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By: Micheal Snyder

As attendance declines at Christian churches all over America, many Satanic groups are experiencing tremendous growth.  For some, embracing Satanism is the ultimate form of rebellion, for others it is about making an anti-Trump political statement, and yet others claim that they are attracted by the very real power that they discover in Satanism.

Every week, bizarre rituals are conducted in basements, meeting halls and public facilities all over the country, and most Americans have absolutely no idea what is going on.  Of course most mainstream news articles about Satanists attempt to portray them as ordinary people that have simply been “misunderstood”.


Note from Bradley:

I will tell you exactly why Satanism is experiencing such a huge jump in it’s numbers lately – and it is for one reason only!


Countless young adults – who have grown up in the “Internet Age” …, and have viewed hundreds (if not thousands) of hours of adult/child porn served up on their bedroom computers viewing screens in the privacy of their own home…, are curious!

They are fascinated by the idea of being able to have sex with a young child…, and they are ALSO (due to the Great Awakening) finding out that Satanism (as a Religious Choice) not only offers, but encourages those who follow it to freely engage in having sex with little kids!


None of these young adults who want to expreince sex with a child, are thinking about what effect that might have upon the child – PERIOD.

They are simply thinking, dreaming, and fantasizing about what they’ve seen taking place in the thousands of hours of Child Porn videos that are so easily accessible on the Dark Web.

The rest of the young adults turning toward Satanism are interested in MAGIC…, and want to use that as a means to have POWER OVER OTHERS!

They grew up in the Harry Potter age…, and are now desperate to learn how to do a SPELL or two!

Naturally…, the Harry Potter movies were NOT just an accident!

The PROGRAMMING of young and otherwise normal school children over the past 2 or 3 decades …, has produced a group of young adults that are RIPE for SATANISM!

America is now hanging by a single thread!

The article is good…, but the point I’ve made TRUMPS the authors!

All my love…..


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