By: Bradley Loves


Well…, it has started!

Coverage on every television channel…, reaffirming the LIE…, the DECIET, the CON of 9-11!

Media personallities…, (some of whom were actually complicit and knew it was a False Flag) who are still at their jobs today…, and still lying to the world all these years later!

Oh…, if there was only a single ounce of courage in Washington DC…, that was willing to CORRECT the record and interrupt the regularly scheduled CON…, and TELL US THE TRUTH!

What a novel idea that would be….

17 years of lies…, and as we speak at 7:37 am cdt…., there is NO indication that TRUTH will be told today.

Are the LIES so important that we must continue them at all costs?

FOR SEVENTEEN YEARS the world has been living in TRAUMA induced by 9-11.

The ONLY CURE for this TRUAMA is the TRUTH.

I may be one of the few men living on Earth who understands the the MAGIC SPELL of 9-11 can only be broken by telling the TRUTH.

As long as the LIE stays in place…, the SPELL and all it’s SATANIC EFFECTS can continue into the future.


And anyone who helps to keep it in place is serving the LUCIFERIAN AGENDA!


Please tell everyone you know what really happened in New York in 2001!

Spread the TRUTH….

All my love…





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