By: Bradley Loves


There is a very real and quite significant part of our reality that can NOT be seen with our human eyes.

After much research, personal experience, and introspection, I have come to the conclusion that it is THIS part of our reality (the unseen part) that is wholly responsible for what we are seeing taking place upon our planet.

There are many levels to this unseen control mechanism…, (most not readily apparent) …so it will take some time to unwrap exactly what I am talking about.

Jay Parker revealed in one of his video interviews that his mother (a self proclaimed satanic witch) told him that the Illuminati was far more concerned with the “collective unconsious”…, than the collective conscious of mankind.

The reason for this concern was due to the fact that the conscious mind sees and interprets something on the order of 40 “bits” of information per second, while the unconsious part of the mind sees and interprets (decodes) about 4 million “bits” of information per second.

It became quite clear to me when he revealed this very important idea, that the “satanists” were in fact working very hard on a part of our collective mind that we were UNAWARE OF.

This brought into view issues such as:

  • Mind Control
  • Subliminals
  • Hypnotic Suggestion
  • Trauma Based Control of Human Beings
  • Not to mention the countless “new technologies” that are wave and frequency based and meant to change, modify or control our perception.

In addition to what is listed above, we also have some very ancient forms of control that are based up “genetic learning” or “historical programming” such as:

  • Religious Dogma
  • Religous Superstition
  • The “need” to “just believe” what we are told no matter what proof to the contrary is provided by intelligent research
  • Learned Helplessness
  • Learned or Programmed “FAITH” in absurd teachings due to “fear” of not going to heaven.


Almost ALL of our natural lives, we collectively have been immersed in a type of “learning” that is mostly “suggestive”, or rather “hypnotically suggestive” than a logical, rational, and realisitc type of teaching…, where what we take in daily as “information” is mostly based upon our collective deep seated fears and emotions.

However…, this is only a single facet or part of a much larger problem that we collectively face!

If this were the ONLY issue that we were dealing with…, the solution might be easier for us to find.

The other (and even more important) part of the “unseen” reality is that there are VERY REAL BEINGS that exist just outside our range of sight!

They are more “energetic” in nature than we are, and they feed upon energy, rather than matter… OUR ENERGY!!

Let that sink in.

Here is a recent article that I read that I think everyone should at least take a look at…

I would like to draw your attention to this part of the article

….This is all part of a legal system which connects with the spiritual nature of all (of us) and converts this society and (it’s) people into an energy generation system. This is the so-called ‘loosh’ system.


If you take time to read the above linked article…, it is very clear that what we are dealing with here on Earth are:

  • Principalities
  • Evil Forces
  • Out of Body Entites
  • Fallen Angels

The evidence to support this has become almost over whelming.., and only the most stubborn and the most blind humans among us will deny it any longer.

According to Jay Parker’s dear mother…, the “satanists” or “generational satanists” rather,  are totally in league with, work for, and “do the bidding of” these pricipalities, forces, and out of body entities.

This goes far deeper than most people are willing to admit, or willing even to believe!

There is an “operational level” in play as concerns our Earth and our reality that totally goes into what most people think of as:

Beyond the Veil…, or, The Other Side of Life.

And…, I am sorry to report that this is NOT A GOOD THING.

Once again.., taken from this peviously linked article (and something that I have done extensive research into, we have this:

….Instead of the energy changing like a natural tide of those experiencing pleasure and others experiencing hardship, the pleasure is STOLEN and the hardship is manufactured by the same groups who stole the pleasure.

Yes, the minds of children are searched (without their knowledge) and where there would be an individual who threatens the public damnation of the human race, (by these unseen beings) that individual is put through a program to replace their mind with that of the programmed beliefs of the programmers.

Any and all dreams are converted to nightmares and there is a great “pleasure gap” opened up in the non-physical realms which is then lapped up as the pain is converted into their enjoyment (they assume that person’s role in a parallel reality and take in all their benefits) and the original individual is delivered a life of suffering, condemnation, persecution and literal torture.

That is how they convert pain to enjoyment, through literally a sadistic enjoyment of a person’s bio-emissions of suffering as well as literally replacing individuals in different parallels and living an endless stream of lives as people who have ‘good karma’.


This last part is incredibly important to my personal research…, and I will get into it more deeply later!  Just suffice it to say that the idea of “KARMA” is made absolutely invalid, and has become null and void “IF” those parasites on other unseen levels have found a way to energetically replace their own “bad karma” with a loving person’s “good karma” by technologically stealing it and transfering it to themselves, while at the same time giving their very “bad karma” to a good person who did not deserve it!!

This could easily be done with false energy signatures and magnetic frequencies!


For now…, Those who fancy themselves as Luciferians, are the human beings who are walking among us that have decided to SELL US OUT and BETRAY us to these demonic forces that WE CAN NOT EVEN SEE.

This is why “secrecy” is so very important to these satanic groups…, and why they practice “deception” at every turn.

They also claim to be DARK MAGICIANS…, and the word “magic” as we have seen is simply the word “magnetic” in a shortened version.

This is why the JANUS (two faced) principle is so very important to their way of life.  They have been taught to look you in the eyes, smile kindly, and then LIE TO YOU COMPLETELY, while acting as if they were your best friend.

Here is MORE from this article:

The Energy Harvesting Grid

These systems are literally used to pull energy from the masses and pump that energy around a network which people in the elect groups (can) then pull from. This energy creates a kind of spiritual empowerment and when used properly, can bring longevity and even immortality.

Invisible (to most) Time-Wars; Spiritual, Psychotronic Battles

Entire wars have been fought over the use of this energy, and the technology is so advanced that, literally, time can be altered using cyclotron technology, and a parallel reality can be acquisitioned and overlayed over this (one).

The minds of those in the general public would not be able to see the real event and everything can be cleaned up as if nothing ever happened. This has been done so many times that the original, or actual, timeline looks like something out of a movie while the version we have publicly is literally something like the ancient past with all the important and advanced activities edited out.


We have basically become “prisoners” in a “fabricated reality” because we are “food” to beings that WE collectively can NOT SEE with our physical eyes.

The complete and total manipulation of our world and our lives is part of the manipulation of our reality…, which “squeezes us” into producing the “juice” or “food” which these energy beings love and apparently need to eat.

In other words…, just as the movie THE MATRIX showed us…, we have become life preserving “batteries” to them.

A subject such as this one is difficult enough to try to uncover and convery to the masses since it is by it’s very nature hidden…, But the far more insidious part of the cover up comes from the real human beings that live among us who are IN LEAGUE WITH and WORK FOR these unseen beings!

They are doing so not because they are “threatened” as some of the brainwashed apologists like to say, because I have learned that NOTHING can be done to anyone without their CONSENT!

The betrayers living among us are doing this because they are getting “money”…, “a good life”…, “power”…, “status”…, “ease of life without having to work hard”….

In other words, they have chosen to take the “easy path”!

And in the words of a tiny, but well known prophet of the cinema…,

…If you take the EASY PATH, as VADER did…, FOREVER will it dominate your destiny…..

I know that so many of you who may be new to this…, and who have not done the LIFETIME of research that I have…, would find it difficult to consider this as possible.

And yet…, I am writing this post ONLY to share with you what I have found as very valid data over a lifetime of research…., so that you don’t have to spend the years that I did finding this out.



They have sold all of us out to what can only be described as:

…out of body entities and fallen angels who operate just outside of our range of sight.

They have greedily taken the “bribe” and “willingly” engaged in treason against their own species!!

They hide among us in the places where NO ONE would think to look!

They hide at the very top of what most people think and believe are the most “trusted” institutions in the world!


For more on this…, here is the most recent article from Preston James, who, although he digs into this subject…, does not cover it in the direction it truly NEEDS to go:

The New Imperial Roman Empire

Now don’t just take my word for it…, or even Preston James word for it…, but here it from the mouth of ONE OF THEIR OWN!!

Here is where we usually get the “disconnect” from most people.

They just don’t want to…, and can’t bring themselves to believe that the LIE, or (the CON) is so huge…, so pervasive and so all encompassing.

They don’t want to believe that for thousands of years already…, our society has been AT WAR with these unseen forces that exist just outside our range of site…, and who insist upon FEEDING ON US like parasites.

And yet…, if one is going to be a “seeker” of the TRUTH…, then here is where the “rabbit hole” goes.

It leads us nowhere else.

You know…, I, and men like Jay Parker or Mark Passio are NOT MAKING THIS STUFF UP!

These men desribed in the video posted above are Luciferians and do in fact have an “agenda”!

They do “ritual child sacrifice” for a reason…, and that reason is NOT some sort of mindless superstition that can be “explained away” as misguided superstition!

They do this to FEED the demonic entites that they have made alliances with.

Because these forces (which we can not see) are truly DESPERATE…, and WILL DO ANYTHING to continue to feed…

We now have things in our reality like:


This new type of “RELIGION” (yes the New Age is most certainly a religion) is a continuation of “faith based” teachings that have no basis in fact or truth…, but instead insist upon a human being’s BLIND BELIEF in a “teacher” or “guru” type of being that is fully “unseen” but still MUST be taken seriously as a purveryor of absolute TRUTH.

No where can we find the crazy and yet fully blind continuation of the Ancient Superstitious Dogma of the Catholic Church more fully formed than in the NEW AGE CHANNELING COMMUNITY which is 100 percent responsible for the dissemination of FAKE TEACHINGS which are designed to lead mankind directly back into the MATRIX and into the LOOSH HARVESTING SYSTEM.

It is quite obvious to those of us who can still think for ourselves…, that these “messages” are in fact coming directly from these quite desperate and very deceptive entities which want to continue to FEED on human beings and use them as a source of energy.

They will tell (broadcast, send forth) ANY LIE…, no matter how ridiculous it is…, as long as there is a willing group who will sit down and listen to them.

The “idea” that Barack Obama was a “very high soul” was just one of these exceedingly outrageous deceptions!

They can do this…, because once a person willingly sits down to listen to them…, a “contract” is formed between the out of body beings which is based on FREEWILL.

As long as there is “consent”…, these beings can LIE AS MUCH AS THEY WISH to anyone who sits to hear what they have to say.

And…, for those who doubt my own experiences…, just let me tell you that while on vacation in SEDONA, ARIZONA (a place that is supposed to be a home and a gathering place to many New Age and Spritual People)…, I was approached by certain people…, (who for all practical purposes seemed to be practicing the New Age Religion) and was told by them that they were doing “special work” for an angelic being called LUCIFER…, and that he was a very “misunderstood” entity.

I was told that Lucifer was actually very kind and loving…, and that it was GOD who  was in fact the criminal of the Universe.

I was then asked if I would be “willing” to help them by joining them in working for this very misunderstood angel, and making things “right” for him.

In other words…, would I please join up with the Luciferians!!

Now…, here is the rub!

The main guy in this group was 100 percent a vegetarian!  A “healthy eater” and cooked his own home made bread products!  He practiced out of body travel, and other forms of magic!  He was exactly the type of person that those who follow the NEW AGE would look and act like…, and certainly would be taken in by his very calm and cool demeanor.

He hung around with New Age People…, but only “revealed” who he really was to the few that he thought were smart enough to be desirable to his cause.

This is what we are up against…, and it is everywhere…, and it is pervasive!

There is so much more to tell…, but for now…, just be clear that the NEW AGE and CHANNELED MESSAGES are not teaching us what we need to know about the UNSEEN and the INVISIBLE REALMS.

More will be coming

All my love…


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