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An Agent of the Secret Space Program/Military/Deep State who has access to super advanced MIND CONTROL/MK ULTRA TECHNOLOGY.

This is someone who uses this technology to upload/reprogram a human beings mind like what occurs during TRAUMA BASED MIND CONTROL.  Only in this type of programming/re-programming, it is done through the “NO TOUCH” approach by using “broadcast” technologies ONLY!


A normal guy or gal, who (for all practical purposes) becomes a “useful idiot” to the BAD COPS.

This type of COP has no clue about the Secret Space Program – Mind Control – Programming Techniques – the Secret Military or the Deep State, and knows nothing about NO TOUCH TORTURE.

This COP still lives in the days of “ADAM 12” and thinks that the “Space Shuttle” is the best Space Vehicle that the world has ever seen and produced!

This COP has dedicated his or her life toward finding all of the “bad guys” that are out there – while “BAD COP” is an integral part of the Illuminati’s world wide scum patrol who needs to torment innocent men and women who are standing in the way of the Illuminati Agenda to try to get them INTO JAIL!



BAD COP gets private military contractors (private detectives and/or black water style mercinaries) to start using (DEW’s) – Directed Energy Weapons, as well as Synthetic Telepathy and/or Voice Of GOD technology to very secretly begin tormenting the MIND of a specific target!

Many times these “targets” are very kind hearted and spiritual people who simply can not be corrupted!  Because they can NOT be bribed, corrupted, or “dirtied” in the normal ways – their MINDS are directly HACKED (very painfully I might add) and they are simply “re-programmed” in such a way so as all they can THINK ABOUT are dark and devaint thoughts!

Their ONLY crime was that they were/are standing in the way of the DEEP STATES takeover of America and the WORLD!   Thus they become “Targets”!

After many days- weeks or months of actually speaking directly into the mind of the target and tempting/prodding/goading/threatening the TARGET to do something bad, and it fails, BAD COP next uses a very special type of technology that came out of SAP’s (Special Access Programs) which was gotten directly from the GRAYS and which can actually INSERT a fully developed Program into the Astral Body of the Target!

This allows other special technology to very easily and continusously “hack” the MIND of the target – and to create a space where BAD COP can start “uploading”  all kinds of very dark and deviant thoughts directly into the TARGETS MIND.

By-passing the TARGETS God given freewill…, BAD COP simply places fully developed images, ideas, and thoughts directly into the Targets Mind, forcing the TARGET to view these ideas as fully developed thoughts over and over and over again until they succumb to them!

These “thoughts”, many of which have been pre-recorded onto flash drives or memory sticks as certain specific waves and frequencies that correspond to the very thoughts being uploaded, are exactly the same type of coded language which the brain can easily interpret.

These thoughts were pre-recorded from: KILLERS – MURDERERS – RAPISTS – and PEDOPHILES – and the worst kind of scum living on Earth who have already been put into prison.

BAD COP continues to “broadcast” these very dark thoughts 24/7  for days/weeks/months – directly into the MIND of the innocent victim until the target is so tormented, and so exhausted he or she finally has no choice but to either “act” on the thoughts – or be DRIVEN INSANE BY THEM!

BAD COP is very closely monitoring the situation the entire time! BAD COP loves watching the torture he or she is giving to the target!  BAD COP watches as the TARGET finally starts to act on the thoughts that have been uploaded!!  BAD COP laughs!



BAD COP calls up GOOD COP and acts so professional and nice!

BAD COP’S performance is Academy Award Material!  BAD COP has “information” for GOOD COP about a serious offender who needs to be looked at, or put under Surveilance!

BAD COP claims he’s “stumbled” into some important information but does not have time to follow up on it!  He hands over the “TARGET” to GOOD COP!

GOOD COP (and team) now sets up surveilance of the TARGET, and low and behold, just like BAD COP said – GOOD COP finds that the “TARGET” is now engaged in deviant and illegal activity!


Here are just a FEW examples:

  • Young kids who suddenly go POSTAL and want to shoot up their High Schools and their Junior Highs with Guns!  (How many weeks/months was BAD COP working on a particular kids MIND to get him to finally succumb and to buy a weapon to take to school???)
  • Kids, Teachers, and Coaches who are basically good people but for what ever reason they suddenly start looking at and exchanging CHILD PORN online?  Or Sexting pics of themselves all over the country. (Because they can’t get it out of their MIND?)
  • Young kids and Millenials who suddenly start taking or selling illegal drugs –  or perhaps start stealing from the till at work – or perhaps laundering drug money for a friend?
  • Businessmen who have always been honest, but for some reason could not stop thinking about Stealing huge sums of money!


Whatever the illegal activity happens to be – GOOD COP sees that it is happening, and arrests the TARGET!

BAD COP laughs his entire ass off for days knowing that it was HE who was using top secret super advanced BROADCAST WEAPONRY designed to hack the MIND in order to actually set up the TARGET and very literally and inhumanely forced the TARGET into this type of activity in the first place!

MUCH TIME PASSES –  millions of innocent men and women (who refuse to do the bidding of the SATANISTS and of the New World Order are “set up” in this way.  Private contractors and mercinaries are working over time!   They are setting up millions of people!

These innocent men and women (and even children) all end up in prison complaining of hearing “voices in their heads”.

They complain of having horrible – demonic dreams, and super devaint and hateful thoughts!  They complain of being unable to get rid of these thoughts that are very strangely now coming into their heads! (Which never used to happen)

The PRISON gets a psychiatrist to severely medicate the countless inmates who have been set up in this way so that they can finally sleep. This only helps a little bit however because the thoughts are now so ingrained and programmed into their MINDS  – the TARGETS can not get rid of them!

Their minds are like a record that has had entirely “new grooves” burned into it, and will no longer play in the way that it used to play!


Now millions of people are old and are simply dying.  The TARGETS die, the Good Cops die, and the Bad Cops die!   Everyone dies and enters into the “here-after”….



To GOD, there is no GREATER CRIME than mind control!

God casts BOTH “Bad Cop” and “Good Cop” directly into HELL!

He then takes the innocent SOUL creation that was so unfairly tormented and tortured directly into Heaven by carrying that SOUL in his loving arms and speaking softly to him or her.


Now, you may ask – how is it “fair” that GOOD COP gets thrown into HELL with BAD COP?

It is because GOOD COP was too damn stupid to LOOK CAREFULLY into the nature of what kind of REAL TECHNOLOGY is now available and being used during his life as a COP.

Good Cop loved “catching” the bad guys – but was way too easily influenced by BAD COP, and ended up being a useful tool or useful idiot for pure evil on the face of the Earth!

It was GOOD COPS own actions that finished the evil destruction of the innocent TARGETS life!

It was Good Cop who actually arrested the TARGET after BAD COP had tortured him or her for months!

It was GOOD COP that saw to it that an innocent and very tortured/tormented human being went to JAIL!

And all because the DEEP STATE – the Illuminati – the Satanists wanted a “New World Order!

GOOD COP is most certainly going to HELL!

And so also are all of the men and women who use VOICE OF GOD/VOICE TO SKULL TECHNOLOGY on innocent and loving human beings!

GOOD COP was too naive’ to get educated and to find out what kind of technology was actually out there in the world and specifically in the sweaty little hands of “BAD COP” – a man (or woman) who just LOVED to torture people for a paycheck!

GOOD COP is going straight to HELL – because he (or she) didn’t CARE ENOUGH to QUESTION EVERYTHING and to LOOK DEEPER!

GOOD COP should have DEMANDED that his or her superiors tell them the ENTIRE TRUTH about everything that is going on out there in the world INCLUDING all of the super advanced technology now in use by the DEEP STATE!




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I dedicate this post in loving memory of Bryan Alexander – a very loving and Spiritual man who did NOT need to die!

He was driven to suicide by this very technology and the as*holes who used it on him.

The DEEP STATE killed him!   They will pay for eternity in HELL!



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