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Leave it to the Deep State to figure out a way to TORTURE someone without actually laying a finger on them!

So totally addicted to “hurting” innocent people and causing them extreme pain…, they have devised a method where they can continue to terrorize and psychologically torture people while hiding within the confines of a Secret Underground Base…, and achieve their goals simply by pushing buttons and using a “joy stick” to elicit the screams and the agony that they “love to hear and watch”.

Men and women by the thousands (and probably many tens of thousands) all over the world are now “screaming” in agony (as Bryan Alexander did) while corrupt men and women in secret underground bunkers and other hidden locations use the GWEN TOWER broadcast system along with military satellites in orbit to reach into a human beings mind and cause them terror and trauma!


MK ULTRA has not gone away…, just gone UNDERGROUND!

(As in Underground Bases)!

There…, with NO oversight, private contractors, military personnel, civilians and scientists (under a total gag order from having signed a NON-DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT), operate with impunity!

Far out performing the WORST INDECENCY of Adolph Hitler and the NAZI’s in their torture regimes, these men and women appear to be taking the “next step” in experimenting and torturing the innocent.

They do this from the comfort of a desk and a computer screen…, all done with the push of a button and the use of “joy sticks”!

Just like renting a private room where they are able to watch PORN without anyone else around, these men and women TORTURE others for fun and kicks from the confines of private rooms!


These military men and private contractors are able to “Speak directly into any human beings Mind/Brain” while by-passing the ears completely and all other normal modes of physical communication.

Using the Mind/Brain just like it was a radio receiver, they are able to broadcast directly into it anything they want.

Whether very nice sounding “channeled messages” from the likes of a Saint or an Ascended Master…,  OR…, the horribly satanic and torturous “messages” that Brian Alexander was recieving…, these messages are being sent directly into the minds of innocent people through the USE of super advanced TECHNOLOGY!!

When it involves TORTURE…, they do it only to see how much physical and psychological PAIN and AGONY that they can bring to bear on that poor human being.

When it involves Channeled Messages…, they do it to further CON and DISARM the intelligent masses, with the goal of getting them to STAND DOWN and take no action against them, by telling them:

  • Ascension is Coming
  • The Savior is Coming
  • It’s all being taken care of
  • You wanted that
  • It’s in your contract
  • Don’t Judge anything
  • Get out of the way
  • Stand down

This is a very well known MILITARY TACTIC…, and is akin to dropping thousands of leaflets upon a battlefield that tells the war torn population to STAND DOWN and NOT TO FIGHT BACK!

This makes an INVASION far easier to accomplish!

When it comes to certain “TARGETS” who they have decided to “take to the next level”…, it is ALL ABOUT PAIN and BREAKING THE WILL OF THAT HUMAN BEING!

Unrelenting in their quest for as much PAIN as possible…, they will use rotating shifts of “tormentors” who make certain that the “broadcasts” are being sent 24 hours per day and seven days per week!

They will “wake” a human being up out of a deep sleep if they feel so inclined only to start “speaking” to them inside their heads and giving them no free time whatsoever from the torment…, not even in sleep.

Far MORE as concerns his suffering than Bryan ever wrote about publicly, he shared with me privately.

He wanted his public “testimony” to sound very credible and for people to not look at him as just a fool.

He hoped that people would realize that this kind of thing really IS happening to people, and to take action against it for the sake of many others who have not yet endured it.

The WORST of the torment and the torture that was being done to him, he therefore left out of his public statement, believing that if he talked about it in depth, most good men and women would write him off as totally INSANE…, which he knew was not the case.

You may remember that in the early 1950’s and 1960’s…, MK ULTRA abusers used a form of “Trauma Based” Mind Control to break their victims down only so that they could later be “programmed”.


In almost the same way, NO TOUCH TORTURE is trying to achieve the very same goals!

They are trying to break the WILL and the SPIRIT of innocent (and usually) very good human beings in order to see if they can be first totally BROKEN…, and then subsequently RE-PROGRAMMED!

“Bryan” was the “beta test” (in my opinion) for the young “thirty” somethings in our american society who are very healthy, very smart (graduated from Berkeley) and extremely SPIRITUAL!

They wanted to see what it would take to “break him” in order to re-program him.

It is highly likely that all of the knowledge gained on torturing Bryan will be USED NEXT on an entire swath of young men and women who MEDITATE DAILY because that is what HE DID!



Taken from this Executive Summary Report:

We get this:

Numerated Torture Methods for
Interrogation and Behavior Modification

(A comparison between physical and No-touch torture tactics)



The idea is to shake up the emotional states of the target because different information can be accessed at each state.

Making the target feel despair and helplessness is the objective.

This cycle of hope building and then breaking is done in many ways.

The techniques between the physical methods and the no-touch technological methods are very similar.

Speech is very important during this process of emotional manipulation.

Such examples are,

  • “We have imprisoned you without due processes or hope of it.
  • You are indefinitely detained.”

Hope building examples include,

“Sorry. We have mistaken you for someone else. You will be compensated for false imprisonment and torture.”

The main difference between the cybernetic technology and physical is that emotional state clusters can be entrained into the target mind which speeds up the process.

The communication is done differently, but perceived as human speech [which is beamed directly into their mind.]

In the no-touch torture methods, it is helpful if the target is labeled with a mental illness that is being created for discrediting purposes so as not to draw human rights groups’ attention to the method of torture.


The military and the CIA have been researching memory erasing drugs for half a century.

The focus of this summary report is on interrogation.

Memory erasure is an important technique used during interrogation.

It is used in combination with sleep deprivation. There are many drugs that have been developed for physical memory erasure. One such interrogation method requires acquiring information from the target while on these drugs and recording the subject.

After a sleeping cycle, the interrogator claims that the target has confessed. Of course the target remembers nothing of their conversation. The interrogator will play samples of the subject’s conversation back to them making the subject believe that the interrogator knows more than they do.

Similar techniques are used in the wireless, No Touch Torture  and interrogation programs. The cybernetic methods of memory erasure have additional purposes. The memory erasure can be used on the cybernetic target to make the target believe people have broken in and moved their belongings.

While physical black bag jobs do occur, it is a way to make the target feel more paranoid.



Pain and fear of death are common tactics used during interrogation. Shocking by electricity is a traditional method of torture and well exposed in the CIA’s secret prisons.

Shocking both the testicles and the nipples are the most common due to their sensitivity.

Interestingly, the thousands of interviews of “no-touch torture” victims [talked about feeling] “stings” and “shocks” to various parts of their bodies over long durations of time.



There are many techniques to induce extreme fear in the target.

In physical renditions dogs, power drills, guns, insects, mutilation, blow torches, water boarding, suffocation, mock burials, and mock executions are just a few that the United States government have used.

Remember that many targets of torture die from the physical effects.

It is literally torture to death!

Let us compare the “no-touch torture” methods being used to inflict the very SAME terror and mental anguish.

In several of these techniques, the target needs to hear their handler’s voice.

This report does not describe the technologies used to broadcast voices to the target at a distance. While the subject can be broadcast mental images to their mind using hypnosis and other suggestions as well as visual entrainments, the more invasive controls of the brain manipulation technologies can be used to entrained the brain’s autonomic nervous systems such as not breathing, causing the target to not be able to sleep from fear of suffocation equivalent to water boarding.

The neural linguistic programming can add fears such as heart attack, stroke, and cancer threats.

Even “motor cortex mapping” can cause twitches in any part of the body.

One example used a swift neck movement with a voice transmission,

“We are trying to break your neck.”

Directed energy effects such as Active Denial System can make the target feel that they are on fire indefinitely without the target dying from burns.

Maximum pain and torture weapons have been evolving.

Every single drug “effect” can be artificially induced into the targets mind including those of poisons (simply by simulating the frequency of the drug).



Isolation is commonly used as punishment in prisons.

Many whistleblowers like Bradley Manning suffer from this condition.

In soft interrogation, it is used to get the target to talk to their interrogator since humans have the need for companionship.

In “no-touch torture” the target is driven away from their friends and their family by using different techniques in order to isolate them so that the ELECTRONIC mind control has more effect on their psyche.

Like in Guantanamo Bay, the target becomes isolated, losing their job and their medical care.

Part of the method involves slander in their community.

They end up (for the most part) in poverty and paranoid about doctors and other people from false correlations that are purposefully induced into their lives.

Isolation is also a form of sensory deprivation which will be discussed later. Days and weeks lose their meaning.



The Summary of the Senate Torture Report disclosed the disgusting revelations that in the secret torture prisons the targets were forced to perform homosexual acts on each other against their will and religion in order not to be beaten or killed.

This is a common break down tactic of belief systems and the human will.

In “no-touch torture” the techniques are more psychologically specialized for each individual target.

The most common examples include homosexual targets that are forced to listen to voices that are very derogatory to their lifestyle and similar mental images.

Almost ALL targets are forced to view child pornography inside their minds.

And vice versa is also true, that “heterosexual targets” are forced to view homosexual sexual acts like the ones done inside the secret U.S. torture prisons.

[Note from Bradley:  The men and women pushing these buttons and doing this stuff are the very men and women that the “New Agers” out there are desperate to save…, and to have everyone “just forgive”!

Let me tell you something…, there are certain things that are just NOT forgiveable!  And that is when you FORCEFULLY INTRUDE inside the sanctity of an innocent human beings mind and then force them to see images of child rape or child murder over and over again!

The men and women who are pushing these buttons WILL (if I have anything to do with it) go directly to the central SUN and be exterminated from existence!]


Also mentioned in the declassified report on torture was mutilation of the human.

The Cutting of the naked target’s penis and scrotum, pulling nails or teeth is common.

In “no-touch torture” mutilation is done by trickery.

Let us look at a couple examples.

There have been several targets who believed that the microwave hearing effect and other voice induction methods were done by microchips implanted in their teeth or ears. They went and had all their teeth pulled because they believed it was a technology called bone conductance.

Others have poked out their ear drums in the belief they had micro implants in their ears.

There are many more examples of trickery used to get the targets to mutilate themselves.


This is enough for now.

Here is the entire report (again), please read it all!


Think about this NEW AGERS…, your “SAINT”…., Barack Obama knew about and “signed off” on this stuff…, saying that he would do NOTHING to put a stop to the NO TOUCH TORTURE that was occurring within AMERICA!


MUCH, MUCH More will be coming…

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