If you have not yet noticed – GOD – HIS RULES and HIS LAWS have been completely left out of all plans for the future of our world.  Apparently (now that those who control us are skeptical that GOD even exists) all of his rules and laws have been totally left out of the manifold possibilities they want to design for us.

Tracking people by their “heartbeat” for instance…


Also using private bio-metrics including DNA, brainwaves, and voice recognition to monitor, follow around, track, and potentially “punish” men, women, and children who do not obey or follow the demands of the “authorities”.

Could the world get any more screwed up – or  – INSANE?

Now can you finally see what actually happens when you put Satanists and Psychopaths in “charge” of future planning?

You get a world where NO ONE is trusted – and everyone is a potential criminal or terrorist.  You get a dumbed down version of reality where there are no morals, no ethics, and no choices.  Instead of people practicing these godly virtues, you have big brother and the strong arm of the LAW waiting to come down on you for every single transgression and every possible fudging of their fictional rules.

You have authoritarianism, fascism, and communism!


You get modern day “order followers” who are willing to do ANYTHING for a paycheck – which may include beating the ever living crap out of anyone who does not follow every single dictate and mandate that has been imagined by mere “men” with “power complexes”.

Don’t have a mask on? – WHAM! Down on the pavement.  Didn’t get your “vac… booster shot”?   WHAM! Down on the pavement!  Singing a happy tune or dancing? (Australia)   WHAM!  Down on the pavement.  Oh – your 90 years old?  WHAM! Down on the pavement!

I wonder what these fellows above are going to do to people when “Vac…” ID’s become mandatory – and you need to have it to even be out on the street? 

  • Will they beat the ever living crap out of the “rule breaker”? 
  • Will they follow the “rule breakers” heartbeat using radio frequencies – tracking them just to see where they are going?
  • Will they act like voyeurs and peeping toms – watching and tracking people behind their backs – just waiting for someone to break a RULE – a rule that was made up out of thin air by some shlepp in the government – but was NEVER sanctioned by GOD HIMSELF?

Come on dear readers – THIS IS NOT LIFE….

Do you as the reader finally (hopefully) see the problem with this? 

Not only can you SEE the problem with this – but WHAT pray tell are you going to do about it?  IF you let it happen – then what kind of world are you handing over to your children and grandchildren?

Burning in Hell – and wishing they had NOT followed orders.

There are just certain ORDERS that people can NOT obey – because it goes too far.

We are at that point in time when all Americans – and yes even the rest of the world – MUST stand up and say NO MORE!  To not engage at this point simply means that you are willing to accept SLAVERY and any condition of horror that they can think of forcing upon you.

It is NOT okay – to just sit back and do nothing – and at the very least you can SAY SOMETHING.




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