By: Bradley Loves

Brothers and Sisters, the battle lines are being drawn between those who understand that GOD exists – and those who still have yet to even contemplate that there is a higher power in this Universe.

So many people living on this Earth – because they have spent NO TIME in prayer or contemplation have come to the conclusion that GOD is a myth.

They think that GOD is a bed-time story from a dusty old book that has no meaning and never helps anyone in their life.

NBC’s Chuck Todd is just one such human being who has no clue that GOD even exists – and is a real being that helps real people every single day!

NBC News’ Chuck Todd suggests Trump voters ‘want to be lied to,’ believe in ‘fairy tales’ like Noah’s Ark

Men like this consider themselves to be highly “educated” – and too cosmopolitan to be fooled into believing in such bed time stories.

They are simply DELUDED.

Normally, there would be NO DANGER in this type of thinking if we were not living in such highly TECHNOLOGICAL TIMES.

Normally – those who believe in GOD could simply leave those who do NOT believe in GOD alone and be done with it and move on with their lives.  

However, we are NOT living in those times.

With the advent of super advanced technology, the internet, social media, and super advanced weaponry that even includes MIND CONTROL  – those who do NOT believe in GOD – or worse those who worship Lucifer – who is a being that is at WAR with GOD – can literally use the advanced technology they have at their disposal or work with to literally seek out and DESTROY the members of a culture or society that do not think or believe as they do.

We can not afford to stand still and let this happen. 

It would be like allowing a “three year old” to dictate to the parents exactly how and why things in the household are going to get done!

No parent can afford to let a three year old run their lives because it is DANGEROUS!

Because they have never even tried to seek out GOD in their own lives – they think and believe that they have the “right” to preclude and to hinder any other human being who is already seeking GOD – and has a good relationship with the higher power in this Universe – from doing so.

  • THEY ARE IGNORANT – and thus

The reason they are dangerous is due to the fact that they do not wish to seek out the higher powers of creation – they only want to create and mold all of society and humanity into a much lower form of reality that reflects their very limited (nearly retarded) understandings of the ULTIMATE REALITY.

We who know better – can not allow such people who have great amounts of money – access to technology – positions of political power to SEEK OUT AND DESTROY what they do not understand in the slightest.

WE are obligated and have a duty – to the young ones who will come after us and who deserve the right to choose for themselves – to put down any and all human beings who – make it their life’s mission to belittle, attack, shame, demean, and otherwise HINDER other human beings lives simply because those human beings do not want to mold their lives into the cookie cutter reality that very small minded people (like Chuck Todd) who have not yet reached upward toward GOD – want to live in.

GOD our loving Father is very real – but HE is a perfect Gentleman.

He does not FORCE himself on human beings who are otherwise preoccupied with amassing huge fortunes, gaining status, position, name and fame, large amounts of holdings and possessions, money, etc, etc,…

He is not interested in revealing HIMSELF to those who are just too busy to pay any attention to HIM.

GOD is ever present, but needs to be reached out to, called upon, and loved before he will take any real action in your life.


People who are in the business world, Hollywood, the Music Industry, etc actually KNOW that there are powers and forces in this Universe that can be tapped into -because they actually USE THEM.

But they use the very limited powers and forces that are Demonic – instead of those that are Harmonic.

Demonics are stuck in the lowest octaves of reality – and are the DARK forces of spirituality which relate to DARK MAGIC.

Just like a kid who does not like to do his or her math homework – these men and women like to CHEAT on their homework – and thus they take the easy way out of solving their own problems by going demonic instead of harmonic.

Instead of reaching upward toward GOD in the HIGHEST by using HARMONICS – they instead reach downward to the nearest Demons or Dark Forces they can find which live really very close to the frequency that we all inhabit.

These Demons and Dark Forces will usually offer help and offer aid to anyone who asks – BUT ALWAYS FOR A PRICE!

The price is usually a BLOOD SACRIFICE of a sheep, goat, chicken, or worse – a child!  Many witch doctors, shamans, and native tribes ritualists use this type of “magic” to get help from the lower spirit worlds.

But what kinds of SPIRITS are these that they are using?


The reason these entities are so very close to our Earth reality is that they are “parasites” – and thus actually feed off of the excess energies of our reality.

When someone offers them food – then they are willing go to work – and give aid to create something for those who have paid them.

Sadly – millions of really STUPID and (quite retarded) men and women in our world use this type of CHEAT- CODE or SHORT CUT in gaining help for their lives while living here on Earth.

Hollywood is absolutely filled with such retarded people who are willing to literally PAY witch-doctors, warlocks, practitioners of VooDoo, shamans, tribal medicine men, etc – to offer blood to Demons or Dark Forces just to get MATERIAL GAIN so other kind of benefit to their lives.

How sad and unfortunate these men and women are!

What they do not know is that everything they have GAINED from blood sacrifices that was given to them by a DEMON – will have to be GIVEN BACK and PAID BACK on the higher levels.


All they are really doing is “borrowing” what should never have been theirs in the first place.  

Once they die and come over to the other side of life – they are given the BILL!  

And for some people who used blood sacrifice constantly to get material things here on the Earth – they will get a BILL that will take them EONS to repay!


If it is done in this way – then the matter creations came by way of the higher spiritual forces and do not need to be PAID BACK!

Pay very close attention to what HOLLYWOOD is saying about those of us who “believe” in GOD!  

They can not be allowed to change our culture and society to the point where GOD becomes a forbidden element in the lives of those who would choose to SEEK HIM.

They are trying very hard to OUTLAW GOD!

They are very close to declaring WAR on those of us who choose to PRAY and use HARMONICS – while rewarding those who use DEMONICS.

As Q-Anon has said – we are now in a War of GOOD vs. EVIL

Stay the course and do not let those who would stomp out GOD cause you to falter.

There is only ONE WAY out of the Matrix.  The FINAL GATEWAY is being held open. 

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