The Cabal and the Illuminati – and even the Draco and the Grays – have consistently labeled God as the Consciousness of all things – including Good and Evil – which leads the undeveloped mind to think and believe that choosing evil is an “okay” choice.

If GOD was merely the consciousness of all things – then GOD would be reduced down to the level of an Operating System that has the ability to be aware of what it is doing, but NOT the ability to decide or to choose between RIGHT and WRONG.

The ability to choose between right and wrong is the very beginning of Compassion – Empathy – Kindness – and Love.

Every single New Ager and UFO Researcher misses this repeatedly.

GOD stands outside of the Operating System of normal consciousness and normal awareness – because to simply “be aware” says nothing of the ability to choose good over evil – which is the primary goal of an aware consciousness.

Anyone who has not yet “learned” to choose good over evil – is not aware of GOD.  In fact – because they have not yet learned to choose good over evil – then the only way they can even be aware of GOD is in assuming that there is something that animates their extremely LOW consciousness body and thus they mistakenly refer to that “animating power” as the power source of GOD.  (Really??)

A.I. – may indeed be “self aware” but it does not have the ability to choose “good” over “evil” – or the comprehension that doing “good” actually creates on levels that it (the A.I.) is not even aware of.

The ability to choose good over evil – and the comprehension as to WHY this is absolutely necessary to move forward and through the levels is the beginning of a relationship with GOD – and the comprehension that GOD is the furthest thing from a “power source” that one could possibly imagine.

GOD IS THE PRIME CREATOR – and until one fully gets what this means – GOD will continue to be reduced down to little more than a battery by the profane and the ignorant.



If you do this – HE may reveal himself to you.  Are you ready?  The knowledge of the Universe is HIS gift.

Those that can not or will not believe that GOD is anything more than a “power source” end up like the Orion Grays or the Draco and eventually get taken over by A.I.

They refuse to move forward. 

The CABAL/ILLUMINATI/DARK MAGICIANS are of that ilk – and want themselves to “be god”.  They want to use the “power” of the Universe for any purpose whatsoever and do not think that it matters at all what they use it for.

The result of moving in this direction of thinking is always SELF DESTRUCTION – and – IMPLOSION.

It is the classic story of the first grader – wanting to know and understand what the high school student knows.  But has skipped all of the hard work that it took to get into high school.

GOD is not a power source!

GOD is the REASON behind the power source.  GOD is the “WHY” of the power source.   The power source is merely a REFLECTION of what it means to always choose GOOD – because doing this causes…

(this is what you must figure this out)




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