Resurrection Of Humanity

I write this blog on Easter. Many of you will read it later on. But I felt I need to explain more of what is going on so that there is no confusion.
The virus is a simulation, as I explained on the podcasts. It is transmitted by an alien AI signal that is then activated by the 5G network created by Huawei in China.
The activation targets the exosomes that are excreted by body cells 
and contain DNA, RNA, and proteins.
These also act as cellular communication devices that then
 attach to other cells and replicate the virus simulation.
The Chinese, under direction of the Deep State, formulated the viral simulation template by using the cells from bats and mixing them with SARS, MRSA, HIV, and Ebola designs. The result was a corona virus hologram that mutates cells to replicate within a human body.
However, it became more like a malarial complex. I guess they did not play the record to the end, figuratively. Malaria is not a virus. It is a parasite, which is killed by quinine and related structures.
Bottomline, the corona viral simulation, produces a parasite within the body that can be easily killed.
The Deep State want you to believe that this is a deadly virus 
that needs a vaccine with a chip in it, that all humans should receive.
The media and social media are blocking and deleting all information that accuses 5G of having anything to do with this so-called pandemic.
BTW, it really is NOT a pandemic. By definition, a pandemic is an illness that kills more people than influenza. Corona virus does not! So, they changed the definition of pandemic to accommodate their agenda.

Here is another controversial factor. The ones who are sick with this virus simulation, had pre-existing conditions that were already killing them.  These pre-existing issues were brought on by demonic possession of those individuals. That is why most are male and older. They had a life of negative mind-patterns and bad behaviors.
The Deep State has been ordering the medical staff of all nations to put CV on the death certificates, even if the person does not have it! The increased numbers are then hyped by the media in order to create hysteria and fear. That cause the population to acquiesce to all orders.
The goal of the Deep State is to destroy the global economy, undermine the benefits created by President Trump, chip everyone, remove social contacts and to eliminate family units. This creates personal weakness and more control.
Q and President Trump knew this was coming. They have been telling you for almost 3 years. They were prepared and turned this evil against the ones who perpetrated it. They are transmitting signals to force the entities to leave their human hosts. Because some demons are so entrenched, the host body will die.
The demon then seeks to jump to the nearest weak individual it can control. 
That is why social distancing is important now.
On Good Friday, subpoenas were issued in DC against certain Deep State members.
On Saturday, more underground activities took place. As you know by now, the DUMBS are being systematically destroyed. This has created quakes in many regions. More are coming.
Children and trafficking victims are being saved globally.
Today, Easter, is symbolic of the resurrection of humanity. We will know soon what happened today. Right now, it is secret.
I urge you to stay in violet. If you take zinc, it opens the body pathways that allow the methylene Blue and quinine to work. It will kill the fake parasite and stop the simulation. Wearing pure iron repels demonic entities. Use The Name of God that is in my last 3 books.
Remember, you chose to come to Earth now to witness the final battle between good and evil.
You can watch, or you can participate. 
But, have no fear. Good always wins! 
Do not believe the conventional media. 
Do what is right.
Next Sunday, Eastern Orthodox Easter, is the REAL Day of Resurrection.
Much will happen this week.
Dark to Light. WWG1WGA!!


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