By: Bradley Loves


And…, may the love of our CREATOR richly bless you all on this fine day!

This article is starting out on a very “positive” footing because…, some of you may think I am quite incapable of being happy or positive!  NOT SO!

I can be extremely positive…, and also very focused!  It depends upon the task at hand.

I want all of my readers to know just how seriously I take this “task” of bringing TRUTH into the public domain!  This is why many of my posts and articles “seem” to be heavy…, and filled with disturbing information.

What I am attempting to do is to rewrite an entire LIFETIME of faulty “programming” and replace the endless stream of lies that have been placed into their minds with at least a few “basics” of TRUTH that can start them on their journey of “self” EMPOWERMENT!

I am attempting to uncover what is hidden…, and to reveal what has been secreted away!

You see, it is my belief that bad people can not do “bad things” in the open light of day!

No…, what they do is hide in secret rooms and have secret meetings under the cover of night.  They make plans on remote islands while using fake names and passports to get there, so as to hide that they were there!

SECRECY is and always has been our collective greatest enemy!  The second greatest enemy is lack of knowledge or ignorance!

So, instead of my blog site being a NEWS blog site…, which there are already plenty of…, my blog site is more of a “teaching” blog site…, where instead of just getting the “news”…, my readers can get educated with TRUE KNOWLEDGE which as all of the great Saints have told us will lead to WISDOM!

Most adjustments of the mind may seem harsh while being under taken…, but that is due to the bursting of fake reality bubbles…, which had nothing to do with what is real…, and mostly to do with fairy tales and fantasies and outright lies!

My goal and task is to expose the lies…, and to expose the deceptions where ever they occur!

The fact that my posts seem to be heavy or negative is that SO MANY LIES, and SO MANY DECEPTIONS have taken root in the garden of humanities collective MIND…, that the only way to clear the garden is to get very serious and start “pulling the weeds” out by the roots which can seem quite aggressive and harsh!

But the garden at this late stage is over run!

It is only with drastic “weed pulling” efforts that Humanities Collective Mind will survive!

Deceptions…., Lies…, Secrets…, Hidden Things…, are ALL WEEDS in the beautiful garden and WILL BE PULLED until every last falsehood is either exposed or destroyed!

And that is what this blog is all about!

All my love….



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