By: Bradley Loves


There are many (if not countless) spiritual people living on the Earth who wonder why GOD has “NOT” chosen them to do his work!

There is a very GOOD reason for this!

God requires his “hands” on Earth to have GREAT COURAGE!

Many have been called, but few are there who answer that call!

Those ones that DO answer have tremendous COURAGE and are willing to stand up to and FACE great evil!


Those who answer the call are willing to argue with evil, fight it if they have to, and deal it a death blow!

They are willing to STAND THEIR GROUND for good and for mankind and NEVER BACK DOWN.

There are millions that GOD would have chosen for their love, their kindness and their good works…, BUT…, these men and women HAVE NO COURAGE TO FACE GREAT EVIL.

This one problem is what discounts those who wish GOD would choose them instead.


When push comes to shove, they will back down every single time and give in to the EVIL that comes to taunt them.

Are YOU one of those who is wondering why GOD has not chosen you…, and has instead chosen a man like Donald Trump?

A man no one seems to think is fit?

Do you think that Trump has countless FLAWS and is barely fit to be President?

What is the difference between YOU and Donald Trump?

GOD wants WARRIORS who are willing to face up to EVIL and actually DO SOMETHING to put a stop to it!

IF not do something…, then at least passionately call attention to it!

Who among those who think they are better qualified has already FACED great evil and taken action against it?

Who among those who believe this with all their hearts, has this kind of COURAGE??

What has TRUMP had to face in the way of constant ATTACKS for the last year?

What has TRUMP got that you haven’t got?






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