In these “stormy” days of disinformation and misinformation, the only one who has the WHOLE TRUTH is GOD.

Here on Earth, we’ve created webs of Social Media where anyone can say something and then get thousands of “followers”who are listening to the words he or she has spoken, take that advice and continue to follow whoever said them.

Here’s a bit of advice to take heed of…

No one living here on Earth has the whole truth!  This includes the countless people in high level jobs of Authority and in Government!  There is also no one in the Media, or even in the Alternative Media who has all of the truth. 

I don’t have all of the truth, only a portion of it.

There is no one living on Earth who has the entire thing figured out – or knows what GODS PLANS really are.

The only one who knows it all – is GOD HIMSELF!  

So, if you are going to follow anyone – please – follow GOD!

Go to HIM and ask HIM to show you the truth and what is happening and why.  HE is waiting for you! 

Stop “following” mere human beings who may or may not have even a tiny portion of the truth – and go to HE who has it all!  Now is the time to come back to GOD!

Put away electronic Social Media, and instead log on to the Heavenly Social Media through PRAYER.

There is nothing going on that GOD does not know about, and there is nothing that HE can not solve (even if HE has to change the rules of TIME and SPACE to do so).

Your prayers will be heard!!

All my love…


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