Too many people have chosen not to believe in GOD. 

Too many have decided that they just don’t NEED the protection of Angelic Beings even though that help has been made available to them!

Well, now that the “JAB” is here – how’s that working out for you?

Furthermore – when SOULS from very high levels of creation actually have volunteered to make the journey and come to Earth (by taking an actual incarnation) out of pure love in order to give them aid – and they treat these high level souls as useless because these high souls don’t “embrace” the way that things are being done here on the Earth – then GOD HIMSELF has a problem with that!

These SOULS seem “weird” and “strange” to everyone – and so they DISCOUNT their importance.

The shortsightedness of human beings is ENDLESS.

They discount these high level souls from higher level dimensions because these souls may have told them (point blank) that the SYSTEM THEY USE (or their way of doing things) here on Earth is actually a very dark Luciferian System – given to them by very dark beings – and is totally ridiculous and should be cast aside and destroyed.

Of course what these people don’t know is that Earth (once upon a time) had a beautiful and Angelic way of doing things!

Even the Tartaria Time-Line was far better than the one we all are living in – and that is why the Draco Destroyed it.

This pool of water is designed just like a Church Organ. As the water in the pool rises up the levels – the “steps” change the tone and the frequency of the water which is then broadcast into the air by the large tower. The entire thing is based in HARMONICS and is used for CELESTIAL MECHANICS to tune the frequency of the entire Earth. Pretty advanced stuff for people who were backwards and did not know anything – wouldn’t you say??

So for those who say there is NO SUCH THING as advanced technology anywhere on Earth from the Ancient Past – take a good look at the image above.  THIS DEVICE IS ADVANCED (REALLY ADVANCED) TECHNOLOGY!

Just because you are incapable of understanding what such a technology could be used for – does not mean that it is any less important – or extremely advanced.

The current level of human understanding of Ancient Advanced Technology – is akin to someone who is so stupid that they would use a Lap Top Computer as a HAMMER to pound down nails – only because they do not understand what a laptop really is.

So next time you poo-poo the Ancient Past – please consider how smart they were – and how little YOU know!!



You also don’t realize that ALL of the current systems (that are Corporate) which includes:  Governments, Law Enforcement, Courts, Medical, Educational, and even Religious – are all systems that were given to the Earth by very dark beings who INVADED and took it over.  In other words – “our” way of doing EVERYTHING is based in very dark thinking – that was given to us by them.  (Bible:  …they gave us their mind…)

So, for me to say and to write on this BLOG that the current systems that everyone thinks of as normal are actually Luciferian and Evil – is not wrong!  And yet – how many even care what I write??

Before 2021 – the entire LUCIFERIAN SYSTEM was just idling along – and it was not really being used yet in the very dark way that it was designed to be used until the end of our time!  Thus, you were all FOOLED/CONNED into thinking that it was okay – and that it was taking care of you when it was simply not yet “turned on” so to speak.

Only NOW – at the very end – can you see what THIS CORPORATE SYSTEM was really designed to do – and that it was designed to be used to destroy (and enslave) everyone on the Earth!  If you need a visual – then please watch this clip from Star Wars where Luke Confronts the Emperor and is given the choice to either JOIN UP or DIE.  (Every man, woman and child on Earth is here (2021) – as we speak.  Corporations breed HATE – not LOVE – Facebook – Youtube – Google…)

The Emperor (aka LUCIFER) : 

YOUNG FOOL – only now – at the very end – do you understand what the CORPORATE SYSTEM of Banking/Courts/Judges/Lawyers/Agents/Governments worldwide – was actually designed to do to you.

(Honestly I could not say it any better on this blog than it was said in the Star Wars clip above – and yet even though I am writing it – and telling you POINT BLANK – most of you won’t get it because you just can’t grasp how EVIL the Corporate System – one that everyone uses really is because you think of it as NORMAL…)

The sick thing to my mind is – even if many of you manage to survive what it wants to do to you – you will all attempt to amend or tweek this very DARK and EVIL SYSTEM – instead of doing what you should do – which is to get rid of it totally!



Certain New Ager’s – those who want to believe in Extra Terrestrials – have a very difficult time believing in Extra-Dimensionals.

  • Extra-Terrestrails are physical beings who live mostly on the 3rd dimension and are beings that we can actually see – but are not from Earth.
  • Extra-Dimensionals are non-physical (mostly Astral Beings) who we can NOT SEE – and who live on a slightly higher or finer level of existence – and they are NOT from Earth. (They travel through Gateways and Portals to get here).

Those people who are awake and aware enough and can actually believe in Extra-Dimensionals – have a huge problem in understanding and grasping that there are BOTH good ones – and there are also really, really BAD ones.

The “kindergarten” seeker who first finds out about very advanced races and their advanced technologies – makes the exceptionally short sighted assumption (mistake) that everyone who has “better stuff” than we do here on Earth would naturally have to be far nicer and kinder than us!



There are very, very high level extra-terrestrials who are very dark and very controlling and yes they have extremely advanced technologies.



In order to “balance out” the equation of this invasion and interference – GOD HIMSELF has sent to the Earth very high level souls – but guess what – none of you even CARE about anything they have to say! 


Because just like GODS OWN SON – who was sent to Earth – and yet did not come with an Army and Advanced Technology  – but instead with a message on how to LIVE PROPERLY – all of the World’s Governments are now rejecting these high level souls because they are not offering weapons and armies to fight with – but instead are offering a formula for living – and a way to change how they view what they have come to believe is NORMAL.

And guess what – Even though “Corporations” are part of the CONTROL SYSTEM OF LUCIFER – almost every single Christian Church out there has JOINED UP and become CORPORATE!


WE as a group of high level souls are telling them to abandon the CORPORATE SYSTEM!

We are telling them to abandon the Federal Reserve Slavery/Birth Certificate System

We are telling them to go back to Common Law/Natural Law

We are telling them to get rid of everything that is not GODLY – because all of these things were given to Earth’s Leaders by very dark beings.

But guess what else – your Governments and your elected leaders do not want to get rid of this stuff!








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