that even if the cage door were open…, and they had all the freedom to leave…, most would NOT!

Such is what I was talking about only yesterday, and it seems to fit the human condition at this time.

Once properly “trained”…, just like a puppy…, human beings can be conditioned to do exactly as their “trainers” want…, even IF that training is totally counter productive to human FREEDOM.

In the image above, you’ve got college students and millenials who have been so well “trained” by their socialist/progressive school teachers and University Professors – that they are actively PROTESTING one of the founding principles of the Bill of Rights…, FREEDOM OF SPEECH.

Of course…, every despotic law always comes in stages so as to stay under the radar until it’s too late…, and step ONE of the total elimination of FREE SPEECH is naturally the elimination of “certain speech”!

Well, we can all agree can’t we that if you are hurting my FEELINGS – you shouldn’t be allowed to do that…, so let’s get rid of any speech that hurts my “FEELINGS” first!


Thus – we are now “waist deep” in the beginning stages of complete and total censorship here in America!   The primary “target”?


By the way – just a footnote here…, as I wrote this very post I scoured the internet for images of the many college students with warm blankets and puppies etc, that were crying after Hillary Clintons loss of the presidency and the endless “triggering” they were claiming to be under…

And where there used to be thousands of such images on search engines…, the entire INTERNET has now been scrubbed of every single picture or image like that!

They just don’t exist any longer – anywhere!

HISTORY – only two years later – has been completely re-written and “scrubbed” of the evidence that college students were acting like 3 year olds!  How Convenient!

Question:  Who has the “power” to scrub all search engines of  such “unwanted” images??



Anyway…, back to HATE SPEECH!

So…, “speech”…, just like the word “rock” covers a whole lot of territory don’t you think?   Thus the real question here is who gets to decide what HATE SPEECH really is?

Oh my…, well it’s got to be – ‘THE AUTHORITIES”  – I guess!


Really…, which “authority”?    Well…, the ones who agree with everything I say, becuase “I’m right” and YOU are wrong!  Those authorities!

So…, in the same way that “HATE SPEECH” is a smaller slice of “SPEECH”…, BLUE ROCKS is a smaller slice of ROCKS.

So…, let’s just BAN ALL BLUE ROCKS!

And yet…, like in the example above…, we’ve got to decide which rocks are really blue and which ones are not!   Is this a blue rock…, or.., is it only sort of blue?  How “blue” is it really?

Looks to me to be more green than blue…, with only a tiny shade of blue in it.   How do we decide?   Who is IN CHARGE of the BLUE ROCK BAN?  Who debates where the line is?  How much BLUE does a rock really need to have before it is honestly considered to be a BLUE ROCK?


Well…, in “millenial speak”  (a whole new language in America to be sure) HATE SPEECH is anything that hurts “my feelings” (PERIOD)!

And sadly…, anything that hurts a millenials “feelings” is anything that goes against their basic “belief system”!  A “system” they’ve been “trained” by their socialist school teachers to embrace!

Thus…, if a child of 8 or 9 perhaps…, whose “belief system” included SANTA CLAUS…, and his parents suddenly told him or her that Santa wasn’t real…, and thus hurt the childs’ “feelings”…, then telling the child Santa is not real – is definitively considered to be:  HATE SPEECH – by every standard of hurting “my feelings”.  (PERIOD)

BANNING ALL “HATE SPEECH” LEAVES NO ROOM FOR “TRUTH SPEECH”…, (because the truth can sometimes hurt other people’s “feelings”)

But…, if you “train” the puppy just right…, they will always wag their tail exactly as shown!

See below:


So back to THE RUINER…, and his posts!   I plan (if he does not mind) to address many of his posts here…, and we’ll see just how far we can get!

So I am going to start with this one…, and put the rest in no particular order, except for my own teaching purposes!

Even Shane wrote them as he felt…, and so I will interpret them as I see to be productive or beneficial to my teaching efforts!

I am going to go over this stuff (it’s necessary).., because no matter WHAT you see playing out in the “news”…, it is all A HUGE CON GAME.

It is all a set up for a purpose…, and that purpose is CONTROL!

I can’t “teach” you what I want to “teach” you…, because you don’t want ADMIT to this part of the problem…., so here goes…..


Some Structure – overview


The illuminati is the name people have associated with a group of Occultists.

When I say illuminati – I am talking about something beyond just that. I will not use the name they use for themselves, illuminati is good enough.

Why it is good enough is because I see no point in separating some things when they are all interconnected.

At the top of the illuminati you have beings known as:  The Parents.

They have influence over everything on Planet Earth.

They have been the Operating System that supports the Draconian Virus.

The Draco created The Parents to carry out their will.  To accomplish their goals.


The Parents are aware of everything that is operating on Planet Earth.  They have created the very structure all of these many systems operate upon.

All of the Cults and Every Religion. Every government and secret society.  Every military and every secret program. All of it is within their operative control.

Any deal that involves this planet goes through them.

They are the top of the conspiracy pyramid that exists on Planet Earth.

You may know them as a cult or an order.

Another name often synonymously used is Cabal.  You may know them as a secret society or mystery tradition-school.  You may know them as Jay-Z and Beyonce or the OTO.

In essence they are all of these things. They have either created or nurtured all of it.



So…, what Shane is saying here is that the Illuminati is NOT the top of the pyramid here.  THE PARENTS control the Illuminati and they control with an iron fist everything they do – PERIOD!

Above the PARENTS are the DRACO…, a group of off world Human/Reptilian beings who are very dark and considered by most ET races to be “galactic bullies”.    (That is who is in “charge here”…, and that is who the Illuminati ultimately answer to.)

As I’ve always said…, this goes OFF WORLD!

So, reading “between” the lines and DIGGING DEEPER!

If one “country” is “conspiring” against another country…, that could NEVER HAPPEN if the PARENTS were not piting them against each other.

If Russia is taking action against America…, it is the PARENTS who are setting that up!  If China is taking action against Japan…, it is the PARENTS who are setting that up.  If Germany is making a move on the EU or the UK…, then the PARENTS are setting that up!

They are behind every:

  • Cult
  • Religion
  • Brotherhood – Sisterhood
  • Fraternity
  • Freemasons
  • Government
  • Secret Society
  • Military
  • Program
  • Secret Program
  • SAP
  • Underground Base
  • Off World Base
  • Satanic/Luciferian Group

They run it all…., and they run it for THE DRACO!   Any idea to the contrary is buying into THE GREAT CON OF MAN!

Through their “minions” the ILLUMINATI…, they are pitting one part of the planet against the other parts for their advantage!

Structure – The Parents


There are 21 Parents even though there are only 13 Main Bloodlines. 

13 of the Parents focus on the 13 Main Bloodlines.   The other 8 have more of a dual responsibility.  There are other Bloodlines respected as part of  The Family who have been tangled up with the 13, by way of marriage or other form of partnership. 

The remaining 8 focus on these entangled Bloodlines.

(How many additional bloodlines make up the number of entangled bloodlines your writer is unsure of) 

The Family Masters of these 8 Parents’ Covens are the main contact for multiple entangled bloodlines. 

(Entangled Bloodlines are considered lesser than the 13 Bluebloods or Pure Bloodlines.)

The Parents are not human like your writer or yourself are now.  Once they were Human, although they are different versions of Human from us having been earlier genetic manipulations than we are physically.

To sum this up quickly:  Your history – the texts available to the public – doesn’t fully identify the different attempts to create the version of human that we are now, which is meant to be dumbed down and metaphysically crippled.

It required several attempts to get us ‘just right’. 

The Parents are a slightly less manipulated version of Human Being from us.  Yes, they are a human variation.  Not a Hybrid.  There is a difference that will be explained another time.

To reward the Parents for their loyalty – The Draco taught each a different trick.  How to prolong their lives.  They are not immortal.  They simply live a lot longer due to enhanced cellular regeneration.  (This became their own collar and leash.)

They all hold knowledge of a different method for accomplishing this.  Yes, you are reading me correctly, 21 different ways to prolong the life of an organic being.  Unfortunately I cannot share all of these methods and honestly only know a few and others only in theory.

These are deeply kept secrets shared almost exclusively with the selected Coven Members of each Parent.


A side note here – when I asked Shane just how they were able to do this…, he said that “most” of the ways were quite “nasty”.  He only said this:  THINK VAMPIRE.

There were one or two ways, however, that this “life extension” could be accomplished WITHOUT actually killing anyone – and that was through “worship”.

It was never adequately explained to me – Shane was really not certain how it was done…, but apparently a few of these PARENTS set themselves up as “gods” – and taught their followers to “worship them” as such.  The energy transference between worshipper and PARENT (if done correctly) was apparently enough to extend their lives indefinately!

Which is why…, TADAA…, you’ve got so many “god” pretenders out there on the higher levels!   Astral Beings (basic no-bodies) who are looking for WORSHIP to extend their useless lives a little longer and want human beings from Earth to supply the gas they need for their journey!

Can you say:  Saint Germain??

Next, I asked Shane…, “well how old are these “PARENTS”?

To this he had a difinitive answer.  The oldest “Parent” – a woman he reffered to as: THE QUEEN OF THE DAMNED…,  was roughly 13,000 years old!

If this is the case…, is it any wonder that EMPIRES can rise and fall, and then a carbon copy can rise up in it’s place using the very same “draconian” tactics to enslave mankind anew?

Sumer>Akkad>Babylon>Egypt>Greece>Rome>Catholic Church>Great Britian>America…., and on and on the rotating hamster wheel of world wide control goes…, all being run by the very same small group?   Especially if it’s being “managed” by the same vile FEMALE??

Next, were two females he referred to as: THE TWINS.

These two were only somewhere around 11,000 years old each – as I recall.

Interestingly…, since he was actually born into this type of life…, I asked Shane if he had ever “seen” any of these so-called PARENTS…, and he said…, yes…, he’d seen or met most of them!

One…, THE QUEEN OF THE DAMNED…, (his own name for her) had been “sleeping” for few centuries…, and had only recently awoken (according to Shane)…, and had actively sought him out for a short conversation.

I asked him how old she appeared to be when he had seen her…, and he said she looked quite young…, 20’s or 30’s and no more.

(Sort of like all of the people who claimed to have seen St. Germain over and over again throughout history said he looked quite young)…

I then asked Shane why “she” had wanted to see “him” – and had actively sought him out.

His reply was that she had two questions for him.

  • WHY had he left the ILLUMINATI?
  • WHY had he betrayed the DRACO?

He gave her his answers…, and then she simply left (according to Shane).

Of interest here…, I happened to ask him how she found him and how she traveled…, and his reply was that a being of her kind travels anywhere in the entire world at will!

(She just “appears” where-ever she wants to be).

He also said that she would have the strength of many men and would be quite difficult to defeat in a battle.

It was at this point where I could see where many of the lessor Coven members of her particular “family” might actually “fear” this person and willingly worship her.

Finally…, I will end this post with this:

The Parents interact directly with the Draco Royalty in charge of this Planet. 

The Draco are their Superiors, their Masters. 

They carry out the orders of the Draco as they are directed to do, when they are directed to. 

Punishment takes on a whole different meaning when your body is not easy to kill, so the fear makes them obey.  They are loyal despite having minds of their own, and as a collective unit, (some) different desires than their masters.

Draco Royalty make all the decisions and do not like to interact with humans beyond the Parents and select others.

The Draco structure would require another post another time but for now, they have a group they appoint as representatives for themselves when they do wish to have face to face meetings with human groups beyond the Parents and Covens. 

Their Soldiers and Hunters spend a great deal of time interacting with humans inside Shadow Programs, mainly related to military and secret space programs.

They have geneticists that are heavily involved with many of our human groups as well,  mostly related to Cloning, Regeneration and hybrid programs.  (Dulce)

For the most part, the furthering of agendas and programs is the duty of the Parents.

This is a big job as there is a lot to manage.

They divide all of the required actions up between them based on the skill-set of each Parent.

The Draco set a goal, they devise the plan of action with the aide of The Parents,  and The

Parents then delegate the duties associated with each goal down through the ranks of their Coven and related Bloodlines. 






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