By: Bradley Loves


I was reading my Grandmothers 1938 Bible again last night…, and because it is so different from the current day bibles…, it became clear to me as I read passages in Luke that it was made VERY CLEAR that those men and women who had been told of God’s Laws, and who therefore should have KNOWN BETTER…, will get the most punishment when that time comes.

The question in my mind is this one…, WHERE are all the so called Christians here in America when there is rampant child trafficking taking place at the State and Local Levels??

Where are the Christians who are even looking into this stuff?

Surely they have to know that this stuff is a crime against GOD and a crime against every soul ever created!!

Why are they hiding in their BIBLE STUDY GROUPS…, when they should be making phone calls and getting in the faces of STATE and LOCAL OFFICIALS and working hard to find out which people are using Child Protective Services, the Courts, Lawyers and Judges, and even Orphanages…, to traffic innocent children into SATANIC CHILD SACRIFICE GROUPS.

Where are these so called “CHRISTIANS??”


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