God is always our potential supply.  Spirit can and very often does work miracles in the lives of sincere people who pray and who are willing to believe.  This has been known from the very beginning.

Writing God out of the picture was a big part of cutting humanity off from the very Source of our spiritual help and our endless supply.

I know that it is easy to forget at times that God cares, but HE is always waiting for us to “ask” for HIS help.  Our freedom to choose is His biggest concern.  This is why “Prayer” is always an important part of our daily lives and is always wise.

He wants us to choose HIM and to also choose FREEDOM, but HE will allow for us to make poor choices, which will then bring us negative consequences that we don’t want.

When we get these consequences (they usually manifest or appear just to teach us to choose differently)



Positive consequences come to us as a result of following and obeying Universal Law. 

These rules and laws (God’s Law) are in place to protect everyone and everything on every level of creation.

These rules and laws that are Universal are “not” suggestions.  Breaking some of these rules and laws carry dire and immediate consequences.  Like walking off of a cliff for instance – which is a choice that will carry an immediate and dire result.

Positive Consequences can come just as fast for “Right Action” and “Right Choices”.  We just don’t usually recognize the positive consequences when they happen.  For example, a child who obeys his parents and comes home right after school instead of going somewhere else gets the positive consequence of safety and keeps himself from possibly getting very hurt.

Many times making the right choice insures protection, safety, and freedom.  These are actual positive consequences that we don’t necessarily see, but yet are still there.



Negative consequences come as a result of Universal Law.  These are rules that God put into place for everyone and everything.  No one gets away with breaking Universal Law – even if it appears that they do.

Even for the people who are working with the Deep State or with those in power, most people will eventually get their consequences if they have broken Universal Law.  There may be a huge delay in getting these consequences, but they will eventually appear, because they have to.

Most people who work for the CABAL do not believe in life after death.  So, they falsely think that if they align themselves with the most evil people in the world and serve them well (then they can get away with every crime they do).  They think that when they die, life is totally over with and nothing will happen to them.



These people (once they die) will be punished according to the Universal Laws that they have consistently broken. They will learn at that time that most of their “choices” were really bad ones and after dealing with the severe consequences will try to never make those choices again.

This is the only way for them to learn!  Everyone learns and everyone grows

Watching others make bad choices and thinking that they will not have consequences is short sighted.


By throwing God out the window – humanity has started down a path of accumulating negative consequences for itself and for it’s young ones.

All you have to do is look and see what is happening around us all over the world and what you are seeing is negative consequences.



Daily prayer is the best way to insure positive consequences and to avoid negative consequences.  The only exceptions to this rule are if you’ve become a “TARGET” of the Deep State, (simply because you stand for the truth) or you’ve been subjected to severe Trauma Based Mind Control, V2K, or RMN.

These very negative consequences are not your doing and are being done to you by others!  They will sincerely wish they had never been born!

Thanks for reading and all my love



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