By: Bradley Loves

I haven’t written anything for a day or two.  I was hoping that this would give everyone a chance to watch at least a few of the videos from the 2015 Free Your Mind Conference.

Each one of these is filled with information…, and contains a small piece of the puzzle as to how we are being “conned”, “used”, “attacked”, and lied to.

This is a very important concept to grasp, because if not, then most of what I write will not make sense.

It is the level of the totality of the dark agenda…, that scares the people who know about it…, and seems ludicrous to those who don’t.

As I took a day or two off…, I used that time to look around the internet and the blogosphere for some really good information.

In all honesty…, what I’ve found is a lot of good people who are trying to get the “news” out…, but are using their very valuable time to cover the DISTRACTIONS.

You see…, it is my opinion that most (if not all) of these very LAME situations and circumstances that we find happening in our world…, are being “created”…, in order to throw humanity “off balance”…, “off kilter”…, and put us out of our logical minds and into “DEFENSIVE MODE”.

I’ve said it before…, and no one seems to be listening…,


The only reason there is not a concerted effort to put a stop to these men and women (and their off world, and other dimensional cronies) is that it boggles the mind as to how well orchestrated it is…, (not to mention completely HIDDEN and being done in STEALTH)…, and therefore logical people “assume” that it just can’t be happening.

We out number “them” incredibly…, and yet…, by operating in total SECRECY…, through a “brotherhood” and Secret Societies…, they have managed to make their very small numbers count!

Just one of theirs…, can “manage” thousands if not millions of unsuspecting people…, who are none the wiser that anything is really “happening” out there.

Planetary take over is always DONE BY STEALTH! 

It is done by using COMPLETE SECRECY…, and through the modus-operandi that almost every MAGICIAN uses…, “mis-direction”…, and “distraction”.


However…, I’ve been “taught” and “trained” to look for this kind of thing.

What so many “other” bloggers are doing is bringing the attention of their readers to all of the “mis-direction”…, and the “distractions”…, but not LOOKING DEEPER!

You see…, calling out: FALSE FLAGS…, and fake battles being fought with “proxy” armies…, is only PART of what they need to do.

We need to focus on WHY it is being done…, who is behind it…, and what their purposes and goals are!   We need to KNOW OUR ENEMY.

I can tell you that all of the “rif raf” about the Khazarian Mobsters…, and criminal Banksters…, only goes to the bottom level of the PROBLEM.


The puppets on play strings who are seemingly “running” countries…, and doing unspeakable evil are only following ORDERS.

Try reading David Icke’s blog for a day or two…, and he always says…, they are only doing what they are told.

The problem is that the real beings who are “in charge” are so well hidden…, and have lessor “agents” working for them…, who then have other even lessor “agents” that they give orders to…, who also have even MORE “agents” working for them…, who then finally give orders to the WORLD LEADERS.

This is why FINDING these men or beings or whatever…, becomes IMPERATIVE!

Now…, here is where “national security” comes in to actually HELP those who we are fighting against, and have declared a SILENT WAR against humanity.

They USE our own system of SECRECY AGAINST US.

I mean…, really…, I could go on and on and on about how this is being done…, and yet…, BECAUSE of how it’s being done…, very few (if any) of the intended or targeted audience I am writing for is going to believe me.

However…, I digress…..

The MAIN thrust of my blog…, is to expose!   It is to “uncover”…, and make people “aware”.

It is not to simply cover one of a hundred DAILY events which are being choreographed and orchestrated by the CABAL…, and those behind…, them to cause humanity maximum confusion!

As I said earlier…, this is being done to keep humanity OFF BALANCE!

If you ONLY KNEW how deep this goes…, and the level of EVIL being perpetrated upon all of us…, you’d actually jump up so fast and take action…, it would make the CABALS head spin.

Even the wishy washy…, and “neutered” NEW AGER’s would “come on line” and get involved, once they KNEW for certain (as I do) what we are up against, and how its being done.

Like I said a year ago…, SECRECY…, is our ENEMY!

Secret Societies…, have been infiltrated and taken over to TAKE THE PLANET FROM US!

Only the most corruptible men and women are being moved (up the ladder) any more!  It may not have been this way 50 years ago…, but it most CERTAINLY is true today.

The ones I speak of…, are the weakest ones living on the EARTH at this time…, and they (being both weaklings and cowards) are willingly aiding and abetting the betrayal of ALL OF HUMANITY…, for mere dollars, (money)…, a comfortable life, and a “nice” home due to their inability to conjure up even an “ounce” of courage.

I will continue to watch world “events”…, but as I do…, I will not be REPORTING on each and every single event…, since I have already classified 90 percent of those as:

DISTRACTION EVENTS…, and are only there as “sign-posts” that the take over agenda is STILL ON-GOING.

All my love for now…











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