Mark Passio has stated in one of his many on-line video lectures that all of the Laws of the Cosmos (Natural Law) could be boiled down to just one single thing.  Don’t Steal!

Don’t take what is NOT yours.    It’s that simple.

For the record, killing is the stealing of one’s life. Adultery is the stealing of another person’s relationship with their spouse. Lying and Deception are the stealing of another person’s freewill to know and understand the TRUTH.


He has very few rules, and every single rule is set up to make certain that one man will be able to get along with his fellow man because this is what HE wants from us.

Every “other law” that has ever been contrived by man – is an apostasy to GOD our loving FATHER – and has usually been designed specifically to hold one man down under the foot or under the thumb of another man.


These laws are NOT GODS laws.

Almost without exception, man’s laws are specifically designed to hold “power” in the hands of a very few. In the last 100 years (since the creation of the Federal Reserve Bank) they have almost always been written to extort, to limit, to confound, and to reduce mankind’s freedoms in order to benefit a small handful of others.

No matter which angle you look at it from – IF YOU LOOK DEEPLY – you will see that without fail – statutes and codes are there to create BURDENSOME LIMITATIONS to mankind’s activity – even though he is harming NO ONE.

Almost ALL statutes and codes involve some kind of STEALING of someone else’s property and things, or intangibles such as their “rights” and their “freedoms” – which are STILL THEIR PROPERTY.

Thus, the truth of the matter here is that (most) of man’s laws are in DIRECT VIOLATION of GODS LAWS.

This means that the American System of Justice that we all live under – as it currently stands – is a CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE – because it is not just refusing to follow GOD’S LAWS – but it is actually causing REAL HARM and REAL DAMAGE in REAL TIME – and is thus doing EVIL.



This means that all of the men and women who are working in and with that “system” are criminals.

If a man or a woman did not harm another person or harm their property – then they did NOTHING WRONG IN GODS EYES.  And any preposterous Statute or Code that says otherwise is a direct violation of GOD’S WILL.

The men you see above are nine times out of ten beating people up for “not being obedient” to Statutes and Codes.  In other words – they are the “CODE” Police or the “CODE” Enforcers.  They have nothing to do with GOD and are the furthest thing from GODLY that there is.

However, it is not just Police.  These are just the lowest men on the Totem Pole.  There are “Judges” and “Lawyers” who are practicing a “form” of Law which has nothing to do with GODS LAW – and therefore are in DIRECT VIOLATION of HIS RULES.


Please see this Fire-Fox Flow Chart done by Ron Kelly.

Mortgage (5)

He writes, and I quote:

That the Oracle© Database System used by the Mortgage Companies, in conjunction with Freddie Mac,, whereby the United States of America, Inc., or the “UNITED STATES, INC.”, creates and backs the Financial Enterprises of Freddie Mac, Ginny-Mae, Fanny-Mae, and Sally-Mae, and their replacements, who are all involved with them and the Nation’s Counties in a financial debacle that unjustly enriches them as well as the Incorporated Trust Management Organizations our Corporate government consists of through the Nation’s Counties since the late 70’s.

That whenever anyone is arrested and charged with a Felony violation of one of their Corporate Statutes or Codes – even though there may NOT be an injured party at all, nor an actual Grand Jury Indictment, the Judge assigned will issue Miller Act Bonds on the case to the tune of $4,000,000 per Felony count at arraignment (or $400,000 per Misdemeanor count and $40,000 per simple Infraction), and then another $4,000,000 per Felony upon conviction, with yet another $4,000,000 per Felony issued upon sentencing, all without the knowledge or consent of the accused, with the Prosecutor signing off on the Standard Form 28 – Affidavit of Individual Surety for the accused without his knowledge or consent, making this a staggering Twelve Million per Felony Count all total, and with Prosecutors over-charging as they do say on a ten count indictment, would amount to an astonishing $120,000,000 even if these were mere statutory violations without any actual injured parties nor anyone other than them to receive these funds.

Whereby these Miller Act Bonds are held in camera (judge’s chambers) by the Judge, and act as additional collateral for the County in which their County Bonding Agent will issue Tax-exempt Munis in an equivalent matching amount as backed by these, which are then primarily purchased by Freddie Mac or one of the other big Federal Lenders to use as collateral for the “Commitment Paper” they issue to the actual lenders; Those Tax-Exempt Munis are then sold on the Market by Wall Street brokers at Discount, and Freddie, for example, will purchase $100,000,000 worth of these for approximately $67,000,000 – but Freddie, et al., actually pay for these with the Borrower’s Mortgage Notes, which are then “Securitized” as “Mortgage-Backed Securities”, as they are more than nine months to maturity, and Freddie has made the 100% profit off the transaction, purchasing these Bonds for basically nothing — as they always use the Borrower’s Mortgage Notes to pay their Wall Street Broker.

The actual Lender will service this basically pre-paid Mortgage anyway based on the Mortgage Contract, and then collect up to THREE TIMES the Value of the Borrower’s Mortgage Note over a 30 year period, when in fact the Borrower’s Mortgage Note was used to pay Freddie for the Commitment Paper so-called “loan” where no actual consideration was ever given; Counties who issued those Munis in the first place eventually have to pay out at maturity on those Bonds, however it has just become their “policy” to just arrest more & more People, and charge them with more & more counts to make up the difference, so it is no wonder that there is so much “victimless crime” in America and why America has the largest prison population per capita of any civilized nation in the world; The legacy we leave behind for our children, and their children, is just appalling.

The “Judges” – “Lawyers” – “Cops” – “Sheriffs” – “Agents”- and all others that have been beating, arresting, fining, and jailing millions upon millions of innocent men, women and children over the last 100 years or so – since the creation of the FEDERAL RESERVE BANK – have very literally been “working” for the Bankers.

Or, as Jesus called them – the “money changers”.

When Jesus whipped the “money changers” and pushed them out of the TEMPLE – it was a metaphor for pushing BANKERS out of GOD’S BUSINESS.

In other words – stop making GODS RULES into a money making enterprise – and stop stealing from innocent people in order to PROFIT FROM IT.



The Banking Families that everyone seems to pay such great homage to here on Earth do NOT worship GOD. Instead, the worship LUCIFER and SATAN.

They are:

The Rothschilds
The Rockerfellers


So, what I’m saying here is that the American “justice system” that we are currently under is in matter-of-fact upside down and backwards. Because of Statutes and Codes – which were written specifically by Banking Families and Corporate Industry (which are mostly run by the very people who worship Lucifer) many times it is the “innocent” (in Gods Eyes) who are being beaten and sent to jail – while the guilty (those who steal and take from others) who are rewarded and given great praise.


The ONLY people who “should” be in jail are those who have killed others, those who have physically harmed others, or those who have stolen or damaged another man’s property.

Sadly, very, very few people here in America are in jail for these things – and this means that the greatest majority of people who are currently incarcerated are INNOCENT in the eyes of GOD.

This ALSO means that those who are “running this ungodly injustice system” are themselves wanton CRIMINALS and in the eyes of GOD are GUILTY!!   And they WILL be punished.

This includes:

Court Staff

These people are putting innocent people in jail!


The entire purpose of running jails in this day and age has nothing to do with rehabilitating criminals – simply because most of them are not really criminals! The entire purpose of running jails in this day and age is to MAKE MONEY.

We have got to stop denying this!

We have got to pull our damn heads out of the sand and WAKE THE HECK UP already!  If you are denying this – then YOU – OH YES DEAR READER – YOU are a huge part of the problem here on Earth.


It is now very clear “why” this vaccination is being given to every man, woman, and child on Earth.  It is “experimental” of course – BUT if the vaccine does not kill you – then it is designed to physically CHANGE your very DNA into something called: TRANS – HUMAN

This is being done with the mRNA part of the vaccination.

There is a reason for this.   The LUCIFERIAN MONEY LENDERS have figured out that they can not do anything to you if they do not OWN YOU!   So these 3 year old diaper wetting, recalcitrant monsters decided that the ONLY WAY to move forward is to literally change your DNA so that they could then CLAIM OWNERSHIP of your very body and therefore – once “you” are their property and belong to them – they can continue to do whatever they want to you.




And here is who is helping THEM…

These people above are CRIMINALS in GODS eyes!  They are working against HIM.

The flow chart contained in the “Mortgage Link” above that was created by Ron Kelly – a forensic accountant that once worked for Oracle – shows clearly that the arrest and conviction of every single man, woman and child here in America is all about accessing the CESTUI QUE VIE TRUST – (the Birth Certificate Trust) and then billing that trust for millions of dollars for every so-called “Felony” infraction.

Get this through your heads people – the American Justice System is all about MAKING MONEY for the City, the County, or the State Governments – it has NOTHING AT ALL to do with “justice” period.

Now, because so much money is needed to run American Cities, Counties, and States – more and more people needed to be arrested. But there just aren’t enough people who are not following the millions of statutory codes and rules out there any longer – which are preposterous and usually involve taking away some GOD given right or freedom anyway – so instead of going after adults – the “justice system” is now going after your children!


By stealing them from their parents and placing them in foster care – that’s how.

You see, once a child is taken away from his or her parents – even if the child has done nothing wrong – once again the court opens up and accesses the CESTUI QUE VIE TRUST (the Birth Certificate Trust) and starts stealing money from that trust for the child’s so-called care.

But – the amount of money taken from the trust can be as much as 10 million dollars in just a few short years for the so-called care of just one child which is absolutely ridiculous.

Needless to say – it does NOT take 10 million dollars to put a child into foster care for a period of 2 years. So WHERE does the rest of that money go?


And who is it that is doing most of the “stealing”?

The Courts
The Judges
The Police
The Sherriffs
The Lawyers
The Prosecutors

These men and women are the village idiots because they are simply following the ORDERS of the LUCIFERIAN BANKERS.

Now let’s go all the way back to the top of this article – and let’s review what Mark Passio said in his video lecture.

THE ENTIRETY OF GODS LAW – NATURAL LAW – COSMIC LAW can be boiled down to just one single thing – DON’T STEAL

And yet – the American Justice System is by its very definition – by its very operation – and by its very existence – an operation of DAILY THEFT.

This is why guys like me are banging the CYMBALS/SYMBOLS – and yelling at everyone in capital/capitol letters from the page.

The very people that you “think” are the doing the most good here on Earth – and those whom you give the most respect to – are actually doing the MOST EVIL and are going to HELL.

Meanwhile – the people – like myself who are simply calling attention to all of this – and are simply writing articles every single day – and have never hurt anyone – are being beaten, tormented, experimented on, and jailed for daring to cross the Luciferian Bankers and their statute and code writers, and the entire “system” that works for them.


Now – the purpose of this post – is NOT a plea to save myself. I am not begging anyone out there to listen to me just so that I can be saved. That has already been taken care of by GOD.

The reason for this post and the reason that I am begging you to listen – if that is what I am doing – is because I want to save YOUR SOUL!

I am taken care of – but YOU who are allowing all of these crimes to go rampant here on Earth are NOT okay.  You have NO CLUE what is coming.  And I am begging you to wake up – to look up – and to take notice of these things because I want YOUR SOUL to be saved.

Is that wrong of me?

Maybe you don’t want to be saved – if so – then please forgive me – but I will leave this post up for the few that do.

All my love…

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