To my readers:

I am going to post a few of Gene Decode’s recent interviews.  However this being said, I want to add here that ever since I have been listening to and following Gene Decode (and even in my own interviews with him) I have never disagreed with anything that he has said up until now.

Just yesterday he did a long interview with Patriot Underground and did not say a single word about A.I., Voice to Skull, Remote Neural Monitoring, Mind Control or these types of things that are extremely problematic for human beings at this time and are right around the corner as far as I’m concerned with what the New World Order wants to roll out.

He also said that the Jab (which is killing so many people) might not be a bad thing to get.

Very honestly I could NEVER go along with nor agree with such a claim, and advise everyone in the strongest terms to stay FAR AWAY from the JAB!

The JAB will either kill you or it will set you up to be controlled by A.I. – Period!

Some of the things that he says in this interview I totally agree with and know for a fact to be true. 

However, there are some things that he is now saying that I cannot support at all, not even a little bit because I know differently.  Be very careful.

Keep your focus on God and on Jesus at all times and just know that there is NOTHING that God cannot do.



As always, I have tremendous respect for Gene and for anyone who follows God and is out there trying to tell the TRUTH.

Do your own research on these things and most importantly PRAY for God and the Holy Spirit to show you!

All my love



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