By: Bradley Loves



You just can’t make this stuff up!

Hollywood (and the military) have been showning us for quite some time that there are many beings out there in the Universe that are only PRETENDING TO BE GODS!

They are “gods” …, or rather false gods..., and are not any better than we are!

Above is a video taken from Star Gate SG-1 and focuses on the being called: Baal

This being claims to be a “god” for the purposes of the television show and if you watch the video…, he says so at exactly 1:11  into the video!

(Gee…, I wonder how THAT happened!)

So…, what would happen IF…, just IF…, all of these so-called ASCENDED MASTERS of the GREAT WHITE BROTHERHOOD were nothing better than the guy parading around in this television series??

What if  Saint Germaine…, was nothing better than Baal of the series SG-1?

What if he had access to higher technology or knew Astral Magic?

Would he be BETTER than any of us?

What if the only reason we THOUGHT he was such an important character in History was because we were TOLD (by Luciferians) that he was “important”!

What IF Saint Germaine was one of the top level beings who were heading up the Illuminati??

What if he were a member of the GREAT WHITE BROTHERHOOD that Fritz Springmeier is talking about?

Would you suddenly THINK DIFFERENTLY about Channeling and Channeled Messages?

Would you suddenly think differently about the men and women who post channeled messages and believe that channeled messages are INFALLIBLE and can NEVER BE WRONG?

Think Deeply about this and post a comment!

All my love!!!!











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