By: Bradley Loves


This thought came to my mind as I was out walking…, and I am going to publish it so others can think deeply on how things work.

Many New Agers are caught up in the “GOD REALLY LOVES ME” phase of their discovery.

After many lifetimes of living inside of “organized religion” and being told that they were worthless…, this naturally comes as a very first step in learning how to walk again.  So, yes, it is very important to think and then come to KNOW that God/Prime Creator does in fact “LOVE” us.

However…, that LOVE was always there…, and never really left.  GOD/PRIME CREATOR loves us because we are his creations…, and it is the very NATURE of the  CREATOR to LOVE!

This goes without saying!

However…, let me ask you this!

Do you want to “kick it up” about 1,500 %?

Do you want to take a QUANTUM LEAP in your relationship with GOD?

Then please think about this!

Instead of “worrying” or thinking about whether or not GOD loves you…., or how much he loves YOU…, instead start LOVING GOD back!

You see…, we have been given FREEWILL…, and even though GOD loves all of us…,   NOTHING…, and I mean this most sincerely…., NOTHING will turn GOD’s head toward us faster…, than if we choose of our own FREEWILL…, to LOVE HIM BACK!

And I don’t just mean the tiny little bits of love or gratitude one might give once a week, or while sitting in a meditation.  I’m talking about a LOVE that is so loyal…, so fierce, and so all consuming that it can barely be contained.  It is the LOVE of praying unceasingly.

That “kind” of LOVE…, will stop the CREATOR of all of the Universes in his tracks…, and force him to look at you!  He could not help it.  It is like a BEACON directly linked to your SOUL…, and HE FEELS IT INTENSELY.

You can NOT have that kind of LOVE for Prime Creator without getting an “immediate” response, and a KNOWING that will change your life.

You see, God knows that you have the FREEWILL to do anything with your attention and your power…, since he gave that to you.  But for you to use that power and that LOVE, and give it FREELY back to him….


Now…, God does not “require” your LOVE…, this is not the point.  It is that YOU CHOOSE to LOVE HIM that makes all the difference…, and I can attest to this personally.

NO BEING…, not even the CREATOR of all of the Universes values anything more than LOVE and LOYALTY!

Try it…, you’ll see.

In addition…, I have found that PRIME CREATOR IS LOYAL to those who are LOYAL TO HIM.

Even the Great Yogi’s of the past have talked about this.

There are literally countless historical stories about people who stupidly “messed” with a great devotee of GOD in one way or another and for that “lack of foresight”…, these people experienced IMMEDIATE consequences…, sometimes which were so severe…, it ended in their deaths.  You see…, GOD protects those who LOVE HIM!

Now…, when it comes to living here on the Earth…, it does NOT mean that GOD will give you endless money…, I know that for a fact.  However…, MONEY is NOT his creation.  It is the creation of the Satanists…, and he will not “give you” what would only enslave you.  However…, Prime Creator does see to your needs.

So…, on that level…, it is better to be wise!

More often than NOT…, GOD will only give you MORE OF A CONNECTION WTH HIMSELF/HERSELF…, and that is worth more than anything you could desire anyway.

My dearest friends,

Think on these things.



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