In these difficult times, it is important to remind ourselves that prayer is not just a valuable tool, but is really the ONLY tool that can give us immediate relief.

I have spent my entire life in prayer, and it is the very reason that I am still here.   If not, I would have died long ago.

The constant torments and tortures of the Luciferians and of their evil minions have wreaked havoc upon my life in ways that are indescribable over the last four decades.  But through it all, God’s Holy Angels have worked very hard to heal, bring comfort, and put a stop to much of their onslaught and their endless attacks all because of prayer!



Even a simple water molecule can immediately change, and can immediately HEAL, reform, and reshape into a very stable geometric structure when the sound and vibration of prayer is applied to polluted water.  This happens in a very short period of time.

The power, effectiveness, and efficacy of prayer honestly can not be argued with.

Anyone, anywhere, at any time can experience a beneficial result as a result of just a few solid minutes of honest and sincere prayer.  I have written about this before.

Even the Satanists pray!  Their prayers (called magic spells) also use words and sound to create vibrations and thus create results.

They do know of the power of prayer.  The difference between you and a Satanist is that a Satanist knows there is a God, but does not care in the least. A Satanist believes that he has more power than God.

When faced with very difficult times, many Christians doubt God and thus doubt prayer!

Many times they merely go to church just to belong to a group in the hopes that God may grant them benefits if they are obedient to their church pastors.  But this is not faith and this is not spiritual.

The Satanists approach their dark magic KNOWING that speaking words and sounds into the air will cause vibrations to occur all around them.  The Satanists even know that praying over water will heal it.

The problem with the Satanists (as I’ve said before) is that they do not love God!  They don’t care about God and think that their OWN powers and their OWN magic is far better and can lead them to better lives and even to freedom from God.

Very sadly – in this regard – the Satanists can (and many times do) get MORE from casting their magic spells than the Christians get from saying their prayers simply because the Satanists truly and honestly BELIEVE IN THEIR OWN SPELLS.


Because the Satanists know that SPELLS (sound and vibration) actually do work and will always have an effect upon reality, while the Christians doubt that PRAYERS (sound and vibration) can work and will have any effect on the reality around them at all.

Christians have been “programmed” by the Main Stream Media, and by the modern Educational System to NOT BELIEVE in what is actually a real science.

The doubts of Christians have been programmed into them, and thus they are their own worst enemy.

If you doubt the efficacy of prayer, then you will hardly ever pray. 

Why would you ever get into a car and drive it if you did not think that it would ever start and actually take you anywhere?



How many people on the Earth would pray every single day if they knew for a fact (and without any doubt) that every time they prayed, RESULTS would most certainly occur?

How many Christians would pray far more often (in every circumstance) if they knew for certain that prayer and sound caused vibrations to occur on a very subtle level of creation and would draw the results to them?

How many people would pray if they could actually see (with their own eyes) the results of praying over polluted water for only a few minutes?

If people could realize that sound and vibration actually carries the POWER to reshape and reform the reality around them, would they pray more often?

There are many Satanists in the world at this time.  Many of them are just young people who are totally into magic.  They have learned everything they can about casting spells, and cast them as often as they can.

They are seeking power in this world and are using a power that Christians (through prayer) could very easily be using as well.


The truth of this article is that prayer works!  It never fails!  It always creates a result.  The process of prayer will affect the subtle levels of reality.  When you need help the most – never forget your most powerful tool!


All my love



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