By: Bradley Loves


The most pressing issue of our times is the one issue that NO ONE is willing to talk about on most websites & blogs!




Those who want to “control” us have the technology to actually PUT THOUGHTS into our minds.

“They” have this technology, and it is up and running as we speak!

The evidence for this is overwhelming and undisbutable.

Not only can “they” put real thoughts into a person’s head…, (things that the being would never have thought of if left alone) “they” can use technological FORCE to get the “target” to comply with the thoughts being “inserted”.

Just like putting a gun to a man’s head takes any idea of FREEWILL totally out of the equation, so also does this form of frequency based  – forced “thought control”….. take any real willingness and freewill OUT of the equation.

I do hope that everyone who reads here took my advice and watched the 2 videos that I posted yesterday…, especially the second one with Jesse Ventura at the beginning!

(That one is particularly important).

I can’t continue with this multi-part article if YOU the reader have not done your homework and watched the videos that I asked you to watch!



Many people by now have accepted the idea that there is such a thing as “Psychotronics” and “Psychotronic Weapons”.

They may even be willing to admit that these broadcast weapons are being used to “influence” people’s behavior!

They may be willing to go so far as to concede that these broadcast weapons can make large “groups” of people anxious, or sleepy, or fearful…, but THAT is as far as most human beings are willing to go!



Until that very moment where satanic or demonic “thoughts” are artificially entered into their normal thought stream, every single blasted human being is carelessly and endlessly SKEPTICAL that such a thing is even possible.

And yet, this is exactly what was happening to Bryan Alexander, and he told us so!!

He knew that he was sane…, but he also knew that some sort of technology had compromised his own thought stream!

In his own words:

Indeed, what all of this thought stream manipulation costs in terms of mental health is most tragic. You simultaneously know that you’re sane, but constantly feel like you’re on the border of sanity as well. It’s the oddest, off-putting feeling. And just when you get your confidence back up, it seems like something happens (seemingly by the design) to tear you down.

Seriously, imagine again having someone or something critiquing every thought you have, [in your mental background] and using those thoughts to then direct your own thought stream in a direction that it would not normally go. The targeter can take seemingly innocuous things and make them seem like a big deal (often through the use of authoritative personas) to make you believe that you did something wrong, taking what should be a normal day-to-day positive experience and transforming it into a ‘controlled’ negative and fearful experience just to create the mental, emotional state desired.


This a “classic” form of MIND HACK!

Byan is NOT the only one however, this is happening on a massive level all over America, and all over the planet!


It is only due to the fact that people are so UNWILLING to believe this can happen that so many articles, posts, videos, and interviews which DESPERATELY NEED TO GO VIRAL are being skipped over as “fluff” and “heresay” by countless good men and women!

Dr. John Hall has countless videos out on this subject on Youtube, and now is on the recieving end of the DEEP STATES anger telling us that many of his uploads are being blocked.


Let me tell you something people…,



What is even worse than ignorance however, is something that I see happening on an “energetic” level throughout the New Age.


Unconsciously…, many NEW AGE BLOGGERS are running interference for the Satanists and the Luciferians!!

Let that sink in for a moment before we move on!


Not really doing this on a consious level…, they are still trying to PROTECT the “dark cabal” from any harm because they think (have been conned into believing) that PURE EVIL was “necessary” for our learning and enlightenment!!

(A very dubious channeled teaching indeed)

So…, because of the depth of depravity and evil that has already been done to mankind…, many NEW AGE BLOGGERS are actually censoring/blocking some of the most damaging behaviors that are happening out there, and trying to “focus” on other things!


This also, unfortunately, makes certain NEW AGERS literal “enablers” of the further TORTURE that is happening to innocent people.

Those who are “censoring” have (on an unconsious level) become “partners” and “complicit actors” with the SATANISTS and the LUCIFERIANS by subconsiously fighting against the WARRIORS OF LOVE who are desperately trying to expose every single thing that is taking place here on Earth so we can COLLECTIVELY CLEAN IT UP!


If you are a writer or a blogger, and you are “censoring” and “blocking” vital information that is most definately NEED TO KNOW for every living human being on the Earth…

(because you personally think that it is just too damaging to the DARK MAGICIANS, or too NEGATIVE to be reported)

….then, on a subconsious level, you have become their partners!!

On an energetic level, you have become HUMAN SHEILDS for the darkest players living on the Earth, and are blocking their exposure (and thus are actively HELPING THEM).

Today’s subject of “THOUGHT CONTROL”, which is some of the MOST IMPORTANT INFORMATION that can possibly be posted on any blog or website, needs to STOP being “censored” by bloggers and website owners if we are ever going to clean this up.

It’s just sad that these people don’t have the SAME LEVEL OF COMPASSION for the innocent human beings that are being TORTURED, as they do for the DARK CABAL.


Dr. Robert Duncan was one of the men involved with developing this technology in the first place.  He claims to have had no idea what they were utimately going to USE the technology for and says he is sorry for ever developing it.

Here is a link to his website:

Now for you “NEW AGERS” out there who still (to this day) swear that Barack Obama was, and is, the “Savior” of mankind (due to channeled messages)…, this might interest you!

Taken from Dr. Robert Duncan’s website we find this:

Since Barack Obama was elected President of the United States of America in 2008, he inherited all of the awesome power that goes with it.

That includes the NSA/military space capability/ballistic missile defense (actually an offensive weapon/neurological weapon) made up mostly of radar, satellite systems equipped with aimable lasers and phased arrays, which perform active interferometry scans and biocommunications capability (neurological weapon) using directed energy.

This surveillance system and weapon allows the President, law enforcement, intelligence agencies, and state employees to spy on anyone they want through walls, take brain and body scans, steal memories and passwords, encryption codes, and also assassinate, psychological warfare, and torture dissidents and targeted persons.

Hard drives, DRAM, CPU, cables, fiber optics, and computer systems can also be hacked into using directed energy scans and quantum manipulation in real-time through the walls and active shielding.

Barack was personally notified of these COINTELPRO 2016 abuses going on at least no later than 2011 when hundreds of citizens testified to his Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethics Issues.

The Commission notified those who testified that Barack Obama and the White House was duly notified and passed all of the information, but unless they decided to take action, no action would be taken.

In 2015 I, Todd Giffen, personally spoke to the Executive Director Lisa Lee of the Commission, and was instructed that Barack Obama and the Commission had both been fully informed of this problem.

However, according to Lisa, it was Barack Obama’s personal choice that nothing would be done about it (seriously, listen to the audio clip on below).

She told me that it might be dealt with in future administrations, however with Donald Trump indicating he’s appointing a lead architect of the George W. Bush torture program (which included directed energy – no touch torture just like under Obama but was covered up) as head of the CIA, it’s unlikely we will see anything but continued torture under President Elect Donald Trump.

It does appear Donald Trump supports torture.

ACLU has stated in press announcements that they will fight Trump and his unconstitutional plans, and other sources have indicated we will have to rely more on private resources in order to fight police/state/military brutality, torture, surveillance, and other abuse like this.

I’ve personally protested at the White House, I’ve contacted corrupt Senator, after corrupt Congressman, and everyone in town seems to know this is already going on, but nothing is being done about it.

I’m not the first, people have actually sat down with these people as government engineers, whistleblowers, and agents and have gotten no where.

Victims have eaten meals with the likes of Senator Feinstein, only to be told she can’t do anything to help the victims. What seems to be going on is everyone knows it’s going on, but is engaged in covering it up, continuing it’s funding, and hiding other abuses against the public and the victims.

Here is a link where you can download an Executive Summary of “NO TOUCH TORTURE”…, like the program that was being used by then President Barack Obama!

This is enough for now…, please check out Dr. Robert Duncan and look at his website.

Do research…

More will be coming….

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